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  1. 55 minutes ago, FLBuff PE said:

    "Fun shaped" pasta, huh? :eyebrows:

    Haha! I don't remember what it's called... But I don't think (?) it's one of your standard pasta shapes. Let's see if I can find it...

    Ah, yes! Conchiglie! Shaped like this:


    Though that wasn't my meal. No shrimp was involved in my lunch yesterday.

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  2. @wilheldp_PE, I can totally sympathize! When I was first researching clipless options, I went around saying I wanted to be clipped in, because that's literally what makes sense to me. But I quickly learn that was the wrong terminology. I know a little bit about the backstory of why it's now called "clipless", but it still seems very silly that that's the term that was chosen!

    @FLBuff PE, I'm hoping to get into more distance riding! Perhaps on some upcoming weekends. I did my first long ride on Christmas Day, and it was a lot of fun!

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  3. Now that I'm thinking about it, @FLBuff PE, most of the time when I'm riding my bike, it's for transportation, not a workout. Perhaps that fact addresses your surprise at my riding clipped at all (though really, I'm not riding clipped either, as my feet aren't attached to my pedals).

  4. Let's turn this thread around.

    I've got some new Brooks PureCadence 6's (even though they may be on the 7 by now) that I plan to take on their first run tomorrow! I'd go tonight, but my old college roomie's in town from VT and we're going out for German food. I see some schnitzel, or perhaps some trout, in my immediate future!

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