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  1. REsonance503


    Awesome, called that one. two weeks after the check cleared LOL. Congrats to everyone again!
  2. REsonance503


    Yeah they have our money now, my check cleared. Probably no rush on their part.
  3. REsonance503


    Good to hear, will save me checking everyday about lunchtime.
  4. I feel like such a slacker now after seeing these responses. I fully intended to put in a good 200 hours but a job change and move kept me busy and distracted. I was fully prepared to flunk the first go around. I went "just to see what was on the exam" since I was approved and paid up. The 2016 pass rates are up now and electronics was like 78% so that no doubt worked in my favor. I honestly felt the test was much easier than I anticipated. Going in totally relaxed thinking I was "surely going to flunk" probably helped too. It's in a way refreshing that years of study and work can be sharpened right back up with such a brief review. I regret though, not taking a good six months to review everything in more detail. Going over everything four or five years later puts it in long-term memory and makes us better engineers.
  5. REsonance503


    This was my experience as well
  6. I'm curious what most people did to prepare. Discipline? Prepare time? What study materials did you use, bring to the exam? How did it work for you? What would you have done differently? Me: Electronics I took a week off work and crammed, probably around 40 hours total. I purchased the PPI study materials but did not take the class. I mainly studied the NCEES practice exam, tabbed my books. Passed. I would have taken more reference books in with me.
  7. REsonance503


    I'm going with about two weeks after the check clears.
  8. REsonance503


    Got my letter today, now the wait for when we show up as official on the web. Any bets on how long that will take?
  9. REsonance503


    I can neither confirm or deny employment with a certain three letter acronym. I do work with telecommunications that directly support power.
  10. REsonance503


    @TNSparky I'm pretty sure we met and spoke briefly at the testing center. Same employer correct?
  11. REsonance503


    I actually received my physical stamp yesterday but no letter yet. I figured that would take forever so I ordered it right away. More symbolic than anything else, I won't be stamping DWGs at this point in my career. Alphabet soup next to your name opens doors at my employer.
  12. REsonance503


    Has anyone received their written result yet?
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