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  1. funny pic thread

    Hahaha same thing happened to me! Sorry @thekzieg. Should have written it out more as "\the bun in the oven"!
  2. funny pic thread

    Slash the bun in the oven.
  3. funny pic thread

    @thekzieg too!
  4. Exam Scheduling

    Yes, that is exactly what I would do, were I in your situation. There's a good chance a test date and time will open up if you are booking reasonably in advance. Good luck!
  5. Movie thread

    They're filming part of the Venom movie right by my office at the end of this week. Our building has been told to beware of road closures, fake guns, and fake gunshots (amongst other things). I wonder if I'll spot Tom Hardy or Michelle Williams...
  6. The Running Thread

    A run is a run is a run! Even if it's from a charging bear. Scratch that, probably ESPECIALLY if it's from a charging bear.
  7. Movie thread

    I'm not worried about being judged. Haha!
  8. Movie thread

    Haha, choose to believe what you'd like. But I tend not to lie! And I have a terrible poker face.
  9. It's Friday!!!!

  10. Movie thread

    I haven't read them, but my coworker did, and she told me the writing was terrible as well.
  11. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    I'm sorry. Or am I?
  12. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    All the German food was eaten at the restaurant! It was so good!
  13. Oregonians

    I meant to agree to disagree about Oregon becoming whatever it's interpreted as becoming in this thread due to the northward migration of Californians.
  14. Oregonians

    Everything you are saying is confusing me!
  15. Oregonians

    Haha nope! Just trying to understand what others are saying. I'll agree to disagree.