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  1. Thank you very much man... appreciate the comment.
  2. @squaretaper PE....maybe you can help our friend here...
  3. I did but didn't see anything of use there...I did find this though and believe it's pretty much what I need. Let me know if you'd agree: Hazards 4 - IChemE
  4. Thank you very much for the tip !!
  5. Not an HVAC engineer but was hoping someone here could help me figure out a problem for my master's program. Given the following: 1) Initial Freon charge in pounds 2) Initial pressure (psi) 3) Diameter of pinhole on chiller wall Is there an equation I can use to calculate the total time it takes to fully discharge a chiller (complete loss of pressure)? System is not running, just sitting idle. Thanks guys! I've been scratching my noodle on this one for a while.
  6. Congrats on passing the PE exam... wow was that a catered lunch I saw? We had to bring our own.
  7. @RBHeadge PE....just wondering how come a forum for the April '19 results wasn't created. It seems that this exam cycle was most unceremonious ....did you get that impression as well?
  8. It's almost 5PM on the west coast post....
  9. Folks... I got the survey when I failed and when I passed... it means nothing, they just want to get feedback on your overall test experience (test conditions, test site, etc.).. that's all, DO NOT READ INTO IT...😉
  10. Hello there, I took the MDM exam 4 times and every time I prepared for it as if they were going to ask anything and everything within my discipline. I'm glad I did because each exam was different, you really can't expect a repeat from one session to another. This probably isn't the answer you were hoping for but the more prepared you are for the exam the better....problems problems problems my friend. Good luck to you on Friday !
  11. Think of the PE exam as your new mental marathon my friend, you got this....good luck to you on Friday.
  12. One practice exam is not enough to give you a good sense of whether you're ready to take on this beast of an exam. By now you should've taken as many as possible, for your discipline (which is mine as well: Mechanical), there are 4 other exams I recommend you practice with: NCEES practice exams: There are 2 out there, 2016 is the most recent but there is a 2010 version which has about 13 problems that are still relevant to our discipline. I suggest you search for it on line (all other problems are the same as in the 2016 version). EngProGuides Practice Exam: Runs about $35 and you can get it from their website Justin Kauwale the owner, is very responsive and will answer all your questions promptly via email. Scott Hart and Kevin Klein practice exam: Amazon purchase, this exam is harder than NCEES but some of the problems are definitely in line with what you can expect to see on the exam (about 60%). 6-Min Solutions for MDM: There's a total of 80 questions here with complete answers and you can also find this book on line if you haven't already. Problem recognition is ESSENTIAL for the PE exam, and that only comes with practice. The more problems you do the faster you'll be able to identify what's being asked of you. Good luck to you next week !
  13. Try it tonight or this weekend to see how you feel the morning after...don't wait until the day of the exam to see how the medication affects you...
  14. I took 1/2 cap of Zzzquil and slept like a baby... didn't take a full cap because I didn't want to feel groggy the morning after. Good luck to you next week !
  15. I have a copy of the AISC beam tables that I downloaded from the net a while back, it's a 12-page document with lots of various static loading conditions. I can send it to you if you'd like, just send me a pvt. message.
  16. You won't be allowed to wear headphones but I strongly suggest ear plugs, in particular, try the Hearos brand, they're very comfortable and block out nearly all the noise. It's just enough for you to be able to stay focused on the exam and not be distracted by people coughing in the room, dropping stuff or other types of noise.
  17. I did the same thing you did, put all my hand-written notes in a binder and had no problems when I brought them to the exam room.
  18. You can most definitely bring in practice problems with solutions as long as they are bound. I had no problems with that in California, also make sure your board is ok with hand-written notes, if not, just photo-copy them and put them in a binder (they're worried about hand written notes in pencil because they can't tell if a person could be copying exam material on to them). Good luck in a few weeks!
  19. I looked at the MDM section and WOW, it's basically just a collection of equations. Little to no explanations or examples like in MERM, I'm just VERY glad I took the exam when I did.
  20. @squaretaper PE....aren't you glad we passed the PE when we did? Imagine taking this exam wihout the use of personal notes, references, books, etc. Look at the evaluation above for the guide that's offered for the TFS exam in particular. WDYT?
  21. Hello everyone, if you're looking for the older version of the NCEES MDM exam, it's available on Amazon and it was actually published in 2010, not 2011. Paperback: 88 pages Publisher: Ncees (November 1, 2010) Language: English ISBN-10: 1932613609 ISBN-13: 978-1932613605 If you can't find it on Amazon, there are other sources on line where you can get it, just make sure you reference ISBN: 978-1932613605. Good luck with studying !
  22. That's the correct one ( . It is not a collection of practice problems like the 6-min. solution, BUT, for each section it covers they do provide additional samples which you CAN use as practice problems. That's how I used the book, once I reviewed all the material in MERM, I tried to solve the problems in Dr. Kennedy's book without looking at the answers. Good luck with studying !
  23. Thanks! I just watched the sales on line ( ) and waited for the next best deal. They have one every month it seems, right now you can get 40% by following the link above but you have to order on-line. I'd wait until they have an in-store coupon deal so you can go in person and talk to an associate. I ended up paying around $170 when it was all said and done. Good luck!
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