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  1. Civil Breadth - 19/40 AM & Transportation Depth - 25/40 PM (62.5%) ** 44/80 overall (55%) ** FAILED. AWESOME - waste of 100's of hours and $1,000's of dollars. I'm sick
  2. DRS

    Transportation Results

    I failed - got 25/40 in the PM transportation. It would be nice for others that did not pass to post scores to get an idea of what the passing mark was (scored 44/80, 55%, overall). Thanks, Dispondent
  3. Failing score. 19/40 AM Civil Breadth & 25/40 PM Transportation Depth = 44/80 = 55% ... obviously not the "cut" score. I felt good leaving the exam. Boy did that feeling turn out to be misguided.
  4. I took the ASCE 14-Part P.E. Civil Exam Review — The Essentials with Transportation Depth I and II for $1,595 + ASCE Membership fee to get the Member "Discount". I found the breadth topics reviewed by JP Mohsen helpful. I found the Geotechnical weak, and the Transportation Depth was terrible. I thought this would be my strength, instead I did poorly on the PM portion of the exam. I failed (my first attempt at PE was this sitting, Oct 2016). I intend to take EET Transportation Depth this upcoming April 2017 Exam. I've read good things and by using all my material from the breadth section obtain through the ASCE review, I am hopeful to pass the 2nd time. I am kind of an odd duck in the non-linear path I've taken towards my trek towards licensure. I graduated with MSCE in 2000, worked for PE's doing professional level work for 12 of the past 15 years, and only recently passed the FE (used Testmasters to review). I then immediately took PE Oct 2016 and got a score of 45/80 for the Transportation depth exam. As I stated earlier, very confident going in, honestly pretty upset after I walked out of exam...false sense of confidence despite 100's of study hours and the ASCE review course. Exam much harder than I anticipated. Anyways, good luck to all that didn't pass, congrats to those that did, and fingers crossed I pass after April 2016. Not sure what's worse, having to sit through the exam day again, or telling people that I failed?? :-)
  5. Did you pass? If not, what was your score on the diagnostic? Will help those who did not pass gauge where they were at with the Civil PE Transportation
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