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  1. I think most of us will agree that you cannot pass SE with just superficial knowledge. Time, effort and a decent understanding of the subject matter is a prerequisite. So, just skimming the surface is not the intent. Just looking for a decent reference that is organized better than the code. There are many references available for each material but one just cannot get all of them and go through every single one of them. I am leaning towards getting the Design and Detailing of Low-Rise Reinforced Concrete Buildings by CRSI.
  2. What about Concrete? Any one shot book on seismic design of concrete structures that is recommended?
  3. Does the afternoon part of the lateral exam include steel seismic systems other than those listed in the NCEES AM specs? The AM specs do not list BRBF, Steel plate shear walls, composite moment/brace/shear wall systems. While I have seen BRBF being used on projects and could be a valid entry in the exam, I am yet to see any projects that utilized the steel plate SW and composite systems. Curious if the afternoon portion includes these systems in its scope. BTW just clicked the $500 button for the October lateral exam!
  4. Hey Guys, I took both components of the SE exam this past April 2019 and received Unacceptable. I am planning on breaking up the exam into two sessions and will be taking lateral component first this October 2019. I have the following references, 1. All code references per the NCEES specs. 2. All SEAOC manuals. 3. Seismic Design Review- Hiner 4. Bridge problems- David Connor 5. PPI 6 minute solutions for SE exam. 6. PPI Practice Exam 7. PPI SERM 9th Edition- Alan Williams 8. Concrete, Steel, wood and Foundation design Textbooks (McGregor, Segui, Breyer and Bowles). 9. EET Lateral Binder. 10. NCEES Practice Exam. I am already very familiar with SERM, SEAOC vol 1 and the practice exam from NCEES. Initially, I was thinking of going through the SERM, Hiner, Connor, PPI 6 min, NCEES and PPI practice exams. However, I somehow managed to purchase the EET lateral binder from a friend who took and passed the exam this past April. I am considering switching over to EET binder to spearhead my study schedule instead of the SERM and Hiner combo to tackle the test (I will still be reading through these but will spend bulk of my time on EET). Got about 17 weeks left. Will be spending 18-20 hours studying every week. Do you guys have any recommendations or suggestions to this approach? On a side note, I will also be taking the PE Civil Seismic exam 3 weeks before the lateral (Contingent upon my application being approved to sit for it next quarter). Thanks!
  5. @FutureSE You do seem to have the gift for attracting the best talent in the industry! 🤣🤣
  6. Thanks @CAPLS and @NikR. I think I read somewhere on the BPELSG website that background verification for manual Fingerprint cards takes a lot longer than live scans. Live scan is only available in California so I had to send the manual cards. Just wondering if anyone else had a similar experience?
  7. Anyone who passed the SE lateral exam willing to sell their EET lateral binders?
  8. First try. Failed both....😰 Vertical AM: 23/40 Vertical PM: A, A, A, IR Lateral AM: 20/40 Lateral PM: A , A, IR, U I will be breaking it up now and taking just the lateral next October. This sucks. I was really hoping I would pass the vertical! Dammit...
  9. Man, Why does Texas have to wait before giving the go ahead. They do not even have dedicated SE licensure...
  10. Yes, NCEES will directly release the results. Nothing from Texas yet...
  11. Hey Guys, Anyone from outside California who applied for PE Civil license and took CA specific exams? I just sent them my application with the manual Fingerprint cards. How long does it take for BPELSG to process out of state applications? I am thinking of taking the exam next quarter at around December, maybe earlier. And what references did you use to prepare? I have Hiener's Seismic book, Seaoc Vol 1 and Dr. Mansour's surveying books along with all the reference codes. Would I need anything else? How many prep hours did you put in? I am decently familiar with seismic design but will need to brush up on Surveying.
  12. Hmmmm....You sure you are not a secret agent from NCEES spying in this forum? Did NCEES pay you with passing grade in SE? I am contemplating you are the REAL Ashlei...🤔
  13. I have the same feeling. And that is probably why I did not scroll down enough to check the Lateral exam results in my dream...😅
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