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  1. Just received my certificate and paper license today.
  2. I just got my number. Last name begins with B.
  3. Thank you for the update. I'm hoping I will get my number some time this week. The wait is almost as bad as waiting to get NCEES test results.
  4. I took construction and my license number is not shown as of 10am.
  5. GregoryPE did you take the exam in October? Also, what topic area did you take you PE exam in? I have been checking every day. It seems over the last few days there has been a few new numbers added (last number added was 097175). Based on my research the education department will typically do a massive dump/add with well over a hundred, sometimes two hundred, new license numbers added in one day. I'm hoping by next week we will have our numbers.
  6. Highly doubtful about next week. We are talking about NYS government here. Ugh...
  7. PE Civil Construction - NY PASSED Self studied every day during the week from 3:30pm to 8:00pm and 12 hours every weekend for three months. Also took every Monday off one month prior to the exam and the day before the exam. I would say I spent easily 350 hours studying. I used the Learn Civil Engineering afternoon guide for construction (highly recommended for the PE Civil Construction). I also used the CERM, NCEES practice test, all resource books listed on the NCEES Construction testing list, took PPE practice exams once every month on all subject areas (geo, trans, structural, construction, water resources). Made my own binder with key concepts and formulas for each subject area tied to the NCEES topics. My library at work was a great help due to the cost for each reference. I wish I had more time to study. During the three months leading up to the exam I found out I was having my first child (due in April) and changed my job. Failing this fall exam was not an option seeing the due date was April 25th and the next exam being offered was April 21st.
  8. That's what I was thinking but it looks as if we won't see anything until next week.
  9. Anyone have updates on the issuance of NYS licenses?
  10. Based on my research most new engineers received their license number three weeks after being notified of passing. My buddy first noticed he was on the state website at week three with the physical document a few days thereafter. There also seems to be no correlation to last names and the order in which new PEs recieve their license number.
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