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  1. NCEES has confirmed that the codes are not to change for the upcoming April 2020 cycle.
  2. I believe passing is either 28/AAAI or a high morning like a 31 or 32 if you get 2 IR in the afternoon.
  3. I think it is because to do any Structural Engineering in the state of IL, you need to be licensed as an SE.
  4. Man, I wonder if you accidentally filled out the bubbles incorrectly. It happened to me before when I was taking the PE, but PE gives you tons of time to go back and review. That could had been a possibility. Would they let you see the answer sheet? I doubt they would change the outcome, but you would at least know what happened there. It does sound a little fishy, but again man, best of luck. I really hope you pass this time around, seems like this test is taking the best out of you!
  5. ChaosMuppetPE, I've only taken the Vertical portion this time around, so I have not experienced the Lateral portion yet, will be taking it in April (hopefully, if I do not fail Vertical). On all your tries, was a certain topic that you constantly under-performed? I agree with you that time crunch is something else. I felt like it would take about the exact 6 minutes on average to solve the problems, and if I saw the number on my calculator matched one of the items, I knew that either I fell for their tricks or I got it right. I still feel like you've been cutting real close, with a little lack of luck, but don't let them win, you will pass this exam! And after all this time, rather you like or not, I am sure all the studies have made you a better engineer. I wish you the best man, cheering for ya!
  6. I agree with Titleistguy. The questions I remember from the test today are the ones I was not certain about, which prompts me to work harder on, as it shows my weak spots. I don't know about you guys, but even at work, when I do make mistakes and someone points out is when I work the hardest to fix it and understand it better. Doing so, it is somewhat hurtful to your pride at sometimes, but that is good, because you will always remember that thing you missed. The only thing about this test that I do not like is that 1/4 of the morning we are tested on bridge things, but I could say for our bridge fellows is even worse because then they are left with 3/4 of stuff they generally do not have to deal with. I feel like this test both people that are passing and not passing do so very close to the "cut score". I haven't found a single person taking that SE that does not take this test seriously or that is not technically capable at work.
  7. STR_BR

    Exam timing

    cal91, I think Nevada allows you to just register through NCEES without having to apply to the Nevada board. In Kansas, you just need to send a letter formally requesting permission to sit for the exam and they will issue a notice for you to sit for the exam (no fees or application required). Just remember wherever you take it you will have to take the exam in one of the exam centers withing that specific state. I hope this helps.
  8. STR_BR

    Exam timing

    Agreed. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Julie!
  9. STR_BR

    Exam timing

    leggo PE, I know in states like Nevada they allow you to sit for the SE Exam with 4 years of experience. In Kansas, although they do not issue SE certificates, they allow you to take the SE exam whenever you want. Said so, do you know if for example someone who just became CA PE (like myself) took the test in another state and passed, I wonder if after 3.5 years I would just have to submit my application and instantly get the SE certification in CA (since I would have passed the 16 hr NCEES SE Exam) - instead of waiting those long 3.5 years to take the exam. Any thoughts?
  10. As we expected, they finally made the switch to ACI 318-14. If I am not mistaken they also changed the Masonry Code to the 2013 edition and the NDS to the 2015 edition.
  11. STR_BR


    I am sort of glad that there is a typo and we get to return the ones we have received. I was very unhappy when I opened the mailbox and saw that it was all bent. I would suggest the board writing on the envelope "do not bend", to guarantee that we receive our certificates in good shape.
  12. I passed all three as well my first name starts with A and last name with K... Received first email around 4:50 and just got the results around 6:40. I guess that shows is not going in alphabetical order. Good luck to all.
  13. Math, You can retake it as many time you wish. The Board Rules and Engineers Act are fairly short documents, just read carefully and take your time. As ptatohed mentioned, I was able to find most if not all answers from those 2 documents.
  14. Hello guys, So I have applied for the Spring 2017 exam cycle with the CA Board and I was too caught off guard with these changes in the application process. If you look in the CA Board website under new process flowchart ( it states in the second page (1st Q&A): " Q. What if I have already submitted my application to take a national exam for the spring 2017 exam cycle? A. If you have already submitted your application, it will processed along with all other applications we received. However, you no longer need to wait for Board approval to take the national exam. You may register with NCEES as soon as their registration system opens. You will then notify the Board when you pass the national exam, and we will complete the processing of your application." I emailed and called the Board to verify this and I got the same answer. So Spring 2017 applicants go ahead and apply through NCEES. I just did it this afternoon and had no issues, just have to be financially ready to drop $350.00 (ouch!). I submitted my application back in mid October and just like many of you guys I have not received any letter nor email from the board notifying me that they have received my application. However, they did cash my check right away. The only question for someone like me (first time applicant) is if they will still let us take the specific state exams in the Spring or if they will make us wait until we get our PE Exam results. Notice that if the exam is on April 21, that means we most likely will not get the results until sometime in late June/ early July. Said so, I hope they don't make us re-apply (pay another fee) or make us wait until the next cycle opens (Spring 2018). The way I see is that they will keep our applications on hold and most likely let us take the surveying and seismic exam in the Fall 2017. This is a little frustrating as I was hoping to get done with it in the Spring and not stretch it out over the entire year. Any thoughts?
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