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  1. youngmotivatedengineer

    What is allowed in exam

    Yes. You can use whatever you want to bring material to the exam. People will have all kinds of items including crates, rolling luggages, backpacks, hand trucks ( mini and full size). If you feel like you have too much, chances are you'll see at least a few people with the same or more stuff than you. The one thing to take into account is travel distance from parking to test room (carrying a full milk crate a long distance gets heavy, and is even heavier at the end of the day). Also make sure you account for weather conditions. If it rains, you will need something to protect your material from getting wet while outside. Luckily, for my 1st attempt, I had 1 of my daughters blankets in my trunk to be able to cover my milk crate.
  2. youngmotivatedengineer

    October 2018 Exam Study Progress

    That seems to be the #1 common complaint with SoPE. From what I've read ( I've only took EET Depth course), SoPE is more of a refresher and assumes you know certain things. It is not an in-depth review from A-Z of everything you should be familiar with for the exam like other courses are.
  3. youngmotivatedengineer

    October 2018 Exam Study Progress

    Keep in mind that none of these companies know what questions will be on the exam. While the Water Resources problems didn't help txjennah, on the upcoming exam there may be questions that replicate those water resource questions or the same procedure to solve the problem.
  4. youngmotivatedengineer

    can someone help me out on my application?

    My guess is information about responsibilities also. Boards usually want to see growth and this is 1 way to show growth and increased responsibilities during a period of time.
  5. youngmotivatedengineer

    Handwritten notes w/pencil

    The problem with notes in pencil is that during the exam you can only write in test booklet. If you have notes in pencil, proctor could claim you wrote them while in the exam room.
  6. youngmotivatedengineer

    Table of Contents Structural Depth Example

    Based on the sample problems you have worked through, do you find yourself using the same formulas over and over? If you, so may want to create summart sheets that highlight the most common equation(s) from each topic. This way you can switch between few pages instead of flipping around a full binder.
  7. youngmotivatedengineer

    What does the Fox say?

    Like they say, go big or go home.
  8. youngmotivatedengineer

    Hello from South Carolina

    Adrienne, the start of study time will really depend on how much time you can dedicate each day/week to the exam. You may want to start doing 1-2 hours a week and then in January go full speed with studying. If you go with a review class it is most likely going to coincide with the next exam. So ifar you do an online review in September, they will be prepping you for an October exam and you will lose access after the October exam. 8n terms of a classroom review, you may be limited based on the smaller popularity of that exam. For civil most of the inperson review course I've seen were generic courses mainly focused on the breadth section. Review course is a large expense, so definitely do you research to see which is best for you. I went with EET for construction and had a wonderful experience with them. Cost was 1 of my deciding factors since they were a fraction of what others charge, but unlike most situations in life, going based on cheaper did not result in a poor learning experience.
  9. youngmotivatedengineer

    software for residential home design / timber design

    It all depends on what they are using the software for and how much they are relying on software. Some engineers use CAD and then just use beam software to calculate loads and size beams. Simple beam designs may also be done with hand calculations. For single family homes, some analysis programs may be overkill and take longer to make sure everything is entered correctly ( garbage in=garbage out) than doing it manually or with basic beam calculator
  10. youngmotivatedengineer

    Taking Practice Tests into Actual Test (Civil PE)

    Also make sure you don't use pencil when making any notes in the book. You are not allowedto write in any references during the exam, so they could consider it a violation if you have pencil notes in their.
  11. youngmotivatedengineer

    Engineer field

    Technically you can, but that is usually for people who don't know about accreditation and the importance of accreditation in terms of PE exam. When looking to a new degree, why suffer through futyre credit evaluation when you can avoid it and enroll in ABET accreddited program.
  12. youngmotivatedengineer

    Engineer field

    If you plan on pursuing PE, make sure it is an ABET accredited program.
  13. youngmotivatedengineer

    Dumb LinkedIN Recruiter Email of the day thread...

    It's very annoying and unprofessional. Especially when in a small office and you have to explain to boss why recruiters are contacting you.
  14. youngmotivatedengineer

    California PE Civil- Geotech Exam

    Michael, requirements can be found for each state on the individual board websites. Are you looking to relocate after getting licensed? Your PE will only be valid for that state that issues it. If you go through a state that let's you automatically sit for exam since you have ano EIT license, you still need to get through the entire license proceure before you can call yourself a PE regardless of when you pass the exam.
  15. youngmotivatedengineer

    Masters with no BSE

    Pursuing the masters is up to the program that you apply for and what their education requirements are. It may just come down to taking additional courses that they consider essential before you can enroll in the program. This may vary scool by school.