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  1. SacMe24

    Machine Design & Materials Oct 2018

    I was 22 years out of school when I took the PE so I definitely know how you're feeling right now. Hang in there... and good luck next Friday !
  2. SacMe24

    To everyone taking the test on Friday

    I guess we angered the NCEES gods last Spring....😂
  3. SacMe24

    To everyone taking the test on Friday

    What an interesting and clever way of characterizing the feeling of taking the P.E. exam.... good luck to you next week !
  4. SacMe24

    NCEES vs. PPI Practice Exams

    Also check out the MDM practice exam from EngineerPro Guides... 40 bucks and well worth the money.... http://www.engproguides.com/machineexam.html
  5. SacMe24

    Machine Design & Materials Oct 2018

    That's exactly what I did, I had everything in a medium-size suitcase PLUS a milk-crate to store everything on the floor and keep it from falling over...
  6. SacMe24

    October 2018 Exam Authorizations

    @txjennah...you got this !.. good luck to you !!
  7. SacMe24

    Machine Design & Materials Oct 2018

    Definitely not 8-10 weeks, my experience after taking the exam multiple times was that the wait was between 6-7 weeks, I am in California so please take that into consideration.
  8. You're very welcome and good luck in a few weeks... you're basically in the home-stretch !
  9. SacMe24

    Seat Cushions

    Hello gomeybear....I am in California and brought a seat cushion to my test site. Others did too and the proctors were OK with it, in fact they didn't even question it. I agree with RBHeadge though... contact your state board and ask if this is something they would allow, I can't imagine them saying no. Good luck with studying these final few weeks !
  10. Hello Workx!...I would say that if you can get through the NCEES practice exams on the FIRST pass with a score of 55 or better you have a very good chance of passing the real deal. Did you time yourself when you worked the practice problems (full 8 hours)? This is very important as it'll help train your brain to work under the time pressure, especially after 6 hours of hard concentration because you start making silly mistakes. With respect to the types of problems on the practice exam and how they correlate to the real exams, make sure you understand the concepts and do as many similar problems as you can. You are correct NOT to expect to see the same type of problem set up, that's why it's so important to practice, practice, practice so you can fine tune your problem-recognition skills. Half the challenge with these problems is understanding what they're asking you to do, so make sure you read the problem statement twice so you don't end up doing unecessary work and waste valuable exam time. To answer your last question, I was not able to finish within the alloted time ANY of the 4 times that I took the exam, BUT, I didn't let that bother me. Remember, this is about getting 55 questions right, so make sure you go for the low-hanging fruit first. Reading through your last paragraph I can see that you're already thinking along these lines which is great. Go for the easy ones first and then on your 2nd, 3rd or 4th pass go for the most difficult ones. Make sure you allow yourself enough time to bubble in the ones you have to take a guess on and remember, if you're absolutely lost and have no idea what they're asking, the answer is "B"....at least according to Dr. Tom. As a reference, the last time I took the exam I had to guess on 2 questions in the AM session and 2-3 in the PM. Good luck with the rest of your studying... just over a month to go!
  11. SacMe24

    Exam Day Strategy

    California didn't do that either, in fact, I brought plenty of hand written notes, worked out problems, etc. in engineering paper, all in 3-ring binders and they were ok with it.
  12. SacMe24

    PE Certificate Frame w/Pencil

    Very nice man !... you waited long enough for it... gotta make it look good !
  13. SacMe24

    How many references are you bringing?

    I did this past April and glad I brought it with me....
  14. SacMe24

    PE Certificate Frame w/Pencil

    Congratulations !... I like the addition of the seal...