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  1. AISC Steel Manual 14 Ed

    The test specifications will let you know which sections are needed based on your depth.
  2. Bill Tracking

    Of course she can. It's called delegating and managing the "honey do" list
  3. NJ PE Next steps

    Does anybody know how long NJ usually takes to send out the wall certificates?
  4. Formwork for concrete Reference book

    While older versions may be cheaper or available online, it is best to use the version of the code listed in the test specifications. It may seem expensive up front, but think about how you will feel and how much it will cost if you fail by 1 question because code requirements change and you solve the problem based on an outdated code. The one you may be able to get away with using an older version of is the CERM. For the most part much of the material will probably be the same. However, the newer versions may be organized in different order and same topics may be added/removed from the book based on the revisions to test specifications. If you are taking an online review course, you may not even use the CERM a whole bunch during the exam. Personally, I took EET review course and I used their reference book as my main source during the actual exam.
  5. Winter Olympics 2018

    If you ever have the opportunity, you should go to Lake Placid. You can go bobsledding and if you wanted to go Christmas day, you can do the luge also. I went there once with friends, crazy cold but was an awesome experience.
  6. EET Breadth and Structural Depth

    If you go with EET, you can take on-demand or live webinar. Live webinar follows a set schedule. Usually the same night or the following day the recordings are available online for you to watch again if needed. The on-demand option gives you immediate access to all topics. The recordings used for on-demand class are the recordings from the previous test period live webinars.
  7. You should get same email from NCEES saying that the results are ready. However when you pass it usually just says Pass and doesn't give a breakdown like when you fail.
  8. CE PE - 20+ years after graduating

    Not to be Debbie Downer, but have you verified the testing requirements for your state? Since your EIT is 29 years old, will your state still accept it or do you qualify for EIT waiver based on experience? Do you have the required work experience under a PE to qualifyfor the exam. States vary, but with rules constantly changing, they may give you an issue for not being involved in design work for 25 years considering your license will give you the power to sign off on design drawings. Assuming you are approved to sit, I would recommend taking the exam in the field that you work on and will be practicing in. Planning to work in EE but taking exam for CE or something else just because it is easier can be an ethics violation.
  9. PE Registration

    Eventually all exams will be computer based. Chemical is the 1st one to switch over.
  10. Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    Depending on the height difference and overall slope, may be able to even do this with 2x4 and rip it down to the slab slope as you go towards the back with the lesser slope.
  11. Stuff to bring to test

    If you change your mind and do some kind of crate or container, make sure you pack a blanket in case it rains. For my 1st attempt Im lucky I had 1 of my daughters blankets in the car to cover my references.
  12. Stuff to bring to test

    No loose papers, bring any kind of carrying device you want, backpack, rolling luggage, collapsible hand cart or even a full sized hand cart. The exam rooms are secured during lunch so you leave everything at your seat. Avoid containers that you have to carry by hand ( i.e. milk crate with no hand truck). It may not seem bad but when you have to walk to/from parking area to testing site it gets heavy fast. For actual test day, civil engineers will have luggages, electrical engineers will have back packs. Surveyors will have 2-3 small books in their hands.
  13. Starting a Consulting LLC

    In NJ a CA# is required to do engineering work under a company. In regards to insurance, make sure you are specific in the type of services you will be offering. From speaking with my boss, if certain areas of work are included, his insurance premium increases drastically.
  14. Starting a Consulting LLC

    The best thing to do would be consult with an experienced attorney. He should be able to let you know all of the legalities you need to follow and help get the corporation documents filed. The attorney should also be able to review your proposal template to make sure you protect yourself legally.
  15. SE Title

    To handle these situations, most states require your license number to be on your business cards/advertisements. To make a universal card you can leave the initials and then near the bottom put which lenses you hold in each state with appropriate license number