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  1. Leftover stuffed salmon, rice + veggie mix, and an apple.
  2. Happy Friday everyone! I see happy hour in my near future...
  3. leggo PE

    EB Mafia

    Fair assumption, I can just skip this round! Have fun, everyone!
  4. leggo PE

    EB Mafia

    I'm semi-interested but am not sure I'd remember to be on here enough (my time here as decreased recently) to participate. How does one kill people in this game?
  5. Same old breakfast that I always have (protein smoothie), but accidentally an hour ish later than I would normally be trying to have it.
  6. Now if only the US WNT got paid as much for winning the WWC as the French men's team did last year for winning the men's WC (4 million vs 38 million dollars, come onnnn FIFA!). And if only there hadn't been two other men's finals of YEARLY tournaments scheduled for the SAME DAY. Fun for soccer fans, very disrespectful for women's soccer.
  7. Yes, fantastic day for the U.S. WMNT! They are truly the best in the business. And leagues better than the USMNT, who played an absolutely terrible second half and we lucky to only lose 1-0!
  8. Happy Friday, y'all!
  9. I snagged a variety pack of WC yesterday! Gonna break it in this weekend...
  10. We are at 5/9. I wonder how late people will stay...
  11. I'm guessing wife backing up into a friend's car was the least damage to your SUV (probably more damage to the friend's car).
  12. I'm gonna be in the office on Friday... But am taking 2.5 weeks of starting August 1! FINALLY.
  13. I'm still in my 20's (for a few more months) and I think better weather makes all the difference!
  14. You feel like a me? I do drink like 80 oz of water every day... Don't touch La Croix basically ever though. I'm all about that filtered tap water!
  15. Definitely agree about it being a very questionable PK. But Naeher came up big when she and the team needed to most, and that will be remembered for a long time. And is likely a huge confidence builder! I also liked Sauerbrunn's explanation of the PK, which was something along the lines of her knowing that the threat was high that England was about to score, so she had to get in there and defend aggressively. She didn't say it was a bogus call, and deflected answering that by saying she hadn't yet seen the replay. Good sportsmanship there!
  16. Wow, congrats USWNT! What a game. England could have equalized multiple times. But VAR actually worked correctly on taking back that second England goal, and they totally bungled that penalty shot. Regardless, I'm very happy for Naeher for getting that save on such a huge save! I'm excited for Sunday's match. GO USWNT!
  17. I hate raccoons.
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