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  1. Owism

    Getting results today?

    reading these posts makes my heart pound again as if I'm taking the test again! Congrats to those who passed and goodluck to the rest!
  2. Owism

    Getting results today?

    Just a reminder.. in case you do fail the Power PE exam, my Complex imaginary books are up for grabs: Regards,
  3. Owism

    Would you redo becoming an engineer?

    Just curious if you hire EIT's often and how many per year? Good to get an idea what the typical quota is per company. Thanks
  4. Owism

    The wait is killing me

    Its normal. Goodluck. It helps to keep spamming in the spam thread. Best thing to do is not think about the exam, just focus on other things. You wont need to study more until you find out if you failed, so why even think about it, you will just second guess yourself. All the best
  5. Owism

    Would you redo becoming an engineer?

    I would have chosen mechanical since it has many applications in all industries... versus Electrical which is too broad to apply any of your skills broadly toward any industry... too specialized.. Mechanical atleast you can become pro at CAD then take that anywhere from product development within any industry to civil engineering. Solid base. Solid.
  6. Where do you get random PPI problems? You would have to purchase that and the answer booklet, correct? Most I've seen folks talk about on this forum is CI books and I really appreciate everyone who recommended it. Thank you! Yours truly , a PE who passed due to the advice's of you folks on EB.com
  7. Yes I agree with you it was invaluable to get my mind thinking about where things are categorized in the NEC. Even though I have the index and tabs for it as well as secondary indices organized by more keywords, I Needed that practice from the drillbook to be solid enough to pass. And Yes I'm selling the CI NEC drill book as well with the CI exams
  8. I'd have to argue against that. On the exam, yes the CI books were not referenced but to prepare my mind to go through and reference the appropriate reference by going through problem after problem, this was the solid tool. Its just like practice before a game, if you don't practice for the exam, your mind is not mentally ready for the 8 hour drain on your mental resources. I think thats the best benefit for CI.
  9. Owism

    April 2018 15K SPAM thread

    our cinco de mayo is next week due to scheduling conveniences. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinco_de_Mayo
  10. Owism

    April 2018 15K SPAM thread

    I'm addicted to manually drip brewing my coffee yum @starbucks blonde roast
  11. Owism

    Job/Salary Market with experience

  12. Owism

    Severance pay

    i got severance pay when I was laid off a job. Its not negotiable. Its a nice help from the company. Seems silly to negotiate. Just say thankyou.
  13. Owism

    Job/Salary Market with experience

    Yeah to each is their own. My experience was shaped by graduating during the great recession in 2008, being from an immigrant family, and not being of Caucasian descent. I know I'm discriminated against when I have all the skills required, even for a entry level field engineer position and am not hired due to "being overqualified" out of college, is that even allowed? Sometimes we engineers do not need to get to the "right" answer, as I was trying to do above, but really need to hear each other out. Especially in societal issues, these do not flow with any math or science or solved by any one equation. So lets keep discussing and drop the debate side. Your right, but I am comparing to what is real in my area by my research and my working experience in private companies and by others who own their own businesses.
  14. Owism

    Job/Salary Market with experience

    $40 a month is not an exuberant fee to guarantee: I don't have to work more than a set amount of hours - guaranteeing my work-life balance unlike private companies which give Hawaii shirt days I have the most affordable and best selection of health insurance options I have a guaranteed pension I have a guaranteed raise versus companies where you can push all your stats and successes and they dont have to give you a raise if they dont want to, quoting " sorry we didnt make enough this year" due to unrealistic quotas from the higher ups in the corporation I have a set career ladder versus the random titles given at corporations, what the heck is a sales engineer and whats the next level up for them? They dont teach sales in engineering school. There is no PE exam for sales engineer. Its the guy who knows how to talk to humans.. but yeah most engineers can't so theres the sales engineer The Unions got us this far until they became lax in the fight . We wouldn't have weekends or holidays or sick leave or any of the other benefits we enjoy now without thinking it never used to be like that. Unions are coming back. Look to other thriving European countries. In Feb of this year, in Germany a Union won the right to work 28 hour work week and also got a raise. Thats an extreme of course and not everyone wants to work just 28 hours, but at least its an option for those who would like to without having to loose health insurance, etc. for work/life balance reasons. Ive worked in private industry and its not sustainable. You need to jump companies every 3-5 years. Unless thats your lifestyle preference, that really sucks.