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  1. I got some more info from my fiance. Apparently he and our friend identified and confirmed that the leak was coming from the exhaust pipe, and even saw a yellow crystal attached to the exhaust pipe itself. And I haven't seen any leakage like this under the car where it is parked in the garage at home. Granted, it probably wouldn't be as easy to see on dirty concrete than it is on white snow.

    No picture...

    Would it be possible for coolant to leak through the exhaust?

  2. On 2/8/2019 at 7:22 AM, FLBuff PE said:

    4 feet.

    The amount of snow that was seen between Friday night and Sunday morning where I was this past weekend!

    Soooo much powder! It was fun, and it also sure was a workout to get through.

    Overall, it was a grand time! Only minor fault was me tweaking my knee while attempting to tackle my fiance into some snow. Luckily that was after all of the skiing was done for the trip!

  3. While up in Tahoe this weekend, I noticed something that was neon yellow in color was leaking out of the bottom of my car. In a cursory Google search, I found that this could be because the exhaust pipe was in contact with snow (yes, it definitely was). The blog I saw explained that it is common for exhaust pipes to be made of galvanized steel using zinc to inhibit rust, but when the zinc comes into contact with salt and water (i.e. compacted snow with road salt mixed in), a chemical reaction happens that creates neon yellow crystals.

    Has anyone experienced this before? Is it anything I should get checked out at the shop?

  4. I did my first track workout in forever (I've never been one to run on a track) yesterday! The workout went something like this: 1 mile warmup, 6x400's (7-10 max effort) with alternating recovery 400's, and 1 mile cooldown.

    It was interesting to do a true speed workout! I definitely am not that familiar with running on a track, and definitely also got out of my running comfort zone. I was gassed by the end, and didn't pace myself super well throughout my effort laps (essentially started out too fast, and paid for it by the end), but I felt very accomplished at the end. I did it with a run club that meets there every Wednesday, so I think I'm going to try to incorporate it into my weekly workout schedule.

  5. No favorites, but the crowd I was with thought it was a little unsettling that there were so many commercials involving humanoid robots. Not because they exist out there (well, actually partly), but because by the time they're trying to get you to empathize with a robot because it can't drink beer with it's friends, it's a step too far.

  6. If only there had been money involved... Start saving for next time, kids!

    Kidding. But if I'm running this thing, it's gonna be at least a $30 buy-in (I think I might have even said $40 in the past...) and one must pay before getting access to the league.

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