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  1. Alrighty- got the licensing packet early last week, sent it back with a money order. Reason for pending status has been updated to " DIVISION APPROVAL NEEDED " from "EXAM". Anyone know what this mean? Anyone else have the same thing? Thanks!
  2. Just spoke with Barbara. Can't imagine how many times she has answered the question... she chimed in before I could even finish asking "Probably going out next week" [re applications].
  3. Thanks Kam. I found Barb to be super helpful on the phone but less responsive via email when I was filling out paperwork to sit for the exam.
  4. What're we thinking CT folks? This week a packet?
  5. Update: I spoke with the very helpful person in charge of licensing at the CT licensing office. She said that the packets would be sent out in the next two weeks or so. Upon receipt of this packet, you write the state of CT a check, fill out a couple forms, send it back, and then very shortly thereafter you get a license number.
  6. Anyone receive the licensing packet or any other signs from Connecticut about getting the license number post passing of the October '16 exam? I see the website says 65 days- just checking to see if it was actually that long. Seems awfully long! But perhaps that just how it is.
  7. Zupa- great work, and good plan. Please, update us when the mail man is within site, once the mail has been opened, and then a scan of any letter you receive. Thanks.
  8. Can we get a scan of your results w/ the postmarked envelope? Without that, I don't believe.
  9. Come on NJ! Hoping today's your day!!
  10. CapNJ- can you speak to weather or not you had to actually attend the classes to benefit from them? Were you able to do on demand and classes?
  11. This is redonk! They should just like.... upload an excel chart or something with your results! Isn't that what excel is for? Charts? Two columns?
  12. Come on Jersey! Big money on today!
  13. Great intel, Cap! Look at that legwork. Multiple calls. Historic records. Correlations. Hoping you NJ souls are out of your misery in the very near future! (next hour? two?)
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