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  1. How soon do the survey results come out after seismic?
  2. Most people will be off this week. They will probably take next week to put the results together and release it on Monday, January 13.
  3. I agree with this as well. Last time I took the test in April 2019, I received an A, A, IR, U on the lateral afternoon. I wrote the procedure and applicable code references for 50% of a problem and received an IR. Had to do the same on one half of another problem but couldn't note down the code references due to time and received an unacceptable. I think there is a good amount of credit for Correct procedure, Code references and Completeness (3 C's). I also listed what information the questions did not provide for other applicable code checks that were necessary and made a reasonable assumption to at least make sure I am covered in case those were the tricks the graders expected examine's to identify. I also provided alternate solutions in case the assumptions I made based on the missing information was something the graders might not be looking for/did not care (This took a lot of time I didn't have in my first try). I did not miss any opportunity to throw in sketches to supplement my solutions even though they were not required by the problem statement. I work in a consulting firm where I have to deal with a variety of project types and design on a daily basis. Had quite a few projects in California with SDC D (SCBF, SMF, Wood, Special Concrete and masonry shear walls) within the last year which have helped a lot in preparing for this exam.
  4. You really nailed that afternoon portion on both tests... All the very best for next time.
  5. And that's the END of your Ordeal.. Happy for you man. Congrats.
  6. Do you mean "preceeding"? I received the notification Email at 2:51PM CST
  7. Well...I was a little bit worried because of 1 afternoon question on which I solved the first two parts, but had to write down the process and precisely referenced code check equations for the last two parts due to time. I must have gotten an IR for that question.... But other than that, I felt good coming out of the exam.
  8. You have to pass both components within a Five year period.
  9. Congrats to everyone who passed. I think calling the Texas board kind of made them check their Emails from NCEES for results. Anyways, the new TBPELS is doing a great job releasing the results on the same day. No complaints from this Texan.
  10. Woooohooooo.... Texas Releases. Lateral only 2nd time and PASSED...
  11. I'll still stick with Green as far as NCEES is concerned...
  12. Looks like Michigan was one of the first's. Anybody from Michigan got their results yet??? @Titleistguy?
  13. I just wanna see some Green.................I like red only when marking drawings.
  14. So, which states are the ones that come in first? Any idea? I called Texas board, the rep said she had no idea yet about the results being released to the board. But then again she said the PE results were released on Friday which in fact were released on Thursday. Fingers crossed, hopefully Texas comes out today.
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