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  1. Stewie

    SE Exam - Computer Based Exam 2024

    What is ASCE master's degree thing?
  2. Stewie

    SE Exam - Computer Based Exam 2024

    Wow, they make the PE exam available year-round.
  3. Stewie

    AASHTO Book and Practice Exam book for sale

    Hi, man, I got some more questions. 1. Where did you purchase the AASHTO LRFD code, PE/SE edition? 2. What's the difference between the normal code and the PE/SE edition code? Is PE/SE edition printed with smaller pages for easy carrying? Thanks, Stewie
  4. Stewie

    AASHTO Book and Practice Exam book for sale

    What SE Practice Exam is that? I checked the link but it's sold already. Could you please let me know where to buy the SE Practice Exam? I mean the "practice bridge problems book" you mentioned... Thank you for the help.
  5. Stewie

    2019 SE Exam Code Standards

    This is really helpful. Now I can begin the black Friday code shopping. haha...
  6. Hi, Dear @David Connor, SE, Thank you so much for the contribution. I just ordered the book. Lol XD
  7. Hi, Dear @onemanwolfpack, It will be really helpful If you can come up with some list of good design examples for the afternoon session when you get time, not only for me, but also for all the SE bridge exam takers (not too many I guess? Lol). I am trying to collect all the codes listed in the SE exam specifications now. Any idea how often NCEES updates the specification? Oh, one more question, any exam practice books for morning/afternoon session you recommend? It drives me crazy when I try to search some preparation books for SE exam (especially for bridge guys)... It seems only a few books and with very limited reviews... Thank you so much for the help... man~~~
  8. Hi, Dear @onemanwolfpack, Please help the rookie engineer Stewie... XD First of all, thank you so much for the response~ Yes, sir, I finally decided to take the EET courses. 1. I feel I am already very late since I just started for the April 2019 exams (both vertical and lateral). Could you please share your experience time-wise? Like how many hours you study everyday? 2. You said you printed a lot of design examples for the afternoon session. Could you please share the books/manuals' title for the design examples? Are they from textbooks? I tried to search "SE exam bridge" book on google, and I only found David Connor's book. I must've picked wrong key words... Again, thank you, man! I really hope I can make it this time. Nervously...
  9. Hi, Dear All, Please help... T.T I am planning to take SE (bridge) exam in April 2019. I wonder if you guys could recommend some useful materials/books/manuals to buy/study and bring to the exam as references (other than the codes specified in the SE exam specifications). Hopefully you guys can make a must-have list for me when you guys get time. Thank you so much for the help. XD
  10. Stewie

    CA board ID #

    thx fireguy~
  11. Stewie

    CA board ID #

    How do I find it out?
  12. Stewie

    California Results Any news???

    You shall pass!!! (with positive energy)
  13. Stewie

    GA, I passed!

    Congrats~! Captin
  14. Stewie


    You are the man. Bravo~