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  1. Mithrandir918

    SE Exam In Wisconsin

    Anyone have experience of taking the SE in Wisconsin? How was the experience? Lots of people there? ect..
  2. Mithrandir918

    S.E. studying time...used as PDH hours...?

    It will depend on the State I believe. In Illinois they wont count it technically for some reason. There may be ways around it but I know I dont know how. You have to check with your licensing board.
  3. Mithrandir918

    SE Exam April 13, 14

    I am in your exact same boat. 2.5 years of non stop studying, marriage is barley hanging on and never spend time with my kids. This may be my last time as well, least last time putting much effort into it. Some people are just better test takers than others, unfortunatley this exam carries no weight as far as ones actual abilities in structural engineering. Its a gauntlet, a proving ground that anyone who wants in to the special club has to go thru. Problem with my state, if you dont have the license you will get weeded out of the profession. Anyway, that being said, sometimes when you go into the exam with no expectations it takes the pressure off and you will perform better. Ive seen this happen so many times. In the end you just need luck, even the best exam takers on the Day 2 morning session can only answer around 35 questions, without going back and checking any of them and also leaves 5 complete guesses (Note, this is a average statement, of course there exceptions). This leaves that magic number of 28 correct solutions much more difficult to get to.] I wish you the best of luck, take it easy, family first.
  4. Mithrandir918

    SE Exam April 13, 14

    Thanks for the support! Best of luck to all.
  5. Mithrandir918

    SE Exam April 13, 14

    My state does not require any classes, though I have taken a class for each attempt. Yes I do have a time limit approaching in a couple of years. Its safe to say if I dont pass this by then, this career is not meant to be.
  6. Mithrandir918

    SE Exam April 13, 14

    Passed vertical 1st try a couple years ago. This is my 5th time taking lateral on Saturday, dont know if i am crazy or stubborn... maybe a little of both ;
  7. Mithrandir918

    Wood Structural Panels (Diaphragms)

    IBC is for stapled diaphragms though my problem was for nailed.
  8. Mithrandir918

    Wood Structural Panels (Diaphragms)

    There is values for shear walls but not for diaphragms in the SDPWS using gypsum board
  9. Mithrandir918

    Wood Structural Panels (Diaphragms)

    Wood Structural Panels consist of plywood, OSB and composite panels and are recommend thought NOT required per NDS SDPWS for use on wood diaphragms. The tables for unit shears provided in the SDPWS appear to be only given for WSP sheathing (either for Structural I or basically all other grades). So what happens if you have a gypsum board or particleboard sheathing, where do we get design values for this?
  10. Mithrandir918


    What is the change in temperature?
  11. Mithrandir918

    Beam Strength

    Flitch beam, Beam stability referes to lateral torsional stability. The flitch, when transferred to all the same material by the modular ratio will give the biggest area (or wdith) which will give the biggest moment of inertia in the Y and more stability. Pretty sure on this but not positive.
  12. Mithrandir918

    My study strategy for the SE

    I took EET lateral course last spring and believe it is one of the best educational programs out there. As for strategy for the course, it is very time consuming with the lectures, though the lectures and technical knowledge you get from the teachers is invaluable. On top of the 8-10 hours of online lecturing per week you will find yourself doing around 6-8 hrs (sometimes less, and depends on the person) on average on top of that. I ended up spending around 18-20 hrs per week on lectures, self studying and the homework problems involved and was able to finish in the course time frame. I imagine that you could get this time down as I cant say that my strategy was 100% the most efficient way to do it. It is a time commitment but like I said is the best course out there to prepare you (I have take 3 of them). What I did was watch the lectures on Saturday or Sunday, do the HW on whichever day did not have the lecture. Alot of the time this ended up stretching into the weeks though. I tried to keep my studying on the weekends as much as I could. Hope this helps, best of luck.
  13. Mithrandir918

    SE Results are Out

    Illinois may be a few more days yet.
  14. Mithrandir918

    SE Results are Out

    Congrats! What state ?
  15. Mithrandir918

    SE Results are Out

    Yes I would assume a lot of states come out Monday/Tuesday. Illinois seems to drag their feet most the time however. Its hard to imagine two people in a room taking that exam. Illinois there is about 250-300 testing under very poor conditions.