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  1. youngmotivatedengineer

    Working Father who Signed up for PE CIvil Transpo

    Drew, you can do this. Stay focused and know that this will be a great achievement and could make a huge impact on your family once you pass the test. Unlike some other people, taking the PE exam twice with a wife and 2 kids at home was very hard and emotional. It put a big strain on the family when I would work 10 hr shifts and then come home to study and not give the family all my attention. Honestly, I studied less than I really wanted to because I tried to make time for the family also. Ifor this happens to you, don't think that you are alone or doing something wrong as there are many of us out there. When you work the sample exams, try leaving the house so that you can fully focus on the test and not be interuppted by family who will want your attention. For me, I went to my office on a Saturday to do my practice exam. It was quiet so it was also a good simulation of the exam room. Good luck.
  2. youngmotivatedengineer

    New Jersey License Numbers Out

    Issuing the license is handled by NJ on the state level in Trenton and not Consumer Affairs in Newark. I think Trenton is usually 10-14 days to complete the license process once they receive payment. Keep in mind that the people issusing the license are the same that process all professional and business licenses for NJ.
  3. youngmotivatedengineer

    Do you guys have any side jobs?

    This should actually be opposite of how it really works. In a specialized segment, you are more likely to know the other limited amount engineers and engineering firm who are in the same field. This should make it easier to market yourself since you already have the experience, and there won't be a giant pool of candidates looking for a job in that field
  4. youngmotivatedengineer

    NJ Dual PLS/PE Licensure

    Log on to your NCEES account and go to references. They have a guide for PS exam on there, I actually brought a copy to the PE exam with me as a reference for the surveying items on the construction exam.
  5. youngmotivatedengineer

    PE Civil Structural 2018 - October 2018 - California

    Based on that you may be good with self-studying the am section and going with EET for depth. If you look at the schedule for the Structural depth, you do get access to a portion of the breadth topics that overlap with the structural depth. Also check the last page of the test specifications regarding what methods the test is based on. If you use incorrect method you could get the wrong answer.
  6. youngmotivatedengineer

    PE Civil Structural 2018 - October 2018 - California

    What were your weak sections in the morning? Does it overlap with any of the afternoon topics?
  7. youngmotivatedengineer

    EET Review Course

    Was this their PowerPoint slides or content within the slides? Sometimes they include scan of references that don't always scan the best because of the type of paper, or if they scale it down to fit on 1 slide. Check the documents section of AdobeConnect. You may find full size copies of those pages you are having trouble reading.
  8. youngmotivatedengineer

    EET Review Course Spring 2018

    You may want to try and replicate the depth schedule. Monday watch video, Tuesday do problems and rewatch specific section's of Mondays video as needed. Wednesday watch new video, Thursday duplicate Tuesday with the topics from Wednesday. This way you can study each topic as you watch the video.
  9. youngmotivatedengineer

    EET Review Course Spring 2018

    Study time will really depend on when you start the course in relation to exam day so that you can get through everything. Breadth is 45 hours of video and depth is 40 +/- hours each. On top of just watching the videos, you will also want to spend time doing practice problems and some self-study in your other resources based on those topics. Also take into consideration what time you can start studying each day. I'm on the east coast so the construction depth webinars started at 8pm for me and were 3-3.5 hours each. There were a few classes where the topics were difficult and I couldn't focus due to tiredness kicking in. I ended up watching the recording the next day, but this is something you should plan for in advance. This way you don't plan out a tight schedule that gets all screwed up once you miss 1 or 2 days for unforseen circumstances.
  10. youngmotivatedengineer

    New Jersey news?

    Okay, never realized it was only required at PE and not EIT. I first took FE exam in 2006 ( fresh out of college before starting workwith a construction company that had no PE so I lost 5 years towards required experience ). Even before passing the FE exam, they sent us information for the heads law exam so I thought it was required for EIT. In theory, the board should probably make it a requirement for the EIT certification. This way those individuals would know exactly what they can and can't do as an EIT. Or maybe do it for both exams with general questions and questions specific to EIT and PE.
  11. youngmotivatedengineer

    Pt foundation over compacted select fill

    In regards to the 4' depth, the compaction level will only matter where the footing will bear. If you have proper compaction at the desiredoor footing level, the rest of the soil can be place non-compacted without affecting the strength of the footing. However, this would most likely cause grading and settlement issues around the exterior of the foundation. It could cause huge problems is that area is going to get a solid surface like concrete or asphalt pavement.
  12. youngmotivatedengineer

    New Jersey news?

    In NJ, the law exam is a requirement for EIT certificate. You do not need to take it a second time. Since it is not part of PE license requirements, it wI'll joy be marked as completed on the online checklist. Apparently they just haven't had the time to update the online checklist to remove this line item. However, I would highly recommend reading the laws that are posted on the Boards website. After reading the current laws, I found several violations that my company was making with the title block and business cards that we have since updated to comply with the current law.
  13. youngmotivatedengineer

    Pt foundation over compacted select fill

    If the soil was compacted and tested during compaction it should be sufficient to support beams. Code usually requires virgin soil so that you have a solid base and not just going on top of loose fill that is going to compact once the load is put on the foundation. If I'm not mistaken, the compacted fill would probably have stronger bearing capacity thanot the virgin soil.
  14. youngmotivatedengineer

    PE Certificate Frame w/Pencil

    This can probably be accomplished at any picture framing store or even Michael's craft store. It's similarto standard matting, but needs a thicker frame to accomodate the pencil.
  15. youngmotivatedengineer

    New Jersey news?

    Once they get your $80 fee ( this year was the renewal year, so there is no reduced price for new licenses) you should get license in about 2 weeks. The actual License is processed by the State of NJ. The wall certificate is processed by the Board of Engineers. For December exam, I got my wall certificate at the beginning of May. In regards to continuing education you don't need it for your initial license period. In regards to your seal it should have GE with your number. I had to get mine redone when i used pestamps, but they have the updated standards now and you should not have an issue. (check promotion forum, they usually give discounts after the results are released) I brought the stamp issue up to them last year, and I can confirm that the issue was not due to an issue in their production process. The board emailed out specifications to new licensees which appear to be an old document that was photocopied which says to include GE. On the website for NJ, they had ( I haven't checked if they fixed it) a different version of this sepcification, which looks newer quality wise which doesn't show GE as being required on the seal.