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  1. youngmotivatedengineer

    Need Construction PE Exam Reference Material

    Actually, you may not need the Steel Manual at all if you can find the subject material of those few sections elsewhere. For the AMac section, and afternoon Construction Section, there are no Steel design questions on the exam. I actually brought my copy from early 2000's, and I don't think I ever even thought about using it during the exam.
  2. youngmotivatedengineer

    Codes and References

    Do you have all of the other code references shown for the exam? Since they removed the PCI reference, one of the other references may have a section that covers this topic now.
  3. youngmotivatedengineer

    2018 NFL - EB Pick EM

    You still have a good shot. I played in 12 team league, had a 12-1 record and averaged around 125 a week. Had a Week 1 bye last week and totally bombed this week only getting 59 points after being projected to get 121 points. Our number 2 seed also got eliminated last night after scoring 63 out of a projected 106 points.
  4. youngmotivatedengineer

    October 2018 15k SPAM Thread

    This is so annoying...I'm 6'6" so my seat is all the way back. Do you really have to push my seat all the way up for the extremely short time it takes to pull my car in the shop and then back out.
  5. youngmotivatedengineer

    Construction Application-Work Experience Section

    You should review the requirements for your state and make sure your description describes what you have done while satisfying the boards requirements. Did you do any internship work that you can count? I don't know ow where you are from, but in NJ you need at least 2 years of design experience in order to qualify for the exam.
  6. youngmotivatedengineer

    NFL 2018

    I'm killing it in Fantasy football this year, but I'm upset I started Graham over Ebron this week.
  7. youngmotivatedengineer

    October 2018 15k SPAM Thread

    Walked in to 40 emails...
  8. youngmotivatedengineer

    October 2018 15k SPAM Thread

    Football Sunday spam
  9. youngmotivatedengineer

    October 2018 15k SPAM Thread

    Spam and eggs for breakfast
  10. youngmotivatedengineer

    Personal reference notes

    This is the main reason people advise against pencil notes. During the test, you are only allowed to write in test booklet not your references. If proctor accuses you of writing in your references, it's your word against theirs. There's no way to tell what was notes while studying, and what, if any was added during the exam. With all the time, money and effort put in to studying, do you want to risk being kicked out if they think you wrote in your references during the exam?
  11. youngmotivatedengineer

    Structural Depth Materials for Sale

    If I'm not mistaken, I believe NCEES has on their website that you can only change your depth up until the deadline for scheduling the exam. Once that deadline passes you have to stay with the one you signed up with.
  12. youngmotivatedengineer

    one house built to last

    That stair design is actually not compliant with FEMA standards. The bottom should have breakaway enclosure, but stairs should have stayed in place. 1) That is now a massive structure being tossed around in the water hitt8ng other houses. 2) If someone was to stay in the house, they'd be trapped with no means of getting out or rescuers getting in safely. Hard to secure a later during a hurricane. If in flood zone that has wave action, which this most likely did, the deep piling foundation is standard practice. Many houses get destroyed in hurricane due to foundation damage. The pile foundation allows the water and waves to flow under the house without affecting the structural integrity of the house.
  13. youngmotivatedengineer

    one house built to last

    This also depends on whether the house in in fact in a flood zone and where the finished floor is in relation to the flood zone elevation. In Jersey many houses that weren't destroyed by Sandy, are still being lifted because they are lower than the finished floor elevation. Having a house lower than the finished floor elevation gets you a higher premium on flood insurance. One issue that coastal communities face is the fact that not everyone has flood insurance. If properties are passed down generation to generation, they usually don't have flood insurance and don't pay attention to flood regulations much. However, if the current owner or future owner ever decides to sell and/or get a mortgage, the mortgage company would require flood insurance.
  14. youngmotivatedengineer

    Basic Rules and Regulations: Handwritten Notes

    Since you just bought watch, it should have instructions. As long as it isn't a smart watch and is a basic watch with no alarm, thereshouldn't be any beeping. You can bring food/snacks as long as it stays on floor. They usually encourage you to bring lunch also so you don't have to chase down food depending on the test location and it's proximity to restaurants. Bookbag is allowed but rolling suitcase makes it easier to haul since you will have a good number of books and the weight can add up. Don't worry about feeling like you have too much stuff. Test day you will see other candidates and wonder if they brought every single book they had from college. I handwritten notes issue will vary by procter and is a risk you need to decide if you want to take. The problem is that test rules says you can only write in test booklet and nothing else. If a proctor thinks you are writing in your notes/reference books and all your notes are in pencil, it's nearly impossible to proove which are old notes from when you studied and what they thought you were just writing during the exam. Having photocopied notes or notes written in pen eliminates thi's uncertainty.
  15. youngmotivatedengineer

    one house built to last

    The main reason this house survived like it did is most likely due to age of destruction. Living in Jersey I saw the damage after Hurricane Sandy. With Michael it looked like large areas had no signs of the houses except what appeared to be slab foundations which probably didn't have the proper hurricane strapping. I've come across many houses where the original builderst literally put down a layer of mortar and just build right on top of existing ground with no footings. The article mentions the house was built for 200+mph winds. That seems a little overkill and over exaggeration. Yes the walls may be strong and they can strap around the entire building. However it is not likely that the roof(not including exact location of strapping), windows, doors, and all other finishes can withstand all that wind. Once you find the weak spot the whole building become compromised.