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  1. Has anyone had any experience trying to get license approval upon passing their PE exam in Wisconsin? I have been trying to contact their Licensing Board all week with absolutely no success.
  2. Has anyone taken the PE in Wisconsin? If so are you having trouble getting a hold of the Wisconsin DSPS for licensing?
  3. Its hard to say. I know I personally have gotten acceptables on on problems I completely botched. Its subjective, has to do with luck and how well you can write down your methods and thoughts and not necessarily based on just numbers.
  4. Of course we can never truly know for sure though I have never seen a failing score reported with these results. A while back a member posted a very involved break down of scoring results @ TehMightyEngineer I believe. Check it out. I would be surprised if they passed you with acceptable on only 50% of the afternoon though.
  5. 28/30 AM both tests. Bridges PM IR/A/A, if you miss 50% question or get IR on this = no pass. Buildings PM: A/A/A/IR. Typically any unacceptable in PM will fail you.
  6. they make you describe your experience in the areas your scored poorly on in the exam???
  7. This course and these instructors are the best eduactaional experience I’ve had in my life. I have BS and MS in Structural Eng. this course takes you beyond what you have learned in school and gives you the best well rounded exposure to all topics. The effort and personal dedication these teachers put into this course is unrivaled. It is certainly challenging and time consuming but that’s what it takes. Stop searching for a course and your own material and sign up.
  8. thats it i am becoming a surgeon because its easier.....
  9. Been taking this test for 3 years. Never seen pass rates this low. Please tell me how how this makes any sense. We are not building the space shuttle here. This is a scam.
  10. There is no doubt on your theory. I have been told this by test writers themselves. It’s exclusivity. This is especially true in Illinois, and the beauracratic BS that is plaguing the state. This certification is the last way control the market in this profession. For those of you outside Illinois, I am sorry but you will never understand the pressure here and the politics behind all of this. Some of the best well educated, most talented engineeers with years of experience I know are being relegated to take orders from kids four years out of college that still maintain the youthful mental stamina to go thru this gauntlet. its unfortunate the way this profession has gone and sad to see dreams crushed because engineers cannot seem to answer 28/40 questions on a rediculously written exam.
  11. so you look yourself on IDFPR and see it? I have never seen this happen before.
  12. Had to be done, new thread as results are coming out.
  13. I agree, there is no way they would increase the cut score to allow a higher pass rate. I have talked to the test writers and they are very proud of how hard they make the exam, they want to keep the SE title as exclusive is possible. The test has only gotten harder over time, before LRFD days it was a three part exam and you could pass each part individually. Now if you fail any session (morning or afternoon) you fail the whole thing. If anything they will make the test more difficult.
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