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  1. I am selling the below the items that I used when I took the October 2016 PE Power Exam and passed (first time, woohoo!), since I won’t be needing the PE Prep material anymore (all bought new between March and July 2016, lightly used). The Complex Imaginary and NCEES practice Exams were a huge help in getting myself in the rhythm of working problems in 6 minutes or less on average. It also gave me enough problems that I could rotate through exams without getting that feeling of “oh yeah! I remember how the solution read for this last time...” I picked up the other books (Chelapati Power PE Exam Reference and Grainger’s book) after digging around on the web for good references to have during test time. Chelapati was a good reference to get back into the mode of working problems and thinking them through, though the examples in this book aren’t really set up for a 6 minute solution. I did wind up finding answers to a couple specific problems in this book during the exam. Lastly, I am also selling my copy of Power System Analysis by Grainger and Stevenson because it is more theoretical than I need for the day-to-day work at my job. I came to several answers on the exam that I would have otherwise missed by looking up topics in this book; particularly for sequence components, transmission lines, and the theory behind short circuit analysis. ** Notice: this is an ‘international’, paperback copy ** Contents with links to the correct versions of the books: NCEES Power Practice Exam Complex Imaginary Vol 1-4 (single book) Chelapati PE Exam Reference Power System Analysis; Grainger, Stevenson (paperback international) I am asking $200 + shipping for the whole set. Items shipped from the great state of Oklahoma (Tulsa) after payment is received and/or check has cleared. I accept: PayPal, check, or money order. I can also provide photos of the books to verify quality, edition, etc.; just PM me. For anyone who is interested, the other materials I reference during the exam that I am hanging onto as they were great to have (or were borrowed): 2014 NEC Handbook NFPA 70E 2012 NESC Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems by Wildi My 3” Binder full of printouts, handouts, and the hundreds of problems I worked.
  2. Congratulations! I came here looking for an Oklahoma thread to say I passed too (Power)!
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