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  1. KSY, You may want to check with the MO board, but as far as I know if you haven't taken and passed the 8-hour NCEES PE Civil exam, in MO you may not be able to get a PE license. I say that because in Kansas although they do not recognize the SE license they allow you to seat for the 16-hour SE exams, and if you pass they issue you the PE Civil license. So my guess is since in MO they do not offer the SE exam, you will probably need to take the 8-hour PE exam. I think either way you should do that as many states to get an SE they are requiring you get the PE first by passing the 8-hour NCEES PE exam.
  2. Yes, the codes are not changing, (confirmed by NCEES) and usually they change it during the April cycle, so my guess is that it will remain the same util October 2020, and I think inevitably they will switch to IBC 2018 and everything that relates to it.
  3. First of all, MR_E30, that is amazing with your background to be wanting to go this far. Now, for the PE, it may still be a struggle as you do not have the Civil background from your undergrad time. I just say that, because although the PE Civil: Structural Depth is indeed very simple in my opinion, fellow coworkers that have failed only failed due to the morning, as you will need to study some water resources and transportation stuff. Honestly, I do not know how that would look like for you since you were not exposed to any of those classes back in undergrad. However, I think the CERM is concise enough to cover those topics. When I took it it was just a matter of tabbing those sections. I mean the morning is basically 70% Structural, Geotech and Construction and for a Structural Engineer that is something we deal with it in a daily basis especially if you do a lot of foundation design, so I think the morning favors Civil Structurals. Anyways, just wanted to give you the heads up, I am sure you know all this. I wish you the best, and please, keep going and would love to see you posting here on EB the day you pass the SE Exams! Best of luck!
  4. LOL. With the exam part for sure, but you will have to confirm on the latter once you are in! Definitely possible.
  5. I completely agree with you, ChaosMuppetPE.
  6. Man that is tough. I always thought 1/4 of the morning being bridge related was a hassle, but I can only imagine it is much harder for you Bridge guys.
  7. Passed Vertical. Will be taking Lateral in April.
  8. Congrats! Did you get the email from NCEES first, or did you go straight to the account?
  9. Actually I was wrong. Looking at last year's October cycle thread the results actually came out on Monday (a full week after the SE Exam meeting) in late afternoon. So today is still a possibility!
  10. Oh well, it better happen this week, since they will be closed Monday through Wednesday next week. If it is consistent with last years, it will come out today around 10 am Eastern. Fingers crossed.
  11. I wonder if that was the case because they asked at the time they had already released to the states. I guess the question is if they say no until the time of the day it actually gets released. I do not recall anytime they said "Yes, it will be released today" kind of response.
  12. Just out of curiosity, when they say they will not be released today, does it really mean it will not be released today? I wonder what other answer they will give you if it was to be released today.
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