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  1. I've been think it about it for a while. I am already a PE, and I have been encouraged by my employer to take both CPESC and CPSWQ. I was wondering if anyone could share their experience in terms of what to expect in the test, type of test (no information about it), is the test difficult?,do you need to memorize a lot of stuff?, is the review course worth it?, is it hard to earn the PDHs? is the certification even worth it? I'd really appreciate any help/advice that you guys can give me.
  2. There is only one option for surveying course: On demand. All documents and recordings come from 2017. After taking Breadth, Depth and Seismic with EET and having an outstanding experience (all passed in the first try), I am currently studying for the surveying exam. I kind of sadly have to agree with @drewdawg199 on this. The surveying course is not YET up to the EET level in the other different disciplines, it is a work in progress I guess but with a lot of stuff to improve. Having three different teachers make it kind of hard for them to put everything together in a well organize manner (sometimes they repeat the same information or give you different formulas to solve the same problems which makes it tricky). Another thing I hate is that they do not provide the solutions of the problems at the end of the book you need to get online and get through all the questions for each chapter to find the needed solutions, they dont provide you with the hardcopy of the CBT exams neiter... All in all, I am kind of dissapointed, (it might be also because I am studying for surveying after studying the seismic with Dr. Ibrahim which course was superb) but I do think that they just need to polish the course here and there to make it great. I feel that they provide the needed information and explanation that you need to pass the exam, they just need to organize it a little better. I will let you guys know after I take the actual exam by the end of June.
  3. I would definitely recommend EET for anyone planning to take the PE exam, I took the on demand classes for breadth and structural depth for April 2017, and I passed on my first try. I do not normally work designing structural stuff and I felt that EET covered really well all the topics. I didnt even buy the CERM, I dont think that you need it, with the binders you have way more material than you need for the breadth, and you only have 6 min per question so you dont want to just be running through your references, keep it simple and just take the EET binder. For the depth just bring ALL the codes, I spent quite a lot of money on codes (as I said I dont normally do structural design, so I couldnt ask my company to buy any code besides de ACI 318). I was really happy to bring all of the to the exam (even AASHTO).
  4. pimelu


    Passed structural!!! Congrats to all of you guys that passed, I got so emotional when I saw the results just cause I remembered all the effort that I put into it. I had to study while my 6-month baby wanted to play with me, that was the hardest part. For all of you that didn't pass, don't give up! Best of luck to all.
  5. Moose,

    Could you please share with me the PDF copy of PCI Design Handbook 7th edition. I will take the PE in April and I need it. Thanks!

    1. Rhytham Soni

      Rhytham Soni

      PCI Design Handbook 7th edition please. Appreciate your help.

    2. samiha


      Hi Moose, do you have the PCI Design Handbook 7th edition on PDF? I would appreciate it if you could share a copy with me. 


      Thank you,


  6. Hi ksml114!! I was wondering if it would be too much to ask for you to share the PDF material that you mentioned before. I would highly appreciate it! I am planning to take structural depth exam in April and getting nervous already! Thanks in advance
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