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  1. One Week (+1 day) left

    Only one more week (+ 1 day) left to prepare for "THE TEST". What is everyone going to do? I took off the entire week last April to study.
  2. Happy Test Month

    You can bring water into the test however they require that you put your water bottle on the floor and not on the table. 4 hours is a long time to sit and not use the restroom (at least for some of us) so try and not drink too much water and/or coffee in the morning because you will use up valuable test time using the restroom.
  3. What was your score for the Civil WRE?

    Last October my score was 36/80 with a score of 61. I am curious what others received this April. Since I learned the material twice, I was able to complete more of the problems in the breadth and depth portions without having to guess.
  4. What was your score for the Civil WRE?

    Trying to determine the cut score for WRE.
  5. To Those Who've Failed

    What really helped me was to have the NCEES outline out during the test and follow it question by question because the test questions followed the exact order of the outline so I knew what folder to reference for every question.
  6. DC Results Released!

    I totally agree with SoCalBound. I failed last October's test. After 24 years out of school, married 20 years, 3 kids, lots of work/home/church responsibilities, took the FE in 1993, I decided that I was going to take the PE test. I did what SoCalBound said after I failed the test. I told others that it doesn't matter how many times I take the test I am going to pass it. But it was for my benefit not because of what they thought of me. I decided that I was going to pass this test regards of the amount of tries. Mklee1986, you must decide that nothing is going to stop you (even a failed result). You can do it.
  7. PE passers by age.

    Passed Civil WRE at 46. 24 years after taking the FE, married 20 years, 3 children, and an ME degree.
  8. Civil PE 8 Hour Exam - April 2017 - Ease/Difficulty

    We are coming closer to NCEES posting the results. Keep filling out this poll if you have not already.
  9. So here is what is going to happen

    Remember, this site will get inundated with posts the day NCEES releases the results. So far the recent posts are just trolling posts. I guess some people get a kick out of getting others worked up.
  10. Civil PE 8 Hour Exam - April 2017 - Ease/Difficulty

    It also looks like this who took the April 2017 test are more confident in passing than in October 2016.
  11. So here is what is going to happen

    You will get used to seeing the trolling posts for the next several days/weeks. However, the day the results from NCEES are released, this forum will become so active with people posting when their state has posted the results.
  12. Civil PE 8 Hour Exam - April 2017 - Ease/Difficulty

    The morning portion of the April 2017 exam seemed more straight forward compared to the poll taken for October 2016.
  13. Here we go again. The same posts by the same people after every test.
  14. I wanted to see how all the disciplines felt about the morning and depth portions of the PE Civil exam. Thank you for participating.

    Ohhhhh. So you are going to start these "fooled ya" posts again.