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  1. Flat Earthers

    Glad to see someone else recognizes this. Crab people are the biggest threat to our society right next to ManBearPig.
  2. PA License Number?

    I didn't... It took about three weeks from when I sent my application in to show a "Pending" status. They sent me an email and letter with login instructions so I could check online. About a week later the Board requested further documentation on one of my supervisors.
  3. PA License Number?

    One of my previous supervisors was not a licensed PE, so I had to send in documentation clarifying his experience.
  4. PA License Number?

    I applied with an NCEES record. It was way easier, I recommend it.
  5. PA License Number?

    So my comity application got approved. Took about 80 days, which is probably normal for this time of year.
  6. When a PE denies signing the SER

    You can't force anyone to sign anything. If you have other engineers who can verify your experience, why bother with an old boss who you don't get along with? Check your state's code of ethics and if he did something to violate it, then you can report it. If your only motivation is retaliation, I would recommend just moving on - which it sounds like you have.
  7. PA License Number?

    If it's any consolation, I applied for license by comity June 10th and still shows a pending status.
  8. I passed PE civil construction exam ( 8 attempts )

  9. Construction Depth Pass?

    Those three are great resources. Maybe see if a co-worker has an old NCEES sample or look into School of PE or EET notes.
  10. If you want to do roadway design, find a masters that focuses in just that. Still do a cost-benefit analysis yourself because experience in the civil engineering world is the most valuable part of your resume. Unless you want to go into academia a MBA may be a better choice if you are just trying to make more money.
  11. Has anyone heard from board for next exam cycle?

    Yea they told me I passed.
  12. PE passers by age.

    FE at 22 (Still in college) PE at 28 - seems to be pretty normal
  13. 13 Reasons Why

    No it is not that easy, but they do it to go for the 'Wow' factor. Not to egg you on, but the last two episodes are pretty disturbing - that's what some parents are concerned about.
  14. 13 Reasons Why

    I watched it and yes - definitely over dramatic but that is just television. What concerned me is how they kind of 'justified' the girl's suicide. Teen suicide is sometimes teenagers reaching out for attention from people who wronged them, which the girl obtains in the show. I just wouldn't want to see someone try to replicate what happened in the show.
  15. Why can't we all be like Texas

    I agree with not telling what your score was. Otherwise it would turn into a 'whose is bigger' game among PE's to see who got a higher score...