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  1. Wildi is good but along the same lines, if you dont understand a topic or the theory, Google it until you reach full understanding. Watch any youtube videos available that explain that theory. Master the subject. Print it all out and put it in a binder and tab it in case you need it for the exam. Goodluck
  2. You got it covered but the last week before the exam you want to sit down and practice the exam as if you were doing 4 hours then 4 hours except don't just sit idle if you finish 40 questions, take your break then begin with the next 40. This is like prepping for a 5k, your mind needs that conditioning. Atleast mine did. Its exhausting sitting and doing this for 8 hours, beyond knowing your stuff and hwere to reference, you'll be in the flow to do all this with ease. Best wishes.
  3. Exam practice book and drill book. PM me with an offer
  4. I graduated with 2.6GPA in Electrical but I also graduated during the 2007 recession. Easy enough for me to blame the recession more than my GPA but I got a temp position as a software engineer for 6 months. After which I taught math/sci at a private school for 2 years until I could find an engineering job as a sales/tech support engineer until the government started hiring again which was 6 years after my graduation then I joined the government as an engineer. I passed the FE exam 1 year after joining the gov. I got my PE license in my third year at the government and finally got a position that pays PE wages so don't let that number hurt your confidence. You know your passion as an engineer. Sometimes it helps to take less courses per semester and dive deeper into the topics with your extra time and graduate a little later. Engineering should be treated like a Medical Doctor education, it should be given more time to study as well as solid rotational on the job experience which in our lives is called Co-Op or Internship. I like colleges that make the CoOp part of the semester credits such as Rochester Institute of Technology. Goodluck
  5. You love mechanical engineering. Don't hate something you don't understand. Keep pushing until you understand it. Some topics are easier to grasp and some require a good instructor to explain it. You wont need to know the details of everything for real life engineering but as an engineer in any field its to your advantage to grasp the fundamentals of how everything in the universe works so you can design your aspect of the project with those things in mind. If someone doesnt understand how electricity heats up metal, they will design poor HVAC for the use case. Keep learning from the cradle to grave. "Seek knowledge even if you have to travel to China" - Mohammad
  6. 1-4 Exams plus the Code drill book. Please send me your best offer.
  7. I still have complex Imaginary 1-4 and code drill book and for sale if anyone wants it. $150 including shipping within US.
  8. I still have complex Imaginary 1-4 and code drill book and for sale if anyone wants it. $150 including shipping within US.
  9. Spinup is good but it doesnt represent the difficulty level of the exam. Its great for solidifying the fundamentals of Power calculations though.
  10. craziness is all relative. Proud Engineer. Its all good. Congrats
  11. complex imaginary practice exams (1-4) and the drill book - total retail $180, I'll give you both for $150 Power PE study guide by Alexander Graffeo - retail $98, I'll give you both for $50
  12. Cool. Yeah I never liked those side clickers, I can't imagine having to show up to the exam and getting that one... ontop of all the other surprises with questions... eek
  13. nice pencils. Is that a clicker on the side? They updated a lot in one year!
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