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  1. for Site Exploration and Characterization
  2. 6 months. when you study make sure you focus on the concepts rather than the calculations and look for word problems rather than direct calculations. like consolidation rate what is the meaning of Tv , U , Sult, St... Das Book and Subsurface investigation I mentioned days ago in this board. EET is good help in Goe depth. Good luck.
  3. below are all the books that I used fro my test
  4. copy & paste it on Google search.
  5. Principles of Foundation Engineering 6TH EDITION ISBN-10: 0495668109
  6. Thank you. Not all students are the same, therefore standardized tests are impractical. Albert Einstein once said, “Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
  7. If you have Adobe Pro you can delete any unnecessary pages. I did that while was waiting for My exam results.
  8. Principles of Foundation Engineering ( DAS)
  9. Subsurface investigations Training Course in Geotechnical And Foundation Engineering Publication No FHWA HI-97-021 November 1997 NHI courseNo Module 1
  10. If I had to take it again, I would take with copy of this book
  11. Hnoj

    NCEES News Update

    Leggo PE , I would like to tank you for steadfast support and counseling for all members of this board. Thank you again.
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