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    The Running Thread

    Hello all! Are there any other runners around these parts? I didn't see an official running thread, so I figured I might start one. Of any potential runners out there, do you run for fun, do any races, run outside/inside, etc.? Personally, I like to run outdoors (thankfully, I live somewhere where I can run year-round, typically). I enjoy doing a few runs a week, and am trying to do one race every month this year. My first is this weekend, a 15k, though my favorite distance to run in races (not just on my own) is a half marathon. I also love Ragnar Races, both road and trail. I have absolutely no desire to ever run a full marathon. We can also discuss running shoes and different gear, too. Right now, I'm running in (and loving) my Brooks PureCadence shoes. I also have the PureGrit for trails. So feel free to join in! Whether you used to run, are a current runner, or are interested in getting started with running. Feel free to ask any questions, too.
  2. leggo PE

    The Running Thread

    Ragnar Trail Tahoe is commencing tomorrow! I'm stoked!
  3. leggo PE

    CA seismic and topo -June results

    Guys and gals, it's easy to find the diagnostic of little use and be upset or bewildered or any other emotion when it comes to not passing. But really, the rules and laws are what they are, and you and the rest of us have to abide by them. You can complain about how unfair it is or whatnot for as long as you'd like, but that's not going to help you pass these exams. There is a valid point in faster is not better, but these exams are beasts of their own. You need to be able to perform in the testing environment such as it is, which often translates to doing lots and lots of practice problems. And as for the passing rates, let's wait until they're published to make comments on them, though yes, it's historically accurate that when a new test plan is implemented, for whatever reason, there is typically a dip in the passing rate. Anyway, you will all get there! It's not impossible. If you thought the test was easy and came away with a poor diagnostic, as useless as it may be in the specifics, it means you didn't correctly solve enough problems for whatever reason. Whether it was a time issue, or any other issue, is at a certain point irrelevant. One should never assume they've passed, until they have the proof that they have. And trust me, everyone can get there! So keep your heads up and don't give in. Keep at it!
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    Horse is to stable

  5. leggo PE

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned because I'm outta hear for a three day weekend in approximately 5.5 hours...
  6. leggo PE

    It's been a while...

    Welcome to EB! Good luck this October.
  7. leggo PE

    Horse is to stable

  8. leggo PE

    NFL 2018

    Woah, she's a cougar for sure!
  9. leggo PE

    What does the Fox say?

    I guess I have to eat my own words, as I always said my next laptop wouldn't be a mac. Well, I just replaced my old macbook pro with a new 13" one, and it's so pretty. And I suppose my return to iPhones is going to happen some time before the end of the year...
  10. leggo PE

    NFL 2018

    Good question, and I don't know the answer. Is Wentz healthy again?
  11. leggo PE

    NFL 2018

    Goooo Niners!
  12. leggo PE

    Amazon Link - Please read..

    It's currently Prime Day, EB people!
  13. leggo PE


    Did you get your results? I saw in another thread here on EB that many got them later in the day when I posted that reply. Check your spam folder!
  14. leggo PE

    Count to 100,000 using only pics

    ^^Saw this and realized that I think it's for this Thursday, here in my town.
  15. No time, unfortunately. Mostly spent our time eating, drinking, and catching up with each other, spread amongst some more standard bachelorette party activities. I hadn't seen the bride in person in about three years (when I left the east coast), and my other friend, I last saw 1.5 years ago. And the two other girls, only one of which I'd met only once (probably 4-5 years ago), and the other was her sister, whom I'd never met but had heard so much about! I'd like to go back and see a bit more of the historical aspect of things. I do agree, I'd never want to live there, if only for the humidity! But the water was so warm...
  16. I'm back from Charleston! Thanks for the recommendations, all. We did end up going to dinner at R. Kitchen one night (@Supe, I think that was your recommendation?) and the food was awesome. In fact, the food everywhere we went was awesome. It was a really cool little city, too! And much cheaper than what I'm used to, which was awesome.
  17. leggo PE

    Movie thread

    I watched The Death of Stalin on the plane home yesterday. it was really, really well done! I highly recommend it, if you like dry humor especially.
  18. leggo PE

    The Baking Thread

    Are there any other bakers out there? I love to bake, but typically stick to muffins, the occasional donut, and easy loaves I can make in a pan without yeast, starters, what have you. I've been wanting to start to bake my own bread for a few years now, and I think I'm finally going to bite the bullet and attempt to get my own starter going. Has anyone here ever made their own bread? I'm also very interested in baking in my cast iron pan, since I did a few very simple cheddar biscuits as part of a Blue Apron meal a few weeks ago. Anyway, let this be a place where we can all talk about baking processes, baking results, baked goods tried... Cakes, muffins, breads, oh my! And biscuits, cupcakes, tarts, pies, whatever!
  19. leggo PE

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Is anyone else following the World Cup this time around? I've been catching bits of games here and there, and generally following it, even though the States royally messed up and didn't even qualify. Just watched the second half of the Argentina-Croatia game on my lunch break and wow, Argentina deserved to lose 3-0. Though I didn't know they were quite that bad at team in general.
  20. Hopping on a plane to Charleston (well, two planes) tonight... Hoping I don't melt while there!
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    Count to 100,000 using only pics

  22. leggo PE

    Random Topics 3.1

    Quinoa, bitches! https://food52.com/blog/22673-the-most-popular-summer-recipes-by-state-according-to-google