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  1. onemanwolfpack

    SE Bridge Lateral PM Studying

    I found EET's review course for Lateral Bridges to be extremely helpful (same goes for Vertical). They had a lot of very comprehensive example problems that cover most all of your potential topics, and they turn into pretty handy examples to have during the test. The exam is always going to throw you some type of curve ball of something that just didn't come up in your studying, but I think that's just the nature of that test. If you're familiar enough with the material and code, it shouldn't be something that ruins your day. I studied the NCEES practice problems as well, but personally I found those to be a lot easier than the exam questions I actually ended up getting. Briefly flipped through the SERM, but didn't really find much of a use for it. I spent about 3 months studying for each exam, with the last month devoted to the afternoon part of the exam, and I think most of that time was spent going through the EET practice problems and reading/tabbing/highlighting the Spec. I don't think you need to worry much about Chapter 6, but don't forget about Ch. 10 & 11 for foundations and footings!
  2. onemanwolfpack

    April 2018 SE Exam Results

    I've gotta say, this has been an entertaining thread to follow...I've been equally as unproductive at work refreshing this.
  3. onemanwolfpack


    You spoke too soon....NC results are out, passed Vertical Bridges!
  4. onemanwolfpack

    Exam timing

    If you go to https://ncees.org/engineering/ you can view each state and their requirements for registering for the different exams.
  5. onemanwolfpack


    Took Vertical Bridges for the first time, after passing Lateral Bridges this past April. For the vertical, it felt like the morning portion was a lot easier than the lateral morning. I think I ended up running out of time and guessing on 3 or 4 for the Lateral....but I finished up the morning with ~15 minutes to spare for the Vertical, which gave me time to go back and verify a few questions that I was unsure of. There was only one wood question where I couldn't land on an answer. The depth seemed very reasonable to me. I put my pencil down with about 30 seconds to go. There was only one part I was a bit confused on what they were really looking for, but I think I ended up putting down something pretty reasonable.
  6. onemanwolfpack

    What would you do the last week before the exam?

    +1 to Leggo's schedule. Pretty much did the same for the Lateral test this past spring, and I'm planning to do the same for the Vertical next week. Although I got a little extra sleep, probably didnt show up to the exam site till 7:15am. Additionally, I took off of work a few days prior just to be able to relax some.
  7. I am taking the Vertical this fall as well, but I took the Lateral this past spring. I just started studying yesterday, so about 3 months out from the exam. In the past, I've done 1 hour after work on weekdays, and 4 hours Saturday/Sunday. That's worked out decently well for me, so I plan on sticking to that again for this test. With missing the occasional weekend here and there, I usually get to about 130 hours or so. Similar to bassplayer, I'm a bridge guy with ~5years.
  8. onemanwolfpack

    Lateral Bridge help

    Hey BSE. I just passed the lateral bridge this April. I personally think it's absolutely worth it to sign up for a review class. I self-studied for the PE Civil/Structural a couple years ago, and thought I could probably do the same thing for the SE. After compiling all of my study resources, it just seemed like there was too much building material to learn, and not nearly enough bridge material to get me through the afternoon comfortably. So I decided to sign up for the EET course, since some other bridge people had recommended it. After taking the class and seeing the exam, I can't imagine I would have done nearly as well without it, and I really doubt I would have passed first attempt. As for study material, I didn't use too much else as I just didn't have much study time outside of all the work the class made you do (lots of lectures, homework problems, practice mini-exams, a full length practice test). I used mostly everything you mentioned, minus the FHWA examples. I got the SEAOC vol 1, expecting it to be my go-to resource for learning building seismic as a bridge guy. Ended up not even cracking it until the last couple of weeks when I was just going back over material, and actually never spent more than an hour in it.
  9. onemanwolfpack

    Which SE course have you taken? Did you pass?

    Second for this. Took Lateral bridge with EET and passed first attempt. I'm definitely signing up with them again in the fall to do the Vertical.
  10. onemanwolfpack


    This was my first! I'm planning on taking the Vertical this fall. Thanks! After the test, I felt fairly confident on the afternoon portion. I knew I did very well on the Column and Footing questions, but I stumbled a bit on the General Analysis because I was just coming up with numbers that didnt make sense for my bridge stiffness. I stated some assumptions though, and carried on and the rest of the problem worked out pretty well. I didn't feel terribly well about the morning portion. It felt like just a huge time crunch the entire time, and I ended up just guessing on 3 questions that I had skipped initially and didn't have a chance to get back to. I walked out thinking I was probably right on the Pass/Fail line...wouldn't have been too shocked if I failed.
  11. onemanwolfpack


    NC is out. Passed Lateral Bridges!