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  1. I heard the the question & answer sheets are transferred with armored trucks.
  2. Hi, Dear All, I got some quick questions on AASHTO ASD culvert design. The plan has some standard note telling "AASHTO 1957 --- f.s = 20000 psi, f.c = 1200 psi, n =10, V = 90 psi, U = 300 psi". I know f.s, f.c and n. My question is on V and U. 1. Is V concrete allowable shear stress? 2. What is U? Thank you so much for the help. Stewie
  3. Do you think or you just know "PE Structural results" = "SE results"?
  4. Where is this "somewhere on the great wide web"? reddit? twitter?
  5. Wow, they make the PE exam available year-round.
  6. Hi, man, I got some more questions. 1. Where did you purchase the AASHTO LRFD code, PE/SE edition? 2. What's the difference between the normal code and the PE/SE edition code? Is PE/SE edition printed with smaller pages for easy carrying? Thanks, Stewie
  7. What SE Practice Exam is that? I checked the link but it's sold already. Could you please let me know where to buy the SE Practice Exam? I mean the "practice bridge problems book" you mentioned... Thank you for the help.
  8. This is really helpful. Now I can begin the black Friday code shopping. haha...
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