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  1. PE Structural Depth Failure - Advice?

    Six minute solutions is a good resource for making sure you understand concepts. However, the problems are way more in depth than what you will see on the exam. I'd recommend the NCEES practice exam for a more realistic view on what problems on the exam will look like. To gain confidence for the real problem. I feel more prepared especially after throughly study of six minute solution. 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  2. PE Structural Depth Failure - Advice?

    six minute solution is a must!!!!! 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk

    Passed but best guess 53/54.
  4. Transpo Failing Scores

    At least 50, and mostly likely 55 tone the line.
  5. Civil Cut Scores.....47???

    For morning, I simply skipped all WRE questions to very end for simply blind guess. Not sure about those 7 WREs, but other problems are pretty smooth for me. I talked to a guy sitting around who takes construction but originally from geotech, he finds transportation about verti.horiz. curves difficult. PM is bit trouble, I flies in from abroad. And time zone difference hit me hard, there were 4-5questions I used about 10+min and 2-3 of them I even can't figure out. My brain runs extremely slow from hour 1-3. So in general, just a fair performance. I guess those blind guesses in the morning must had some miracles helping me get a green PASS.
  6. Civil Cut Scores.....47???

    I truly think you got some points in the argument. Usually people got a wrong image about construction that it is straightforward and about something one can touch and feel about. Which leads to a totally wrong judgement about the difficulty level.
  7. Civil Cut Scores.....47???

    is 60/80 for all examinee in US?
  8. Do you have any idea what time we should know the number of licence?
  9. total examinee number=55, which basically means number of PASS<55.
  10. The board will send all 55 a score receipt letter, and then forward all passing packages to Pearsonvue to print the License. Click the next steps button will only get you to DC board website , nothing more .
  11. It is 55 examinee from Oct28 confirmed by board
  12. That's pretty nice idea at the moment!!!!! stevelniu@163.com keep my email maybe we can professionally communicate in the future. Congratulations to you @Gg-dc
  13. Map: October 2016 Results Released

    DC is finally out.!!! Good news
  14. Me too Congratz to you too