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  1. Linked Words Game

    Joint Venture
  2. Movie thread

    Great to hear! The fiancé and I (well. mostly just me, as he fell asleep) watched the original Friday night. It was... Anticlimactic.
  3. Not Enough Time!!!!

    You can do it! And for all you know, you may have already done it. I agree with ptatohed, the speed at which one must complete questions is the #1 hardest part about the state exams. Based on the limited information you provided about the practice tests you took while studying, it sounds like you may need to work on just getting a bit faster at studying problems if you didn't pass this time. But that being said, don't count yourself out until you've gotten your results! And then, if your results don't come back as you'd like, try, try again! You will be successful.
  4. Addendum to NDS 2012

    Definitely bring the addenda. The values for southern pine changed a lot, I believe. I actually just brought the 2015 NDS this past spring, even though it said to bring the 2012 NDS at the time. I didn't run into any issues that I'm aware of. If the codes listed on NCEES's website still say to bring the 2012 NDS, most definitely bring the addenda!
  5. Actual test times?

    Everything everyone said above is accurate, in my experience. I took the PE exam three times, and one time, we didn't get out until about quarter to 7 pm. That was because we didn't start until almost 9 am (I forget what the exact problem was, but we were sitting in the testing room for a long time before we actually got to start the morning section), and then some issues corralling everyone back in the room after lunch. It was lame! The other two times I took it, we got out between 5 and 6.
  6. Horse is to stable

  7. Linked Words Game

    Pedro soccer
  8. Horse is to stable

  9. I need an engineer to interview for my POE project

    I'm actually not sure what it stands for myself, but I'm lead to believe it stands for Principles of Engineering.
  10. Congratulations here too!
  11. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    I scored and got my coworker's fried pita chip things with hummus, too. They're definitely not the best thing for you, but they are so good!
  12. I need an engineer to interview for my POE project

    I'm taking care of @OrionElHunter's questions! Perhaps you can help out @BrandonN!
  13. Telephone

    Flinch is googling the which sun?
  14. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    Leftover lentil rice salad. So simple to make (albeit a bit time consuming) and so yummy!
  15. Forum Banning Game

    Banned for being particular.