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  1. Want to buy used PE Enviro Material

    If anyone is interested in buying old editions of some valuable references for the exam I have the following: Air Pollution Control: A Design Approach (2nd Edition) by Cooper & Alley Wastewater Engineering Treatment and Reuse Metcalf & Eddy (4th Edition) by Metcalf & Eddy Send me a message if you're interested Thanks!
  2. Environmental Exam

    For me after my previous attempt, I felt like my two biggest issues were time management and the qualitative questions so I thought reading through Intro to Env Engineering by Davis & Cornwell was highly beneficial to brush up on the basics. I tried to schedule my studying so that I read relevant chapters on a topic then did problems the rest of the week on that subject. D&C isn't great for all topics but I left the morning session feeling like I had nailed it and without any time management issues. I had EERM tabbed and used it during the exam (and studying) but I never personally took the time to read through it cover to cover since it is just a streamlined version of other (better) texts. About a month out I took the NCEES practice exam to gauge where I was at and REALLY focused on not letting myself get hung up on problems, if I spent too much time on it, then I skipped it. I spent the next few days working through the problems I missed/skipped and breaking them down to make sure I understood them. I did a mix of problems (and working them AS FAST AS POSSIBLE) and more reading up until the exam. I redid the practice exam a week or two out and got over 80/100 in about 5 hours time (granted I probably had some committed to memory) but I felt REALLY good about that going into the exam and honestly didn't have any major time management issues this round.
  3. Environmental Exam

    I did some more looking through my notes/reference list. In addition to Lagrega, I also had Kuo Practical Design Calculations for Groundwater and Soil Remediation. It's a small text, but if you need to brush up on some C=C0e-kt (and other reaction rate type problems it was helpful in that regard, but I don't remember needing to look anything up during the actual exam in there). There are many recommendations for the Salvato Environmental Engineering book(s) in the Environmental forum. It does have some more obscure information compared to other references. I used them to verify a few of the qualitative questions I wasn't 100% sure on. The latest edition is 3 separate books. Not sure it would be worth the investment, but I did get some good reading out of that one that helped me as a reference during the exam. Overall I think the biggest thing is familiarity with your references. The exam is so broad that if you haven't spent quality time with a book it probably isn't going to be too beneficial. As important as working through problems, just taking the time to READ through references was highly beneficial for me. I felt like I had nailed most of the qualitative problems my previous attempt and was breezing through problems when I started studying for April. I read through nearly all of the Davis & Cornwell book (and did any practice problems w solutions), skimmed Legraga and Salvato, worked through a lot of Kuo and the Air Pollution Control by Cooper & Alley. I put in A LOT of time for the October 2016 exam attempt and felt at a total loss for what to do this time and doubted if I could pass based on self-study, but IT IS POSSIBLE! My secondary focus outside of reading texts was drilling SPEED, when I did a run through of the NCEES practice exam, I got somewhere around 80 right but more importantly I was able to get through it in about 2.5-3 hours per session (granted I had worked the problems previously), but time management is a huge component I felt I struggled with previously. I took a majority of the time during the real exam but I didn't feel rushed. Sorry for the long write-up. I know the frustrations of not passing and just want to try to give some encouragement and guidance to others.
  4. Want to buy used PE Enviro Material

    Not sure if you are still looking for study materials, but I have several of the practice problem books that I am looking to sell. I have Environmental Engineering Practice PE Exams, 3rd edition by Schneiter; Environmental Engineering Solved Problems, 3rd Edition by Schneiter; and the NCEES Environmental Engineering Practice Exams copyright 2004 and 2011. If you are interested send me a message.
  5. Environmental Exam

    I had the lagrega and tried to spend some time reading it and at least tabbing it a bit since I struggled with solid waste last time. I don't think I had any other references bseides that and the EERM. My memory is lacking on the types of questions (quantitative vs qualitative?) that were on solid waste.
  6. Environmental Exam

    If you have any other subject area/reference material questions feel free to ask me when the time comes! I actually lucked out and live near the UC-Berkeley campus so I was able to pay for a university library card and utilized a majority of my references there, students these days apparently don't check out textbooks. Anyway, I studied REALLY hard my previous attempt and was really down that I didn't pass (got a 65), but I built on all that hard work and thankfully passed this time. You can do it-- you're not far off!
  7. Environmental Exam

    I passed the environmental (took the exam in Nevada). I was a repeat taker. For those struggling with the air sections (I have zero experience working in that discipline and took one class as an undergrad which was over 5 years ago) the questions in the back of the Air Pollution Control book by Cooper and Alley are great. I highly recommend working through those, and going through the first few chapters that are PV=nRT etc and making a sheet that tells you exactly which version of the equation to use to get the exact units. There are GREAT posts with past takers advice that I relied on heavily to acquire the best references and not have more than I needed. The Environmental forum was very quiet this round so I just self studied and hoped for the best.
  8. Wondering which edition of the King book you had. I found an inexpensive copy of the 1996 version but see there is a more "recent" 1999 version
  9. April 2017

    Did you decide to sign up for a review course? I am currently reading and working problems in the Davis & Cornwell Intro to Environmental Engineering.
  10. April 2017

    @Shashi I'm planning on retaking the exam in April and doing another round of self-study. Looking to regain the motivation to get started studying again.
  11. Aside from the problems out of Davis and Cornwell do you have other advice for what problems were beneficial outside of the NCEES practice exam? I found that the Environmental Engineering Solved Problems and Environmental Engineering Practice PE Exams by Schneiter were more complex and when I followed them up with the NCEES practice exam I felt extremely overwhelmed (it was only a few weeks out from the exam date at that point) and like the other books were somewhat a waste of my study time because they weren't very true to the exam. I did create a binder of equations through my practice problems, but I am planning to reorganize and expand that this time.
  12. What were your areas of weakness? Hazardous Waste was my weakest overall. I'm starting to think about next steps and would definitely be interested in how others are planning to study for retaking the exam.
  13. I spent a good portion of my early studying working problems from Environmental Engineering Solved Problems and waited until about 2 weeks out to look at the NCEES practice exam. I felt like all the time spent prior to that was somewhat wasted and the problems in Solved Problems were way different than what was in the practice or actual exam. Also, anyone have a reference they felt was particularly beneficial to the Solid Waste topics of the exam? I didn't particularly use or benefit from the reference I had
  14. I also did not pass. I did self study and felt confident in the quantitative problems. I felt like it was more about what reference materials I did or didn't have more than anything. I got 65 correct and am at a loss for what to do next.