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  1. We've entered the magic hour for those in California....good luck!
  2. CA usually releases between 10am-12pm Pacific Time....hang in there and good luck !
  3. I don't remember NCEES releasing results on a Wednesday so I'm going to take a guess and say 12/12 (Thu)...I'm not even waiting for results and I'm anxious for you guys... good luck to those waiting !
  4. This is EXACTLY how we celebrated when we passed the PE.... a few of us (from different engineering disciplines) got together, went to a local brewery and had a few cold ones... @squaretaper PE...we should do this again when you get your next results !
  5. I think the reason results are taking so long this cycle is because Justin Stine is single-handedly grading all of them...😂
  6. Instead of the green box you will see a red box with the word "Fail" in me, you don't want to see it... 😥
  7. That's true.... and as @squaretaper PE pointed out that's the time we took the PE and passed !
  8. I'm thinking it'll be Monday Dec. 9th as well...Friday the 13th would just be too cruel 😖
  9. I know I should post there too.. making German Chocolate cake for our potluck tomorrow here at to come !
  10. If I can find time away from cleaning the yard, baking and painting sure... I'll take the personality test
  11. If you've moved into an office sounds like you're moving up in the world, hopefully thanks to your PE status...
  12. We worked HARD for this, why not display it proudly....mine has been hanging on my cubicle wall for 1.5 years and I don't get tired of looking at it
  13. I have a cubicle as well and it's hanging on the wall... don't let that stop you 😉
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