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  1. I have both mechanical and civil PEs now. I previous career I was a power plant mechanical design engineer so the mechanical thermal fluids was a breeze. My current role is mostly piping and plants construction projects, and I noticed at least in California the civil PE covers a bit more...
  2. Yeah, passed all three. I was most concerned about the seismic since it's I don't usually do that type of work. By the time I got around to studying seismic I had so many deadlines at work stacking up I felt like I didn't spend enough time.
  3. Review Course Pass/Fail

    TL;DR version: -EET course for Civil Breadth and Construction Depth - worth it -Hiner course for Seismic - good cheat sheets but hard to follow videos -Mansour book only for Surveying - very complete --- I just noticed this thread. I'll throw my hat in for the record. I have a mechanical background but I wanted to get my civil due to how civil engineering is licensed in California. I got notified in May that I was qualified to take all three tests for civil (8-hr NCEES, CA seismic, and CA surveying). I bought the on demand EET breadth course, the CERM book, Mansour's surveying book and Hiner's seismic book. In August I bought EET construction depth on demand webinar and Hiners on demand seismic review. I had a hard time figuring out Hiner's workbook so I ended up buying his on demand course too but it was still hard to follow for me since he jumps around in his videos. You really have to pay attention to the order of lessons. He sends out several emails with password protected files and lesson plans (i.e. Watch this video, do these problems, watch this bonus video...) so make sure you print out everything and mark off as you go since there is so much. You have to be focused on the videos since they are not unlimited viewing. Videos are worth it though since I did pick up how to answer questions quickly and find important info from the IBC. At the end closer to the test date he sends out links to the simulated exam. His cheat sheet however is awesome. I can quickly look up and calculate periods and response times from his very handy tables . I liked EET. They give you a big binder with a page on the front showing you the plan and order of videos. I got access to the Spring videos and the Fall videos once available and they are unlimited views then you get one simulated for each test. I pretty much only used the binders for the test. I barely cracked OSHA and the CERM. Very complete and organized though I wished they printed both sides. I like how patient the instructors are in the videos. The Spring videos had a really annoying guy that always asked (in my opionion) stupid questions (he clearly wasn't listening to what the instructor said just a few minutes earlier and would snap at other students trying to help him. Mansour's surveying book was great. You can buy it off Amazon. It was all I used. I just read it over three days and did the practice problems at the end of each section. Those practice problems had a good range of very easy lookup knowledge and longer calculations indicative of the actual test. The front of the book has some cheat sheets. It made it very easily to find equations to solve problems quicker, and it definitely helped doing the geomatics on the 8-hr civil.
  4. I only bought Mansour's Surveying book off Amazon. I don't have a civil background but I crazily did all three tests this cycle. Of the three tests needed for CA, I was very confident in the Surveying portion because of Mansour's book. It's well organized, easy to flip through (especially with the "cheat sheets" in the front) and the quiz questions at the end of each section were very appropriate (a mix of very easy 15-second type problems to 5 minute longer derivations) for the type of questions you would expect to see on the CA Civil Surveying. I only just read the book front to back over three days, probably spent a total 10 hrs (three evenings ~3 hours). Never took surveying before, so take that with a grain of salt. For comparison I spent about 40 hrs for seismic (30 hrs of lecture videos plus 1 weekend of hw and sample tests). I spent most of my time, around 150 hrs(12 weekends of~ 6 hr days) prepping for the 8-hr exam. Mansour's book was even helpful to answer some quick questions for the geomatics stuff.
  5. EET helped me pass Construction Depth

    Yep. I took EET for both breadth and depth Construction. Covered everything I needed, and there were extras not in the binder that were posted on their shared directories online. I pretty much only used the two binders, a printed copy of OSHA 29 CFR 1926 for the 8-hr exam. I only opened CERM to confirm the steel weights.
  6. California State Specific

    I don't think you have to file the notification for this (Oct 2016) cycle. In one of the threads on EB someone got an email from the state Board confirming that the notifications would be required starting the next cycle (April 2017) when the NCEES is decoupled from registration. Incidentally on my password protected email today it indicates "green" for everything so I don't see why we have to send in a form to notify a pass when they already know (for this last cycle).
  7. When Are License Numbers Available?

    Yeah, my bad it looks like it's different this cycle. When I passed a few years ago, I already saw my number online by the time I got the email notification. This time my email notification looks different.
  8. This actually happened to me. You have to open a ticket with NCEES and they will unlock. I already have a Mechanical PE and the system would not let me sign up for Civil PE this October 2016 cycle. They fixed it within a day. This is pretty much CA specific since many other states are not PE by discipline.
  9. California Results Any news???

    Hurray! Passed Civil Construction. Now just waiting for CA Seismic and CA Surveying... Hopefully this evening!
  10. California Results Any news???

    Hurray! Passed Civil Construction. Now just waiting for CA Seismic and CA Surveying... Hopefully this evening!
  11. California Results Any news???

    Hurray! Passed Civil Construction. Now just waiting for CA Seismic and CA Surveying... Hopefully this evening!
  12. PE licensure is not required, but it is supported by my company as part of our career and technical development. We get covered for our first license (all books, training, registration and test fees), but additional licenses are only covered if required for the business (usually no). When I did my Mechanical PE I got books, registration, mileage and renewal fees covered, total $2400. For my Civil PE I paid out of pocket $3300 since it's not needed for our work :(.
  13. CA Spring 2017 PE Applications

    Interesting. That adds a wrinkle to the new process, such that it will at minimum take 2 exam cycles to complete your Civil PE. Thanks for the info! This October 2016 and April 2017 appear to be the last times you can potentially do all in one cycle.
  14. California Results Any news???

    I dunno, reading all these posts about how California is slow actually makes me more anxious! I already have my Mechanical PE from Spring 2014. I actually completely forgot about it at the time until the Board sent their emails 5/23/14 notifying my pass. It was out of my mind then. I took the Civil this October 2016 and I'm eagerly awaiting the news! Mind you the last state-specific was around 11/8/16 so they still need to go through a lot to recertify.
  15. CA Spring 2017 PE Applications

    (For Civil PE) You can take all three at once, or 1 at a time. If you're approved for all three then you can take all three; there's no wait until you get the PE results back. For reference I applied in March 17 for my October 2016 exams. I got an email on May 24 that said I was approved for all exams. A coworker is applying for her Spring 2017 exams and got an email yesterday December 12 approved for all exams. It's just that in the future you don't have to wait for approval to do the 8-hr. You still need to get Board approval for the state exams.