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  1. Did you filter them? I didn't see mine in there.
  2. cornsnicker3


    The MERM was sufficient for the HVAC stuff (and really just about everything). No gimmicks, no tricks.
  3. Both are ambiguous terms used by companies in attempt to describe their jobs. They literally could mean the same or almost nothing of what they intend. One could fathom that a Product Design Engineer just simply designs and tests things that will be created and sold. A Mechanical Design Engineer is theoretically a mechanical engineer that designs stuff. There could be some serious overlap, but it depends on the employer.
  4. April 2018 crowd outputted so much content that the October 2018 didn't need to add anything
  5. I understand why people feel the need to bring their own, but it is not a deal breaker. I had plenty of time with the MERM ones.
  6. Take Note MN passers. We basically have to wait until June 30th to register or else you have to renew on June 30th. Don’t waste your (or your employer’s) money on less than a month of licensure. Also, you would lose your PDH exemption too.
  7. I made a similar post on another thread, but wanted to capture my experience here. Overall, I took a minimalist approach and it worked just fine. I passed Overall hours studied: ~200 hrs Books Used/Brought: 1. MERM - This is the bread and butter of my studying. 95% of the content I reviewed was out of this book. I simply reviewed the relevant chapters for TFS and did all of the example problems. I hardly used it during the test itself due to #3. 2. Engineering Unit Conversions - This is a must have during the exam and is beneficial for studying. 3. Self Made Equation/Appendices Book - I compiled each chapter into an equation sheet and their respective appendices. This book REALLY made the difference for me. I was able to navigate everything so much faster than with the MERM. I had the MERM for back-up or for unknown definitions, but this book was my execution playbook. I did not use any other NCEES exams, SMS, EngPro Guides, or any other reference. I also didn't refer to any problems during the exam How did I study: 1. MERM Problems - I worked the relevant MERM problems in the actual MERM itself. I did this only one time. 2. MERM Companion Problems - I worked about 80% of the relevant problems and felt that the problems were sufficient for understanding the material. 3. NCEES 2016 - I worked this three times with about 96% on my last attempt. I honestly didn't find much value for this other than exam formatting. It was good for understanding the PE problem structure, but I didn't get as much use out of it as many other posters. 4. SlaythePE - I worked this exam once, but was stubborn to pay for the solutions. It kicked my butt when I did it and got me to focus harder is about all. What would I have done differently? Although I passed, I still would have done some stuff differently. 1. Get the Companion Problems earlier - These are integral to studying and really complete the MERM problems 2. Work the chapters carousel method - I would have hopped chapters after each problem rather than slamming a single chapter at once. I got really bored doing all one problem. 3. I probably would have brought something for control valves since I know very little about the them and the MERM does a weak job covering it. That is my experience!
  8. According to the Minnesota's board, there are instructions sent with the official "you passed" letter (still waiting on it). I had to apply for the license first so I believe it is as simple paying them money and they give me a number. Anyone from MN have any experience?
  9. Friend got my two beers at a bar in Madison as I was driving back home to Duluth from West Virginia as a celebration. When I got home, the family took me to Texas Roadhouse.
  10. I passed. My method was very simple. I worked problems from MERM, MERM Companion, and NCEES 2016. I went through all of the relevant MERM problems once, most of the companion problems, and the practice test three times. I used the conversion book, the MERM, and a self crafted booklet with the MERM appedices and useful equations. I did not use any other references or problems during the test. Thank you all for your support
  11. I passed!!! Thank you all for your advice and encouragement!
  12. I am only reporting what they told me. Truth may be different
  13. I called the board this morning and the lady basically said, "Minnesota is one of the few states that actually mails the results and we are not allowed to give results over the phone, e-mail, or any other way." She did not affirm or deny if NCEES website is updated at the time the letters are sent.
  14. Must be nice to live in a state where everything is computerized. MN is paper for everything PE.
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