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  1. I believe I submitted everything to the same address, but a call or email to them would clarify for sure.
  2. I was 9 years out of school and didn't remember anything except basic concepts from school. I took an online Machine Design & Materials online course and studied around 200 additional hours. I passed and give the biggest credit to doing all the available NCEES practice exams and watching a ton of youtube videos on basic machine design & metallurgy topics. I actually learned a ton and it is helping me as an engineer.
  3. I wanted to go thru it fast, but you need to take your time and read each reference section in full. Took me 2-3 hours.
  4. https://engineers.texas.gov/exam_check_grades.php
  5. It is definitely nice to know what my score was. It seems like after you pay so much money that the least they could do is tell you your score. I am also thankful that Texas allows for FE exam waiver.
  6. I honestly thought I scored somewhere between 60-80. I thought the cut score would make or break me. I ended with a 84 and very thankful for the result.
  7. 84% Machine Design & Materials
  8. I've heard the opposite. Only do HVAC if that is your job. Switch to Thermo if you fail HVAC. Although I did Machine Design...
  9. I'd like to say 60+, plus based on practice exams, I'm only 75% on questions I think I got right.
  10. My logical side is telling me there is no way that is true, but I'm a first time test taker and I just got the survey email, so...
  11. RayEng84

    Garbage Fire

    I took the Machine Design & Materials. I found it to be harder than all previous samples tests. Although I guess anything is harder when the solutions aren't in the back of the book. I flat out guessed on 1 question. Then tried to use judgement on about 15 questions. I thought both the AM & PM were equally tough, but my endurance faded in the PM part for sure. All the questions were appropriate for the test, but a lot were pretty obscure.
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