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  1. For EET, I rewatched the videos (just to refresh). I redid the practice problems and simulation exams. Even though I was already familiar with the problems it was still great practice and a means to improve your speed in finding information and solving problems. I did improve using the same material (my average went from 35-40 to 45-50). For good measure I did two practice exams from other sources. The one I linked below was a really good one.
  2. I took the course since I have no seismic experience and I don't think I could have self studied for it either. I found the course (I took it on demand) to be very helpful but warning...its a lot a videos to go through. I know people who have used Hiner so one may not necessarily be better than the other.
  3. I was kind of on the similar boat (considering taking Hiner course). I decided not too since I was already invested in EET and I didn't want to waste my time with a new format of study material. For what its worth, I only used EET handbook and the EET handouts on the exam. I brought extra stuff but need/use them.
  4. Thank you! I'm sure it any minute now
  5. Results are out! I passed Seismic, my last hurdle!
  6. They are probably monitoring this thread and tortuing us. LOL. There is no history of a Friday release. Maybe it'll be today!
  7. Man, the wait is killing me. Hopefully they release it tmrw before lunch!
  8. Yes! I forgot about this! Thank you @quique7! The first time took the test I scheduled it for the beginning of the was a long 1.5 months waiting to find out I failed hahah.
  9. I took EET course and felt like it covered all the topics well. I just took the seismic this week all I used was his workbook and handouts for the entire exam.
  10. You should be getting an email indicating your re-examination application has been processed within a month but like CAPLS said, it could be season workload. I would assume also they technically have until the end of quarter to process your application. If you havent heard from them yet, shoot them an email.
  11. I figured this out on accident but a tip that I would like to share to all seismic/surveying test takers is to schedule your exam in for the first or middle month of the quarter. For example if you got authorization to take the test in the 1st quarter, i.e. January, February or March, I would advise you to take it in January or February. That way if you find out you failed in the following month, you can send your application to retake ASAP and will get the authorization to test for the next quarter - April to June. My first instinct was of course to prolong the inevitable and schedule it for the last of the month but if you take the test in March, you will find out in April (start of the 2nd quarter). Since you re-applied in the 2nd quarter you wont be eligible to re-take it until the 3rd quarter.
  12. I took it today! I found it fair and with the right amount of time based on the difficulty of the questions. This is my third time and I took the last 2.5 weeks just doing problems and practice exams. I don't do anything seismic/structural related in my profession. I find that doing practice problems and exams is key.
  13. I only used EET book & handouts provided through the EET course to solve the problems. As a third time test taker, I answered 49 of 55 and guessed on the rest. This gives me good wiggle room if I made calc errors or got tricked up on a question. On my last attempt I answered 35 and guessed on the rest, which did not give me wiggle room for any mistakes. Now the waiting begins.
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