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  1. In other, no sourdough baking news... I made Alison Roman's overnight focaccia, tonight, for the NFC championship game this past Sunday: I also made sourdough quiches on Monday, which used discard starter for flavor in the dough. So, so good! I don't have a good photo though. I also majorly overfilled the quiches and some of them exploded, which was pretty entertaining to see the results of, and also quite delectable.
  2. For reference, I always preheat my oven at 500 degrees for an hour (with my dutch oven in it) before transferring my dough in to bake. When the dough is transferred in, I immediately turn the temperature down to wherever I'm starting my bake at (usually 450 degrees). Lately, I've kept the dough covered for 25 min at 450, then uncovered for 10 min at 450, then 10-15 min at 425. I end up with color similar to this:
  3. What would sparkling gravy entail? Is it, like, carbonated gravy? Gravy with champagne? Gravy with glitter?
  4. It was leftover veggie pizza, starting homemade sourdough pizza crust, of course.
  5. I've never done this online... But I'd be interested in participating if someone figures it out!
  6. The fudgiedt chocolate zucchini muffins ever (and they're vegan! And so, so, so good😞 Also, a seeded 100% einkorn sourdough loaf: I still can't figure out how to rotate photos when uploading and posting on my phone. Blah!
  7. We just started season 4 of breaking bad and holy shit.
  8. For muffin liner reference, I bake for home consumption and basically never use liners. I have a standard sized muffin tin as well as a mini muffin tin, and my go-to is to use coconut spray to make the muffins not stick to the pan. This has worked every time, except once a few months ago when I was making some sort of pay muffin and they stuck terribly! But in that case, the recipe had specifically recommended using liners and I ignored it, which in hindsight, I should not have done. I think the issue was the more crumbly consistency of the muffin batter due to the oats, so the liners were recommended to help keep the structure.
  9. Excellent skirt steak with sauteed onions and bell peppers and a cheese enchilada. And a margarita, that was unfortunately pretty sweet (I think due to the agave).
  10. leggo PE

    EB Mafia

    I KNEW IT! @MEtoEE
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