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  1. Wow, much about this post has changed! I absolutely mix flours now, mainly whole wheat and all purpose, based on what I have available to me and what looks best. I still haven't quite bitten the bullet to mill my own flour... And well, I still hate plastic wrap and tin foil boxes, but I invested in KAF's plastic wrap dispenser thing, and wow, do I sure love that thing!
  2. No dutch oven cooking! We exclusively used a two-sided cast iron flat skillet, which was awesome. The grill mark side was a bitch to clean afterwards though, but well worth it!
  3. In non-COVID times, Mr. Leggo and I frequented a local small movie theater (only two screen, definitely not the biggest screens either) that fresh-popped their popcorn. Since COVID times, they've been selling their popcorn and beverages by the can (you could get canned beer/ciders/etc. for decent prices) for a few hours every Saturday. I usually forget but a few weeks ago, was in the right place at the right time and went and got some... It was freaking delicious... You bet I got the butter!
  4. Oh, and brown butter chocolate cookies for my camping trip this past weekend. Yummy!
  5. Yeah, the few other trailers I have seen on TV since COVID-19 times started said they'd be streaming. Next time I see the trailer, I'll make a mental note and go look it up. It was funny to see in any case... What used to be normal "In theaters on [insert date]!!!" is now surprising to see.
  6. Welcome, Hendrik! Good luck with your studying. I hope your exam is still on, with the safety from COVID-19 and all still in tact.
  7. Welcome! This site is fun and is definitely a great way to procrastinate as much as one might wish.
  8. What is it with the movie (maybe there is more than one) that has the trailer on TV saying "In Theaters Only"? Like, they're not going to release it via streaming? In which case, why is it a good idea to release it at all when states like CA (12% of the entire country's population) have no plans to reopen movie theaters any time soon, as far as I know... It just seems strange to me!
  9. Gosh I have so many photos to post here, but how the heck do you post photos from your phone (using Chrome browser) and NOT have them be rotated 90 degrees?! I guess I'll just summarize with words... Over the course of the past few weeks, I've made sourdough Pain de Mie (SO GOOD and good practice for me pullman loaf shaping as well), spelt sourdough pretzels, sourdough banana muffins, wholewheat sourdough bagels (which I think I like better than my other sourdough bagel recipe), and the freaking easiest, most delicious strawberry spooncake that I'm still dreaming about.
  10. I went camping this past weekend! It was wonderful. I planned the meals and did quite a good job, if I do say so myself! The highlights were the marinated chicken with banana peppers, my homemade potato salad, and the mason jar pancakes.
  11. We watched "Green Room" on Netflix the other day. It was actually very well done, though I had never heard of it and also though I did not enjoy the violence (I'm not a fan of gore, I've realized). The plot is basically a punk band (in their 20s) at the end of a tour that didn't make them much money ends up playing a show at an alt-right/Neo-Nazi venue in the middle of nowhere, Oregon. They accidentally witness some shit and then become hostages and have to work their way out of the situation. It was done in such a real way that I actually had trouble going to sleep that night, and was still thinking about the movie a few days later. It was pretty unsettling to me, but I'd recommend it regardless.
  12. Oops, my bad! I'm not down with all the forum slang.
  13. No, I disagree. I don't hate automatically when I think something is stupid. Hate is a pretty strong word, in my mind.
  14. Huh, I wonder why that isn't what happened in the SF Bay Area, which did NOT see spikes in cases two weeks after the protests peaked. It couldn't possibly be anything else, now could it? I would also like to point out from an anecdotal standpoint, that as someone who has gone to protests where it was impossible to socially distance, but everyone wore masks (myself included), I got tested two weeks later and was COVID negative. Note, we had low numbers to begin with in our area, due to being the first place (let's call it, metropolitan area) in the country to impose Stay At Home orders. Now we are seeing spikes here and elsewhere in the state, as things are getting reopened. But again, my city and county (SF) was on a slower timeline to reopen than the rest the state in many cases. Now the state of CA is rolling back the reopenings for about 70% of the state population.
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