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  1. Forum Banning Game

    Banned for not having dyed your hair blue yet.
  2. Predictive Text

    Can't believe I'm getting to see a little later tonight so hopefully this will is gonna happen again for tomorrow and then we have a great job at this place where I can have fun.
  3. Predictive Text

    Why are we so not bad for you all of us have a good plan for us to get a job at all times.
  4. Predictive Text

    What the HECK is going on with this game and she is the only person I am still waiting on.
  5. Horse is to stable

  6. It's Friday!!!!

    I'm in the office today! We'll see how long I last. I'm not feeling that well, but am trying to get some calcs and a drawing done.
  7. Horse is to stable

  8. Predictive Text

    ...makes another appearance...
  9. Predictive Text

    It's okay cool but I don't think I have ever been a good thing but I am still not sure what about it this is a great idea.
  10. Predictive Text

    Hi my friend is the only person that you are and you can have it on your app or whatever.
  11. Predictive Text

    Fun to play and fun and challenging enough for me your game is awesome too fun and I really want a game to challenge you to the game but you can get it too much.
  12. Predictive Text

    Hey girl you can get it right before I get it out there too but it's not too bad at the end. ^^Hahahaha that sounds kinda dirty. Tsk tsk phone!
  13. Horse is to stable

  14. Forum Banning Game

    Banned for not living on the Pacific Coast.
  15. Horse is to stable

  16. Predictive Text

    First time I had to do a workout today and I am still not gonna be home for the spring time tomorrow but yay.
  17. Forum Banning Game

    Banned for being a possible Belieber.
  18. 2016 Holiday Season

    I got one too few cards... The card that was going to go to the boyfriend (the Jewish half of the relationship) got sent to his brother, and the other two are for his mom and his aunt and uncle.
  19. Horse is to stable

  20. Predictive Text

    Please follow my friend and thank goodness I didn't know.
  21. It's Friday!!!!

    Happy holidays to everyone making today their last work day before the weekend! I'm trucking through Friday of this week and next. Saving up that vacation time!
  22. Civil Cut Scores.....47???

    Woohoo! Backup verification to my theory! See first page.
  23. PE Structural Depth Failure - Advice?

    @Mangano thanks for your advice! Consolidating my resources is a good idea, as I know I didn't use most of my resources in the actual exam. Too bad we cannot consolidate the codes... @Excelsior thank you! You did not come across as patronizing to me at all, and in fact provided a very good point. I would not be surprised if I fell into the traps set by some of the problems far too often. In fact, I can think of one problem from last April's exam where I am positive I fell into a trap, and only realized it after the exam was done. I am not sure, though, that I have been paying very much attention to the exact types of mistakes I'm making in practice problems. There's a big difference in just plain not knowing how to do a problem and needing to learn the method, versus doing it mostly correctly but forgetting one step somewhere along the way (most likely at either the start or the end). I think I basically feel that while I am likely spending a good amount of time preparing for the exam, I am probably not getting the most value out of how I am studying.
  24. PE Structural Depth Failure - Advice?

    Thank you, @lmtran4! I appreciate your insight, and congratulations on passing on your second try!
  25. Predictive Text

    Hello my friends, I am sure I will you have any sense of that.