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  1. Just got NCEES confirmation
  2. ASCE review course was offered free through my office, did them on-demand, 2 - 2 hr classes per week covering each topic, only 2 - 2 hr sessions for the depth portions but honestly they did a good job of covering nearly every topic. If you are going to pay for a course then I may go with something else (everyone here seems to rave about EET) but I think the ASCE course was fine. Outside of the courses I studied mostly on weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) for approx 10 hrs and maybe 4 hrs or so during the week. I used a lot of practice exams and Lindeburg's big book of practice questions. Civil - Transportation PASSED first try!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Not necessarily, I got notice from my state board (SC) about 1.5 hrs ago that I passed and just checked the NCEES site and it shows the April exams as open to register
  5. Just got my results email direct from LLR, in-state early. PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Did you initiate that conversation or did she just send it to you?
  7. Really? Nothing in my email or NCEES yet
  8. Did you take the exam early?
  9. Could anyone who took the exam early give an update on what the application status looks like on their end? Mine shows no applications pending
  10. Ah man I wish I could check that, I opted to take it early so I wouldn't be issued a license yet. It did change my pending applications from showing my PE application checklist and results pending to just saying that there are no pending applications. Just want to know the results! And congrats to you!
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