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  1. I've been following it loosely. The timing hasn't been working out great for me this week. I did catch a bit of the England - Scotland game on Sunday, but that's about it.
  2. Happy Friday, y'all! Beer Festival up in the mountains this weekend. Can't wait!
  3. Hello Triathlon buddies... Next one? https://www.escapealcatraztri.com/
  4. I was on a bike, too.
  5. My normal housecat is pretty darned big. He's 15 lbs without that much extra weight on him. But typically, female kitties are smaller, I think.
  6. Tomato plant needs to be staked! And had 27 flowers at last count. The pepper plant is taking its sweet time. I wonder if its pot is too small... It's in a slightly smaller pot than the tomato plant.
  7. Happy Friday, all. Boy, am I ready for this weekend. This week has been nonstop and today is a deadline day (which I'm not in good shape for! Oops). But hey, at least I got myself what's hopefully a bit of good karma, as I saw someone biking drop their phone on the light rail tracks, and I stopped, picked it up, and chased the person down to give it back to them. They hadn't even noticed they dropped it! Don't bike with your phone in a loose pocket, people!
  8. We had one vegetarian, for whom we felt pity.
  9. I have clipless pedals (call them clip in and you're a rookie) and have never fallen with them getting stuck. But I have had a few close calls. I got used to them pretty quickly. They are a must have (read: huge help) if you plan on biking serious hills!
  10. Normally we do calling, but this year we have a friend coming to town tomorrow and another friend coming to town on Monday, both starting with us, so we'll likely be busy with them. Also, we have a shiny new gas grill that we're thinking we'll try out for a BBQ on Monday!
  11. Happy Friday before MDW!
  12. The tomato plant is growing like crazy and has, I think, at least doubled in size since we got it 2.5 weeks ago. It has four little flowers buds already. The pepper plant is growing much more slowly, but I expected this as it's goal is not to be as big. It is showing new growth though! And we just moved them to spots where they will actually get more sun, due to the arrangement of the little balcony we have them on being more shaded at one end than the other.
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