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  1. Ah, but the few existing books are so enticing!
  2. That would be pretty unacceptable in my book.
  3. leggo PE

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned for being a pyro.
  4. leggo PE

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned for sensitivity.
  5. leggo PE

    Horse is to stable

  6. leggo PE

    Linked Words Game

    Shorts season
  7. leggo PE

    Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    Don't be ghosting us, @ptatohed. Aren't we friends?
  8. leggo PE

    Random Topics 3.1

    I was way more successful as a carpenter than a farmer.
  9. leggo PE

    Ski Season is Around the Corner!

    In my experience, ski passes were much more expensive on the East Coast. Or, at least, in Vermont, where I used to live. They seemed to be more in the $800-$1000 range for just a single mountain, if it was a bigger one (I think the pass combinations have changed a lot since I last looked though), whereas here it seems that single/double mountain passes cap around $600 for adults. I might do a four day pass thing too, but it's more like $400.
  10. leggo PE

    Random Topics 3.1

    I couldn't use the side keypad on my keyboard. Must be too advanced for a computer game from 1990.
  11. leggo PE

    Random Topics 3.1

    Yep, I used Chrome too. MS, what month did you leave in? I left in April. Not sure when I got there... Maybe some time in September?
  12. leggo PE

    Random Topics 3.1

    I found a lot of wild fruit. Didn't stop to talk to anyone.
  13. leggo PE

    Ski Season is Around the Corner!

    They're not even that expensive unless I was going to get something like the new Ikon pass. If I were more serious about skiing, I'd probably get the Mountain Collective.
  14. leggo PE

    Random Topics 3.1

    I wasted 20 minutes, arrived with two people, my wagon, 5 oxen, 1 spare wagon part, no clothing, no bullets (never had any the entire way), 81# of food, and all of $32.50 in cash. 1762 points total because (duh) I chose to be a carpenter.
  15. leggo PE

    Ski Season is Around the Corner!

    I like to ski! My fiance likes to snowboard. I've never bought a pass, but typically make it to the mountains in Tahoe two or maybe three times a season.