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  1. Probably the people who have businesses revolving around it... Or certainly, someone who's done it more than once in the past couple of years (which is me). So that could means kids, too!
  2. It's gonna be turkey and ham sandwiches on homemade sourdough, with the following fixin's: mustard, avocado mayo, lettuce, red onion, pickles. Might throw some garlic hummus on there too... And maybe some avocado. Apple on the side.
  3. I run with my phone and my Garmin watch. Both track how far I run. Alternatively, if you're running outdoors, you could map your run on something like "Map My Run" to figure out your distance based on what your route is.
  4. I broke out the watercolors last night! I'm not an experienced water color painter at all, but it's so pretty and relaxing.
  5. Let's be sensitive of the cuisines of cultures other than our own, everyone! Thank you!
  6. So since this working from home thing has been happening, I have picked back up on my running. I'm running three times a week, from 3-5 miles each time. I've gotta build my endurance back up to tackle the hills around here, especially since I live on top of one!
  7. A banana, then later, sourdough waffles, a fried egg, and some bacon (not turkey @knight1fox3).
  8. Note to self: NEVER WHISK EGG WHITES TO STIFF PEAKS BY HAND. Seriously, I don't know why I did this... Well, I know why. I didn't want to get out my stand mixer. I was like, whisk and bowl and egg whites! That's all I need! Well, thirty freaking minutes of continuous rapid whipping later, I finally got them. Never. Again. It does make me want a hand mixer though! For those in-between times. Also, sourdough waffles are awesome! Happy birthday to Mr. Leggo!
  9. You'll love your TI until you take the CA state surveying exam and realize that the degree minute second button on the Casio's is GOLD.
  10. Does anyone have a good recommendation for a home office chair, that won't break the bank? I'm looking for something with adjustable seat height and maybe adjustable arm rests... I'm not trying to spend thousands of dollars on a stupid desk chair!
  11. Welcome back! Tagging @tj_PE because she's still around these parts too.
  12. OMG @thekzieg HI! Long time no see (on here)!
  13. K, here's my baking haul from the weekend: First up, sourdough pretzels! I used a different recipe than my go-to one, and really, really enjoyed making them. The dough was so fluffy, like a pillow! Amazing since it was pretty low hydration -- you want that chewiness! Then I made these giant, deliciously crinkled chocolate chip cookies: And lastly, I made some bread. Gave one loaf to my upstairs neighbors! That's all, folks!
  14. I've never made sourdough bread in a breadmaker before (I don't have one to even try). But typically, the way you get the more sour flavor in a home bake would be to refrigerate the dough for an extended period of time before baking. I'm no expert, but putting the dough in a cold environment slows down the fermentation (so your bread shouldn't overproof) and also helps to develop the bacteria in the dough that promote the sour flavor. An additional way to also get more interesting and possibly sour flavor in your bread would be to put in a percentage of whole wheat or rye flour, but if you go too high of a percentage, it will also have an effect on your hydration. Whole wheat flour is thirstier than regular old bread flour! I'm not sure how this would translate to a breadmaker, which from my understanding, kneads and bakes the bread all in on. For reference, here's my rough sourdough process (it's really not that hard to do, it just takes time, patience, and experience): Friday night: feed starter Saturday morning, early: mix levain with ripe (fed) starter Early or mid Saturday afternoon: mix active levain, flour, and warm water (holding back 100g water to put in with the salt) and let autolyse for 1 huor One hour later: mix salt in with remaining 100g warm water; perform set of stretches and folds Mid afternoon to early evening (4 ish hours usually): do 4 sets of stretches and folds at 30 min intervals, leave dough alone (covered this whole time) for the remained of the 4 hours, all the while at a slightly warmer than room temp location (for me, this is on top of my gas stove) Early evening: divide dough into two and pre-shape, let bench rest for 20 min 20 min later: shape and put into bannetons, cover bannetons and put into fridge Following morning/afternoon: preheat dutch oven in oven at 500 degrees for one hour One hour later: Score and bake loaves, one at a time, with reheated oven in between Maybe this will help someone?
  15. I didn't bake at all this past weekend... I ran myself nearly completely out of my normal bread/whole wheat/all purpose flours with my last post in this thread. But I've since been able to restock bread and all purpose flour, with whole wheat and more bread flour expected at the end of this week. I think I might make another einkorn bread, as I have more of that flour. I also have some spelt and some durum flours, but those need to be combined with flours with higher protein if I want to bake bread... So I shall be delving into my baking cookbooks for recipes! Or maybe make another cake that can use more flexible flours.
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