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  1. 3 minutes ago, P-E said:

    Pretty random.  Co worker got me a case end of March.  I went skiing at Stow end of last month.  I'll be back in July.   Easier now that the new brewery opened.  Still need to go to VT though and they still have limits per person per day. 

    Thought as much about it only still being in VT. I remember when I was living there (a few years ago), there was a scandal about it being sold on Craigslist in Boston... And an acquaintance I had there told me he would get texts from the owner of his local liquor store when they had it in the back of the store, and he'd go in an ask for it by name. In VT, it was pretty easy to get in grocery stores every week, but stores would have a limit on the number of packs you could buy (some it was two, some four). But you generally had to get there the day it was stocked.

  2. Just now, P-E said:

    Let me know when and I'll send you some heady or whatever.   Trillium and Treehouse are pretty amazing too. 

    Gotta track down some bottled Pliny first. Will let you know when it happens.

    How often do you do HT trips? Or can you get it canned in MA these days?

  3. Just now, P-E said:

    This was a good batch.   Something was up with it last year.  Finally back to what I remember.   Got a growler left of hill farmstead double Galaxy which is very good. 

    The Hill Farmstead Brewery is one of my favorite breweries I have ever been to. So picturesque, amazing beer, beautiful landscape, great vibe.

  4. Hmm, I wonder, is the CA PLS exam paper based or computer based? It was administered by NCEES on April 18th, so three days before the PE exam. I don't want to make any assumptions about that bearing on the PE exam results, especially because the PE exam is taken throughout the country and the CA PLS exam is only taken in CA, thus has a much smaller pool of test takers. But still! It's exciting that they are released results for others taking these sorts of exams!