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  1. PE passers by age.

    Older than most reporting here. Know some older than me who have passed PE and were much more up on math. I sit next week. Had to take the FE twice - well it was the EIT then. First time passed in grad school without studying. Then did nothing with it... my practice - jack of all trades master of -some - FE 20 years+ later last year, studied hard. PE... have done all I can to prepare, I am not taking the discipline I initially did in undergrad, had to learn a lot of things new, so it will be what it will be! Good luck to all!
  2. Which books to sell and which to keep?

    I would not be so quick to get rid of your books. My reference library helped me to maintain my USCG maritime license for a very long time. As to the engineering books I have, well, here I am still using them. The internet is very helpful, and it does not replace a good professional reference library. Do not assume that everything you see on the internet will still be there 10 years from now. What I'll burn when I have my license in hand is the practice exams and notes Marinna
  3. filling out the PE application in Massachusetts

    Thanks again, I have been cleared by the board, so, on to the PE.
  4. Signed up for the GT Course. Let's Go.

    Are you taking the power exam? And what is GT? Thanks!
  5. filling out the PE application in Massachusetts

    OK, ha- thanks, yes folks, I own a pen. And I can write cursive very neatly, etc. This being dealing with Gov't forms, and the process being so controlled, yes, I am taking everything about this application process quite literally. Except the section of the law that keeps referring to "he" and "him" - So, I was curious because they say not to modify the form, and to print or type (I took print to mean computer, because the FE form had the blanks to fill out) and then the form has very little space for the information wanted. Modification - that's a pretty broad definition. Anyway, I asked, noted I'd gotten rid of my typewriter long ago, and they said hand printed was OK. That's still a PITA. So I'm modifying the form digitally, not the text, I'm putting it in word and entering the text that way. This in particular for my references who don't deserve to have to use a magnifier to try and read hand printing at 8 point. Nor do I want to hand print at 8 point. I wonder if folks would benefit from an upload of the word docs I've modified.
  6. Hi, So I'm filling out the PE application found here: https://www.pcshq.com/?page=MAPEApplication101915.pdf Page 3, column 2, the first paragraph under application instructions says "Applications will be rejected and application fees forfeited if any portion of this form is altered." It also says "All information appearing on this form must be typewritten or printed." Unlike the FE application, this is not a pdf with form fields one can fill in. I long since got rid of my typewriter. So to fill out this form, I have to alter it, technically. I can convert pages to word and fill them out that way. In particular the engagement cover sheet, where I have to fit a lot of type. I could also create form fields in the pdf with some sort of software. MA folks, how did you approach this conundrum? Thanks, Marinna
  7. Hello from Mass.

    I took it in NH, and it had an end date on the certificate. So my next challenge is getting PE references. I have never worked under the supervision of a PE. And I'm wondering where folks practicing electrical and electronics (e.g. NOT power) are working where a PE is required for that. I do know personally one PE who got theirs without using a PE as a reference (in fact, they will be one of my PE references). Where are all the electrical and electronics PE's hiding?
  8. Hello from Mass.

    Thanks to those who set up these boards. They were helpful in my passing the FE. Again. I took the EIT back in the late 80's and it was only when the exams were recently reorganized, introducing more topics, that what I am practiced in seemed to finally qualify. My EIT expired before I sat for the PE. No matter, the studying for the FE was a good mid-career review. I am now on the preparation road to the PE in electrical and electronics. Any advice is welcome!