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  1. nice job! congratulations!
  2. Yep, the only thing in my mind now is the footing was killing me. Man, I feel I am really getting old now. You still remember things. I will definitely begin study from tonight.
  3. @jmm7200, is there a way you share these steps (flowcharts) with Stewie?😉
  4. Yes sir, I am surprised. One of the afternoon problems, I just have no idea and do not even know which part of code I should look at... I guess I provided enough information for it somehow...
  5. Man, let's do it again this Oct. WE WILL STUDY HARDER!
  6. I will study harder. Passed Vertical. Lateral 24/40; A A A. (very surprising afternoon result, but I guess nothing to complain.)
  7. I hope when you get time, please teach me how to prepare the afternoon problems. Not only I have difficulties in the morning, but also afternoon. I am bridge too.
  8. haha... I saw that but dare not to say a thing. I guess I just tried to deny my incompetence~ ;D
  9. Bro, BR~ I really don't know what I am thinking now. I remember I told you "one afternoon problem I don't even know which part of code I should go for it". I am still hoping to pass. Maybe I am crazy already.
  10. bridge has three problems in the afternoon while building has four, so you can tell from their result.
  11. I guess I failed. Nothing is changed on my license lookup result (LAPELS). I am so disappointed by myself now. For four-five months, I stayed so late everyday for nothing. Stupid me...
  12. So which week we are in? 11th? It tells 10- to 12-week waiting time.
  13. Release the results already!!! I need to begin study for Oct exams!!! Though I know I failed at least one of them, I am just not feeling study and work now without seeing the red "FAIL".
  14. Can someone react at my post please? I got 0 reaction point. T.T If you do it, your pass chance is increased because you are being a good man/woman!
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