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  1. Lucy

    PE(Power) materials for sale

    Please send me an email. Thanks.
  2. I passed the PE exam on the first try with two-month(45 min on weekdays and 2 hours on weekends) preparation time. My background is power graduate degree+ 5-year working experience. I am selling all my PE materials. You will find they are very useful when you prepare and take the exam. Electrical Engineering Reference Manual, for the Electrical and Computer PE Exam, 7th ed. by John A. Camara PE (good overview book)------- 80 Principles and Practice of Engineering Electrical and Computer: Power Sample questions and solutions (very similar problems shown up in the exam)---------40 Power class slides/notes summary(500+ pages, I gathered these from various classes, meeting notes,No need to find other power text books) :: ---------150 Contents include power system fundamentals, power flows, Transformers, relays, electrical machines, power electronics, transmission lines,distribution systems. Email me if you are interested: whx75@yahoo.com BTW, you do need the latest NEC book which I borrowed from a friend. Good luck
  3. Lucy

    Power Portion

    I don't understand why we need two sessions for almost the same type of questions.
  4. Lucy

    Washington State PE exam result out

    Yes, the website is www.elses.org . The email was sent by NCEES.
  5. Go to the NCEES website to get the result. They will send you an email with attachement pass_fail_letter_for_***.pdf . I passed it with power sector. Good luck to everyone.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I didn't know it is that far until I registered for the exam. The EIT exam is held in Seattle downtown. The traffic on I- 405 without carpooling is horrible in the rush hour. Anyway, I will just let my husband drive me there this time. BTW, my vehicle gets 27 mpg but I cannot predict the gas price in Oct.
  7. I live around Microsoft campus. Let me know if anyone is interested in carpooling to the exam site which is in Puyallup , 40 miles from my home. I would like to share the gas price with you. Thanks.