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  1. For self studying, best books are Hiner's for seismic and Mansour's for Surveying. Supporting material would be Dr. Ibrahim's sample tests for seismic and 120 questions book for Surveying..
  2. Put your skinny pants on and go on a Tinder date before you take your exam second time..
  3. Good boy... Obey the authority...
  4. it is definitely working on me.. Thanks Leggo PE
  5. You are not worth the electrons you used while typing and sending your messages online... Good luck in your high life. When you need the God, remember the curse words you have used for him...
  6. Apparently, some young guns ask for lewd acts openly in public forums because they have unlimited self confidence..
  7. I am sure he is in upper 30s..
  8. see your inbox so that we don't clutter this place with your BS attitude...
  9. If people ask, tell them that you will be taking it again. You don't need to go into details of explaining score, reasons, etc.
  10. I don't take recommendations from a millennial like yourself who lack moral values as to use cursing word with God and ask people to have intercourse with them on a public forum... If you want to prove me wrong, explain your words (****** God) I think you slipped through the cracks of proper education somehow..
  11. EET Seismic Class has the best reputation around here. Dr. Ibrahim is an excellent resource...
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