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  1. Killua

    PE Certificate

    I appreciate that! I'm going to do it as soon as I receive mine
  2. More than 8 hours per day or 8 hours period?
  3. what were the number of problems you solved correctly?
  4. Killua

    PE Certificate

    How long did it take to receive your PE certificate(Specifically Texas) and what were the dimensions. It seems a bit premature but I want to start looking for frames.
  5. As a 1 time repeater I can tell you why. People tend to only skim the subjects that they did well in based on their diagnostic results and spend more of their time on subjects and question types they did poorly with. What they don't understand is that a lot of the questions they struggled with wont be on the next test and they should have done a better job refreshing up on the subjects they did well in the first time. I would imagine that the majority of the repeat takers that pass are the ones taking it for the 3rd or fourth time...they've learned this valuable lesson by then.
  6. I didn't take the course but i used a combination of a friends old testmasters material and " guide to passing the power PE" i bought on amazon for self study. Passed.
  7. Thanks! Congrats to you too! We worked hard for this!!!
  8. I passed!!!! 2nd attempt after making a 67% the first time!!!! Electrical:Power
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