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  1. 7 hours ago, gpoli111 said:

    I wouldn't really waste your time studying surveying. There are going to be 2-3 questions in the morning regarding horizontal and vertical curves which you can just follow the CERM for. Spend your time really hitting the structural depth problems hard. They're the ones that aren't plug&chug and really test you on your understanding of the principles of structural engineering.  

    I think @ps96 is probably studying surveying for the CA state surveying exam... In which case, studying is crucial to passing that exam, if only to get speedy at answering problems. Correct me if I'm wrong!

  2. By the way, is anyone who is enrolled in the EET Structural Depth (@OIIIIIIIO or @ps96 or anyone else) and following along in the live webinar calendar clear on what videos we are supposed to have watched before tonight's class? I got an email on Sunday from the instructor telling me to watch these other videos before tonight's presentation... I mainly want to make sure that I am understanding the email correctly in the first place. It seems to me that they are recommending that we watch the approximately 4 hours of video (comprised of the following recordings: (Tension Members, Compression Members, Flexural Members Part 1, and Flexural Members Part 2) located in the Steel Design - Part I folder before getting going on tonight's class?

    I'm pretty confident that that is what they are saying... It is just 4+ more hours of recordings I didn't realize I had to watch until this week.

  3. I watched Dr. Strange over the weekend, too. I enjoyed it enough, but think it would have been better to see in a theater. This is mainly based on a few of my coworkers seeing it in the theaters and saying that the special effects were awesome on the big screen. Oh well, missed that boat!

  4. Watched Hell or High Water over the weekend. I'd recommend it! The guy and I thought it was quite good!

    Edit: Thought I'd edit this post to explain what this movie's about for those who don't know. It's basically about two brothers who turn to crime to save their property in Texas from being taken by the bank, and the two Texas Rangers who are charged with figuring out the crimes. Jeff Bridges plays one of the rangers, and is very good in it! The three other main characters were all unknown to me, except maybe Chris Pine (one of the brothers) who I feel like I know from somewhere. But regardless, a film that's very well done.

    Second Edit: Chris Pine is the new Star Trek Commander Kirk. Knew I knew him from somewhere.

  5. Last night, the guy and I watched "The Finest Hours". I thought the story was pretty crazy and thought it was a decent movie (bonus points for it being based on a true story), but the boyfriend apparently didn't really like it. I thought he did, but at the end, he was not that impressed.

    I liked it despite thinking the main female character was kind of annoying and not being Casey Affleck's biggest fan.

  6. 2 hours ago, wilheldp_PE said:

    They are using the emergency spillway at the moment.  The story I read said that they didn't think it was going to cause any flooding, but there is going to be a ton of debris to clear out of the overflow reservoir after this is over.

    I believe the emergency spillway is also having erosion problems...

    My coworker told me that he read an article that, deep down in it, had an interesting tidbit of information: there were repairs done to the area of the main spillway that has collapsed. Hm...

    I may have found the article. It mentions the same bit about the repairs, anyway, and references another article local to Sacramento: https://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2017/02/how-did-the-oroville-dam-get-so-bad/516429/

  7. Ah, a funny running story! This was my Saturday morning:

    It was the first sunny and blue-skied, not a cloud in the sky day we had seen in what seemed like forever. So, the boyfriend and I say, "Yes! Let's go for a run!" And proceed to do just that. About halfway through our 5-mile run, running along a sand/dirt path along the side of a bike/pedestrian path, I trip, fall, and skid forward on my hands and knees. Luckily, I did not sprain anything and was not seriously hurt, but when I pick myself up, I see a pretty much unscathed right hand, a crazy bloody left palm, and blood dripping down my shins. My hand hurt like heck. Lovely. Fortunately, we were near a public bathroom, so I go inside to wash myself off and attempt to stop the bleeding. I did the best I could, and then came back out to my boyfriend, who had been waiting for me. There's something on his forehead that wasn't there before, so I ask him what it is. He asks where, and I point to the upper left corner of his forehead. He responds with, "A damned bird pooped on my head!" And I respond, "Wait, really?" He says "Yep!" We both then agree that this was a pretty ridiculous start to our Saturday. We go for a run, I fall and am all bloody and scraped up, and he gets pooped on by a bird. I obtained a few bandaids from a nearby policeman that helped somewhat (until they basically fell of of my palm thanks to sweat), and then we proceeded to finish the run, because what else was there to do? Haha.

    We were hanging out with a friend later that day, and he astutely stated that we had both "figuratively, and literally, gotten shat on" earlier in the day.

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  8. I went to see Moonlight this weekend. I highly, highly recommend it. If you haven't heard of it, it's about an African American boy growing up in a tough part of Miami, trying to find his place in life. It is intense, but absolutely incredible. It's nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture, and I personally think it is leagues more deserving than the other two Best Picture nominees I've seen. Granted, the other two that I have seen are La La Land and Arrival, but they are tough to compare to this story and how well it was executed.

    Has anyone seen Manchester By The Sea? I have heard good things, but am not that inclined to see it... Also trying to see Hidden Figures.

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