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  1. It should be in color, unless people are running off prints on a black/white printer and selling or distributing it.
  2. A few weeks ago I ran out of the package of staples for the first time ever. I thought they were auto refill because they never seem to run out
  3. That is allowed, but you have to register the business in Texas before you can offer services.
  4. One important factor is looking at the test specs and making sure what you are working on is within your scope of work. Depending on age of test, some topics may have been removed or new ones added.
  5. Most states send the 2 separate as they are handled by different groups. The actual license usually go through the state government, where the wall certificates are issued by the board of engineers. In NJ, I think it took until almost June to get my wall certificate when I passed the October exam.
  6. Correct, in NJ you dont need credits if you just got your just gave to pay them again. If you get any credits before May 1st, you can carry 12 over to your next renew period.
  7. Don't underestimate the value of an inspection type position. Even if you ultimately go into a different field, you can still learn valuable skills that can carry to different positions. This will help you with personal interaction skills dealing with various contractors or inspectors. It could also help you increase report writing and technical documentation skills. If you decide to stay in this field, the field experience makes you a better engineer as you will know what issues to expect or plan around. Everything looks good on paper, but some of the famous Civil Engineering accidents are due to bad site modifications to compensate for a design that was impossible to build as drawn
  8. Are there any PEs that you would work under? It sounds like this could be a CAD drafting position but it could be a way for you to get foot in the door and work your way up. The key for getting your license is making sure you work under a PE so that you can count the work experience.
  9. When you work on practice problems this time, keep a print out of the test specifications nearby. If you get stuck on a problem, verify that it is in the specifications before wasting too much time on it. You may find that some questions may get too involved, however the initial steps to solving the problem may actually be on the test. For example, you may need to solve for 3 or different variables before you can plug them in to solve the problem. While the overall answer of the sample question, may be beyond the scope of the actual exam, there may be a question asking you to solve for 1 of those 3 things the practice question was asking for. When going through the EET course, keep track of the hints, rules of thimb and safe assumptions they give. For example, when evaluating a truss, theres certain conditions in which the reaction load would be 0. The PE exam may ask you to find a reaction load thag fits this rule, and you will know the answer without having to do any physical math.
  10. Everyone Ive done was always 1 week, so I was confused. This way can also help when a team bombs 1 week( happend to me in a league last year)but at the same time, if a team has a monster week 1, it could be hard for the other to catch up anyway.
  11. Is there a 2nd round of playoffs this week? There is no matchup appearing, and the bracket says TBD for all on the entries for the 2nd round.
  12. Hardest is finding time to stay active and balancing work/life balance. For me, I've found karate to be a good solution.
  13. First steps would be to apply for exam ( if havent done so already), and review the exam specifications for the test you sign up for. The specifications will list the topics covered by the exam and whaf regulations they refer to. Since you will be doing CBT, you need to become very familiar with the reference guide you will have access to. You won't have the luxury to tab, highlight, and/or create your notes. Some topics may fall under different sections so you should familiarize yourself with the layout of each section. Also pay attention to vocabulary you come across and if it's different than what you normally use. You may refer to something by one name, but it may be referred to by an alternative term in the reference guide. If doing a search by term, it may not come up if its using different terms. This is something I come across when researching ordinances for mechanical equipment setback requirements. The same information is under air compressor, HVAC, air conditioner, mechanical equipment, and a/c units depending on the town. Often times I have to search for all those terms to locate the information we need. For the CBT exams, you dont want to waste too much time just trying to navigate the manual on the PC.
  14. It also depends how those second timers prepared. Did they study all material as if it was 1st time taking test, or did they focus what was on the test last time, and this time it was different topics they werent ready for.
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