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  1. Just now, jean15paul said:

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I just jumped on the leggo bandwagon to avoid getting eliminated myself. Nothing personal

    Excuses, excuses. I know that mafia mentality.

  2. Well then... I was announced as a regular old townie, you silly townies killed one of your own!

    But as a former victorious mafiosa, I am going to wager that at least one of the people who switched to vote for me at the end is mafia.

  3. Good to be prepared.

    I just ordered some Rain-X windshield wipers for my car. It won't actually start to rain here until around November, but I've been meaning to get new wipers for like a year now, at least. Nothing like the reality of a trip to the stealership to help me get them!

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  4. I have no real idea who the mafia is, I promise... But can I still, as a Ded, make my suspicions public on this thread? Or can I say nothing any more related to the game?

  5. 13 minutes ago, RBHeadge PE said:

    I've been wondering what we'll do come the PE-results wait period?

    Obviously, there will be another spam thread. But will this game continue during that "8-10 weeks"? On the one hand, it's a good hook for the newbies to stay on the site, get to know the vets, and be distracted from the exam. OTOH, it could diminsh the proper spam thread, and more importantly we have a tendency to really piss each other off every 2-3 rounds - so maybe not the best way to welcome people to the site.

    Tough love! You've gotta have decently thick skin to hang around these parts.

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  6. 5 hours ago, NikR said:

    Alright guys here we go...

    There are townsfolk, and Mafia members. Townsfolk are going to try to eliminate the Mafia before the Mafia eliminates them. The game ends when either all of the Mafia is eliminated (town wins), or there are fewer townsfolk than Mafia members (Mafia wins).

    The Mafia members are going to privately tell me who they would like to eliminate during the night. I will reveal to everyone what happened the next morning.

    During the day, everybody (townsfolk and Mafia) will publicly vote for a person to eliminate; I will eliminate the person with the most votes at the end of the day and reveal what their role was.

    In addition to regular townsfolk and members of the Mafia, there is also a Doctor and a Cop. The Doctor can choose someone to “save” during the night; if they choose the same person the Mafia chose, then that player will escape elimination by the Mafia that night. The Cop can “investigate” players during the night.

    The Mafia members know who each other are, but no one knows anyone else’s role except me. I have sent more specific instructions to the members of the Mafia, the Doctor, and the Cop. If you did not receive a PM from me, then you are a regular townsfolk.

    You may use this thread to vote and post about the game. Anyone (playing or not playing, eliminated or not) can use this thread to speculate, discuss, accuse, or otherwise participate in the game; just please make sure to follow regular EB forum guidelines.

    To vote on a person to eliminate, mention me @NikR and tell me specifically that 1) you are voting and 2) the username of the person you are voting to eliminate.

    Example: @NikR I vote for @ChebyshevII PE because he started this game.

    Please submit your votes by 7:00pm Pacific Time; I will count votes after that time as being for the next day.

    Your vote only counts if you are playing and not yet eliminated. If there is a tie for most votes, I will pick one of the voted users at random. If there are no votes, I will pick a person at random (i.e. role will not matter) to eliminate; suffice it to say it’s in both groups’ best interest to vote for at least one person.

    Finally, you are not allowed to reveal your role, privately or publicly, after you have been eliminated.

    For reference, the players in this round are:

    @Ranger1316 @vhab49_PE @tj_PE @RBHeadge PE @blybrook PE @chart94 @jean15paul @Roarbark @leggo PE @ChebyshevII PE


    I will send out messages for specific roles shortly.

    If you have any questions, or you would like me to tell you which players are still standing, please let me know.

    Good luck to all of you.

    Quoting to remind people who all is playing this round, because if you're like me, you weren't sure.

  7. 2 hours ago, Ble_PE said:

    Are you sure that you didn't get a cherry or grape tomato plant? That's what type we plant every year and you just described the fruit perfectly.

    I'm fairly certain we didn't. It's this type of tomato: https://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/111073/#b

    I wasn't expecting humongous tomatoes, but thought they'd get a bit bigger than they have been. Then again, that very site I linked to says they like full sun, which they definitely aren't currently getting due to weather and also placement.

  8. Well, our pepper plant is taking its sweet, sweet time. I don't think it gets enough sunlight. Same thing with the tomato plant, which is producing tomatoes like crazy, but they never get more than 1" or so in diameter (I'm pretty sure they're not supposed to be that small!) and some are much, much smaller. All of them do taste good! They just ripen and don't get any bigger before eventually falling off.

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