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  1. youngmotivatedengineer

    software for residential home design / timber design

    It all depends on what they are using the software for and how much they are relying on software. Some engineers use CAD and then just use beam software to calculate loads and size beams. Simple beam designs may also be done with hand calculations. For single family homes, some analysis programs may be overkill and take longer to make sure everything is entered correctly ( garbage in=garbage out) than doing it manually or with basic beam calculator
  2. youngmotivatedengineer

    Taking Practice Tests into Actual Test (Civil PE)

    Also make sure you don't use pencil when making any notes in the book. You are not allowedto write in any references during the exam, so they could consider it a violation if you have pencil notes in their.
  3. youngmotivatedengineer

    Engineer field

    Technically you can, but that is usually for people who don't know about accreditation and the importance of accreditation in terms of PE exam. When looking to a new degree, why suffer through futyre credit evaluation when you can avoid it and enroll in ABET accreddited program.
  4. youngmotivatedengineer

    Engineer field

    If you plan on pursuing PE, make sure it is an ABET accredited program.
  5. youngmotivatedengineer

    Dumb LinkedIN Recruiter Email of the day thread...

    It's very annoying and unprofessional. Especially when in a small office and you have to explain to boss why recruiters are contacting you.
  6. youngmotivatedengineer

    California PE Civil- Geotech Exam

    Michael, requirements can be found for each state on the individual board websites. Are you looking to relocate after getting licensed? Your PE will only be valid for that state that issues it. If you go through a state that let's you automatically sit for exam since you have ano EIT license, you still need to get through the entire license proceure before you can call yourself a PE regardless of when you pass the exam.
  7. youngmotivatedengineer

    Masters with no BSE

    Pursuing the masters is up to the program that you apply for and what their education requirements are. It may just come down to taking additional courses that they consider essential before you can enroll in the program. This may vary scool by school.
  8. youngmotivatedengineer

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    I'd suggest a sprinkler system but the glass may melt from the sun without an actual fire. I remember going to Thibodaux for Spring Break with Habitat for Humanity. Sun was so strong several people got sunburned on lips and ears the 1st day.
  9. youngmotivatedengineer

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    Do you have a picture of the washout? You mention 1/2" deep, is it just a cosmetic issue at this point that you are trying to correct?
  10. After looking at the CA PE application, the discipline specific PE is only required for CA work. Out of state work just needs to be certified by a licensed PE in the state you did the work in. For Masters degree, that is usually approved by transcripts since professors are not always PE's. The usefulness of that reference would depend on how much they've seen your work. For example if you've only had 1 class with that PE, it wouldn't hold the same weight as someone who taught multiple classes for your degree or even one of the head people for the degree program.
  11. youngmotivatedengineer

    NJ Dual PLS/PE Licensure

    Check directly with the NJPELS, I think the other individual is wrong. The PLS exam is administered in testing center. State specific exam is given the morning of PE exam. You get 2 hours to complete it, and you get to use a wooden pencil. The NJ website shows this state specific exam on the schedule for 2019.
  12. youngmotivatedengineer

    construciton PE Experience Description Help

    I was in same boat as you after spending 5 years doing project management for a home residential/renovation company. However I still used it on my application and while it wouldn't count towards engineering experience, I used the owner of the company as one of my personal references ( in NJ only 3 out of 5 need to be PE) to try to add some weight to that experience since I was not able to get one of my previous managers to do a reference letter.
  13. youngmotivatedengineer

    construciton PE Experience Description Help

    That would make sense considering that you are pretty much doing design work in order to prove/disapprove something. Some states also allow you to use a Masters degree as 1 year towards your experience.
  14. youngmotivatedengineer

    construciton PE Experience Description Help

    Considering the fact that a PE is allowed to sign off on engineering design documents, it makes sense to require actual design experience in order to become a PE.
  15. Definitely check with the Board to get their official interpretation on the situation. In terms of using the outside PE, it will ultimately come down to their knowledge of you, and your work. It's one thing if they are directly supervising you the entire project, it's a completely different story if he just reviews/confirms the engineering components at the completion and does not have any interaction with you on a regular basis throughout the project.