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    Horse is to stable

  2. leggo PE

    Movie thread

    The lady sitting next to me watched that yesterday, while I was watching The Post and Three Billboards.
  3. leggo PE

    The Pet Thread

    Ignore them trying to do that! My kitty now sleeps diligently at our feet. He still does like to get up around 6 am, but that's not the worst.
  4. leggo PE

    Movie thread

    I don't remember what I watched on the plane last Friday (probably because I watched it all with subtitles since my headphone jack wasn't working properly), but yesterday, I watched the following: The Post - I thought this was a very good and engaging the entire time! I didn't know much about this story, and it reminded me a lot of what is happening in society today. Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri - Extremely good movie. I would recommend this to basically anyone. It's not a happy movie at all, and in fact is pretty depressing in a lot of ways, but the characters had very interesting development and the main character (played by Frances McDormand, who won best actress for her role in this movie) was very, hmm, engaging, even if she was pretty unlikable, while you still felt sorry for her. The Greatest Showman - To wrap this up, I picked a lighthearted movie, which I didn't realize was going to involve so much singing. It was moderately entertaining, but nothing I would go out of my way to see (i.e. why I was watching it on an airplane). Overall, my consensus is all airlines have basically the exact same movie and TV show offerings... Alaska Airlines just seemed to have more!
  5. I can see why you used to go there for the bar scene. Downtown was BUMPIN' thanks to race season! People everywhere! Now I'm happy to not be getting on an airplane until early October, and sleeping in my own bed for multiple weeks at a time. Although, it's been fun to pretty directly compare American to Delta to JetBlue to Alaska Airlines over a two month timespan! I think I might like Alaska the best, though Delta did give us complimentary meals both eastbound and westbound on our cross country flights. Also, JetBlue was the only airline who actually got me to my destination early, which I remember them always being good at doing when I was flying with them consistently, connecting through JFK, when I was traveling home to CA from VT.
  6. leggo PE

    RIP Aretha Franklin

    Damn, and we lose another great. She will truly be nearly immortal with all she contributed to music.
  7. Heading to Saratoga Springs tomorrow. Bachelorette weekend! (Not mine)
  8. leggo PE

    The Pet Thread

    Ahhh kittens! Sibling kittens! Black and white kittens! So cute! Welcome to the life of hopefully well behaved cats.
  9. leggo PE

    Movie thread

    I watched A Quiet Place on the plane the other day. I enjoyed it and definitely got surprised a few times, even when I knew what was coming. It was a very interesting movie from the perspective of sound. Also watched Book Club, which was funny! And I watched Molly's Game, which I thought was pretty good. Wonder what I'll watch on planes this weekend...
  10. leggo PE

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned for the text being cut off in your avatar.
  11. leggo PE

    Random Topics 3.1

    Patience, my friend.
  12. leggo PE

    Random Topics 3.1

    Probably a silly question, but have you tried contacting the Board?
  13. leggo PE

    Happy Birthday RG!

    Happy belated birthday, RG!
  14. leggo PE

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned because I'm heading to another East Coast wedding this weekend, and likely won't be banning again until next week at the earliest.
  15. leggo PE

    The Pet Thread

    I want one! Maybe once I get outside space.
  16. leggo PE

    Count to 100,000 using only pics

  17. leggo PE

    New York License Watch April 2018

    That is a terrible option, IMO!
  18. leggo PE

    Table set up at exam

    And occasionally they change it after the exam notifications have gone out! No joke, this happened to my coworker when he took the PE Exam 4-5 years ago. There was a motorcycle convention that wanted the convention center where PE exam is usually administered locally, and so it got move to another location with less than two weeks to go. I think that's pretty rare, though!
  19. Said review is of a beach ball twice the size of that soccer ball: https://www.amazon.com/Behemoth-Inflatable-12-Foot-Sol-Coastal/dp/B01AYKN476
  20. leggo PE

    EET Breadth and Structural Depth

    Hi, everyone! I've found a few people out there who are also taking EET's on-demand breadth course, but I'm not sure I've found anyone taking the on-demand structural depth course. Just thought this might be a place to come to coordinate studies, ask questions, etc. So, is there anyone else out there doing EET's structural depth with me?
  21. leggo PE

    Flat Earthers

  22. leggo PE

    The Pet Thread

    It's not about whether it's good or bad for the kitty in our house. It's more about not spreading germs when the toilet gets flushed.
  23. leggo PE

    Count to 100,000 using only pics

  24. leggo PE

    The Pet Thread

    Our household is well trained to close the toilet seat before flushing, and just in general. Our kitty has never been spotted drinking from it, as such. Thanks for the rec, kf!