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  1. Everyone Ive done was always 1 week, so I was confused. This way can also help when a team bombs 1 week( happend to me in a league last year)but at the same time, if a team has a monster week 1, it could be hard for the other to catch up anyway.
  2. Is there a 2nd round of playoffs this week? There is no matchup appearing, and the bracket says TBD for all on the entries for the 2nd round.
  3. Hardest is finding time to stay active and balancing work/life balance. For me, I've found karate to be a good solution.
  4. First steps would be to apply for exam ( if havent done so already), and review the exam specifications for the test you sign up for. The specifications will list the topics covered by the exam and whaf regulations they refer to. Since you will be doing CBT, you need to become very familiar with the reference guide you will have access to. You won't have the luxury to tab, highlight, and/or create your notes. Some topics may fall under different sections so you should familiarize yourself with the layout of each section. Also pay attention to vocabulary you come across and if it's different than what you normally use. You may refer to something by one name, but it may be referred to by an alternative term in the reference guide. If doing a search by term, it may not come up if its using different terms. This is something I come across when researching ordinances for mechanical equipment setback requirements. The same information is under air compressor, HVAC, air conditioner, mechanical equipment, and a/c units depending on the town. Often times I have to search for all those terms to locate the information we need. For the CBT exams, you dont want to waste too much time just trying to navigate the manual on the PC.
  5. It also depends how those second timers prepared. Did they study all material as if it was 1st time taking test, or did they focus what was on the test last time, and this time it was different topics they werent ready for.
  6. Can't comment on feel/writing as I did not take the exam, but look wise thats a pretty sexy pencil.
  7. The importance and power of networking also changes with your career. For example, as a young engineer it can build contacts at other companies. One of the people you meet, just may work at the company that you have been researching and wanting to apply for a job at because you are unhappy or there is no growth potential at your current job. As you become a project manager or higher rank, networking can help you bring in business and get your company more work. It would look good for you if people came directly to you about potential projects as opposed to a random email to the generic contact us email the office has. I work for a amall firm and we do all our work based on word of mouth referrals. Have a few architects and builders that reccomend us. Worked with a surveyor on a few jobs, they liked our work and now they refer customers to us all the time also. Networking also builds your toolbox. You may have a project that involves some work out of your area of expertise. Instead of rejecting the project, you can handle all the stuff you kniw, and then use a networking contact to have them work on the part you are able to accomplish. In the future they may reach out to you for similar situation.
  8. Denise Richards and Jessica Alba when she starred in Dark Angel
  9. Nope....Tom Brady just got you the win... 😞
  10. Older text books can be useful, but code references should match the exam specs. There could be easy 'look up' questions on the exam that you could potentially get wrong if code requirements changed from the version you bring and the version in the test specifications. In terms of risking bringing an 'illegal' version of a document, that is something you would have to evaluate on your own.
  11. The only potential issue would be if there are any copyright laws broken by making the print and/or someone legally getting a PDF version but then selling it to other people.
  12. This will vary by school. Each school will have their own prerequisites needed to enroll in the different degree programs.
  13. Ill be down for this. Ive been doing leagues through Yahoo
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