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  1. Last night, I made Zuni Cafe's roasted chicken... If you have heard of Zuni Cafe, they have a famous dish on their menu called Mary's Chicken. It's roasted chicken served over a warm bread salad. It's freaking amazing. I think my rendition turned out pretty nice! It was worth the annoyance of having the chicken dry brining in the fridge for three days prior. I'll post a picture when I can.
  2. It's gonna be a sandwich and the last of the mac and queso fundido, which was freaking DELICIOUS.
  3. Yeah, the balcony gets a lot of sun when it's not overcast/foggy. Which, thankfully, it hasn't been that much recently. But who knows what will happen this summer, as summers in SF can often be chilly and foggy (if things are normal, aka not drought-like). All things considered, though, we do get a lot more direct sun in our place now than we got in our old spot. We've planted the two basil plants and the mint plant all in completely separate pots. The mint got the smallest pot, because I know it will likely grow like crazy. That was the one herb I could grow in my old apartment, but stopped because we weren't using it enough. It took over the pot it was planted in that also had rosemary, basil, and cilantro. Also, I admit I'm plant dumb, but I didn't realize until I was at the gardening center that there are more than two types of basil and that there were so many types of mint!
  4. On the balcony. It's not exactly a crowding issue, though the balcony is more full than it was prior. I think it's mainly the fact we got six different plans in the span of two weeks, which is kind of a lot for us (we normally get one or two plants at a time, though admittedly, have never been so ambitious growing anything for food before this). Alas, the backyard does not get enough consistent sunlight for us to trust planting anything back there.
  5. We're doing this thing right! We have our tomato plants planted in their containers, and also have the cages in. They're starting to flower and it's making me happy! Even if we don't get a bunch of tomatoes, these plants have a much better container set-up than our sad attempt at tomatoes last year. We also picked up two starter basil plants and a starter mint plant. I'd be ecstatic if the basil actually grows, because I had very little success when I last tried to grow basil (granted, it was a fool's errand at the time, since we got barely any direct sunlight through our former's apartment's only north-facing windows). Mr. Leggo says no more plants for now.
  6. Great job, @ChebyshevII PE! Yummm sourdough. I made sourdough bagels this past weekend. I mean, nothing new for me. I have my favorite recipe and I am not sure I'll ever use another, though I would like to work some whole wheat flour into it at some point (right now, I am using up some KAF High Gluten flour I have, but have also used bread flour). Anyway, bagels:
  7. Also, I've never had canned salmon. But I loooove salmon fillets. Grilled, baked, sushi (sashimi), yep!
  8. This didn't used canned fish. I cooked fresh (possibly previously frozen) sea bass fillets in white wine. It was fancy and delicious! Note to future self: always, ALWAYS get the fish fillets deboned. That was not fun to do by hand, even when I tried the apparently simple way to do that a random French chef so kindly recorded a video of to show to me on Youtube. Good thing the fillets were getting flaked and turned into fish cakes and not getting presented as whole fillets, which they were definitely NOT after my deboning them.
  9. My maiden name was not Hungarian (instead, Irish), as I'm Hungarian through my mom. Hungarian goulash is so yummy! But I found that goulash has a lot of different variations, which can vary wildly from the typical Hungarian version I picture (gimme that meat!).
  10. Protein smoothie. Right now.
  11. Last night, I made fish cakes! I've never made fish cakes before. They were super good! I used the NYT Cooking recipe for "Fish Cakes with Herbs and Chiles" and served them with a sriracha mayo, a bit of rice, and salad. https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1017088-fish-cakes-with-herbs-and-chiles
  12. Who ever said spam was not well thought out and didn't benefit the engineering community??
  13. Ummm, have you looked at @matt267 PE's post count?
  14. Noooo box cakes for me! I have a cookbook called "Simple Cakes" (by Odette Williams) that is now my go-to for cake baking. And yes, I baked my own birthday cake last year and it was scrumptious.
  15. How come no one's posting here but me any more... Did no one else order 50 lbs of bread flour like me?? The weekend roundup: I got fancy with my scoring. I think both loaves turned out quite nice! I also made a lemon poppyseed yogurt loaf cake: It has a lemon syrup on it to give it that nice shiny glaze. It's quite good too!
  16. Should I send you some sourdough?
  17. We restarted it a few months ago (maybe end of last year?) and have made it into the middle of the last season... But honestly, it's been too intense of a show to watch lately.
  18. Bummer about Mrs. Cheb. Mr. Leggo's style is normally action superhero movies and anything with Denzel Washington in it, and my style is more varied but I thought it was so funny! And Mr. Leggo was laughing just from the writing before any action happened, so I thought that was pretty great also.
  19. Last night, Mr. Leggo and I watched "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" -- and we both thoroughly enjoyed it! Seriously, I haven't watched anything that good since I don't know when! The description Netflix gives wouldn't have grabbed me, but this one from the NYT Best 50 movies on Netflix right now did: "Edgar Wright (“Baby Driver”) helms this unique action/comedy with a zippy graphic-novel aesthetic. Though it's based on a comic book series and filled with video game-inspired sequences, viewers need not be familiar with either; Wright merely borrows the high-energy visual language of those genres to tell his sweet story more exuberantly and playfully. “Pilgrim” snaps and crackles, veering from one disarming set piece to the next with verve and vitality; A.O. Scott praised its “speedy, funny, happy-sad spirit.” And it’s a “before they were stars” extravaganza, presciently filled with talented young actors (Brie Larson, Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza, Mae Whitman, Alison Pill, and many more) who were just about to pop. " I like Baby Driver, so I thought this would be a good movie to take a chance on. The way Wright works comic book-like and computer game-like special effects into the movie is quite awesome, and the writing in this movie is golden -- super funny in an often awkward manner. I definitely recommend! And ha! Edgar Wright (the director) also did Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. This guy is good!
  20. You were in your office today?
  21. I'm gonna make this tonight (for the first time): https://www.101cookbooks.com/instant-pot-fiasco-beans-recipe/ I'm following the recipe exactly using some cranberry beans I bought back at the beginning of sheltering in place, and will serve with some pitas. I wanted to make Smitten Kitchen's yogurt flatbreads that she posted about last week, but didn't get my eggs in a row and don't have them made. I'm thankful for my farmer's market pitas!
  22. Veggie & cheese sandwich with the following ingredients: Dave's Killer 21 seed thinly sliced bread, roasted red pepper hummus, dijon mustard, avocado mayo, cheddar cheese, mustard greens, red onion, avocado, cherry tomatoes, pickles, and sauerkraut. Also, grapes! I love grapes. The sandwich was super yummy!
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