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  1. As far as I know, October exam is held at NRG and April exam at The Woodlands.
  2. I meant to say 70%. Based on Texas results, no one had reported passing below 70%
  3. I took EET water resources (breadth and depth) on demand in December, but I did not start study until EET started breadth webinar courses which were 2nd week of Jan. From Jan 15, my strategy was to study 2-hrs every day and watched VIDEO every weekend (say 8-12 hrs of study which includes VIDEO). Depth webinar started from 2nd week of Feb. Even I paid for on-demand, their strategy was/is let on-demand students join webinar session for problem-solving sessions, practice exams sessions and additional questions/answers session. Breadth portion was/is covered by three instructors. Dr. Najrul leads water resources (depth+breadth) and co-teaches soil mechanics and materials. he is very organized and I can say one of the best possible binders for PE exam. His binder covers more than 90% of PE exam questions (for me). I did not study any other materials other than EET materials (depth). Honestly, I could not get time to study everything of his binders, I wish I could. I did three practice test, one from NCEES, one from PPI and one simulated exam from EET. EET simulation was little difficult than other two. I got 72 in EET test. Dr. Nazrul told me I will get 10-15 % more in NCEES exam and I got 84%. I am giving all these details because I liked EET and I think you must get benefit from WRE course (if you can). I paid about $1000 for both breadth and depth as I got 5% discount as well. It was really difficult to make a decision which one I should join. First, I was trying to join PPI, but it was too expensive for me, >$2300, and had not in depth instruction or materials for WRE depth. Also, PPI breadth was taught by only one instructor which I do not fully agree that one instructor can be an expert on all. Hope this helps.
  4. I took both breadth and depth (WRE) at EET and passed. I would say an excellent binder/lectures/ (for depth) and good binder/lectures for breadth. If someone from EET felt good at depth (WRE) and difficult at breadth because depth materials/instructor was better than breadth. On a very first day, when I looked at two binders I realized the difference. However, I studied more breadth than depth, therefore, I realized breadth test was easier than the depth. Also, I needed help from other reference books only to solve 3-4 questions (breadth+depth). I solved rest of the questions from EET binders. My point is here that depth binder was excellent, I spent less time to study, breath binder was good but not excellent, I spent more time to study.
  5. Passed WRE at 49, excellent course work from EET
  6. Sorry, hard to predict what was the cut off score, until someone who did not pass come up with 70% score, but very unlikely cut off was more than 70%
  7. Passed! Took EET for breadth and WRE depth. I highly recommend EET to others. If anyone needs more detail why I am recommending, please let me know.
  8. I passed. Water Resources, 2nd time. I want to give credit to EET because their materials are so organized and if you do not need to go through many text books. I could not pass first time. I searched other providers, first I tried PPI, but noticed it was way expensive and also only one instructor was teaching everything which I personally do not think the right way to teach. I had materials from other providers, but it was not comparable to EET. EET even placed the required tabs... I would highly recommend EET.
  9. SPC_TLine I wish I could modify the title. They did not let me modify this title to "Expected Results After May 24th" Thanks for your suggestion.
  10. You are right. I meant to say frequency of refreshing can be less before the date is changed.
  11. Do not need to refresh until Date Taken: April 21, 2017 is changed into Date Taken: April, 2017
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