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  1. FE-CBT Exam Results Release Date/Time

    Thank you! 5 years out of school and it feels good to have nailed it on the first try!
  2. FE-CBT Exam Results Release Date/Time

    Experienced and True... No matter what day of the week you take the test, results will come out the following week on Wednesday at 0900 EASTERN... I passed
  3. FE-CBT Exam Results Release Date/Time

    Hello all, I know that most people here have taken their exam during the Thursday to Saturday days and gotten results back Wednesday ~0900 EASTERN but I wanted to ask if there is anyone out there that has taken the exam say Monday to Wednesday and when you have gotten results. I just took my this past Monday and would like to know. Made a topic out of it since I couldn't find the answer anywhere and it may help someone else in the future in determining their time. Thanks in advance!