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  1. And I forgot to say, congrats!
  2. Ahhh hopefully you feel a weight get lifted off of your shoulders? I hope the move works out really well for you, Chatt!
  3. I made two apple cakes (my husband's grandma's recipe) and they turned out well! I was thinking about making some sourdough soft pretzels, but then decided to drink some beer yesterday instead.
  4. Nice! @Road Guy come take a looksee! Careful though, Chatt, RG might have you buying EB.com before you know it!
  5. I've been using Chrome for EB access pretty much exclusively, either on my phone and my laptop. Now that I just went and checked on my phone, same issue there!
  6. Just did and it didn't seem to help. Shucks.
  7. EB looks weird to me on latest version of Chrome on my updated Macbook laptop... The icons at the top of the screen don't show up properly: Also, the icons under people's usernames don't appear correctly:
  8. You were one of the greatest. I cannot believe you're gone, but hope you are resting in peace.
  9. That's what I thought you meant! I was very confused when I got to the end of your post and you had said the opposite, which basically contradicted everything you'd written before.
  10. Wait, it was or it wasn’t the raging pedophilia movie from France?
  11. Not vegan, but... TURKEY BACON. Come on, where's @knight1fox3?!?!
  12. Sarah Beth Yoga on Youtube! My husband and I subscribe to her stuff, but she has a bunch of free content on Youtube. We love her for all things yoga.
  13. I do strictly home workouts, and weight training with only dumbbells that I tap out around 16-18 lbs (I have adjustable weight dumbbell, with 10 lbs on each dumbbell bar right now). I do +/- 30 minute workouts from a very fit woman named Lauren Gleisberg, who runs a pdf-based workout plan company out of Texas. I am a big proponent for her! Probably not enough for a lot of you gym and/or Xfit people, but I get good results from her plans and eating well. I do her workouts 5 days a week, go on a 5 mile run or a long bike ride usually on Saturdays, and do an hour or so of yoga on Sundays. I like
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