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  1. When the NCEES notification arrives, take a deep breath and pray before you look at your test result. Because when you look at your life, your prayers are a WHOLE lot more important than your exam results.
  2. I remember the day that the NCEES email arrived in my inbox. My heart was pounding, and I was excited and nervous at the same time to see the results. I was in a meeting but was able to look up the results on my phone. PASS it said. Whew !!!! So happy to be finished with the studying and this test. This is going to be you !!! So smile! Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
  3. The April 2017 results were released on May 25. Test was administered on April 21. NCESS took 34 days to release the results. Using the same number of days the results would be released on May 17.
  4. I took the WRE twice. The second time I took the test seemed a lot easier than the first time even though more people passed the first test I took. I had a much better grasp of the material and knew what to expect during the test.
  5. You answer will not be revealed. Hopefully this poll will encourage others who took the exam.
  6. Wolf, I guess it depends on your learning style. I perform better in a classroom setting rather than an online course. It helps me set my schedule and keep me in focused on the subject matter. I took the Testmasters classroom Dallas course in spring of 2017 and was pleased with all the instructors, however will all the praise Nazrul from EET has received I would have liked to have taken his WRE course. I never could have passed the PE without Testmasters and their classroom setting was very conducive for learning.
  7. YES. I found someone else who has taken the same path. I am in the water/wastewater field as well. However, it was not until recently that I needed to get a PE license. For 19 years, I had a very secure job that would take me to retirement however God had a different plan for me. I quit my job and moved to Texas where He provided another amazing job opportunity. They did not require a PE license but I got one anyways. It has been a fun journey and I am really enjoying it. How has the transition been for you?
  8. I took the Testmasters classroom course in Dallas.
  9. After 24 years of being out of college, I had to take a review course. I also took a different PE discipline (Civil-WRE) than my college major (Mech. Eng.) so I knew that I would have to learn the civil eng. PE test. I had to take the test twice (Oct 2016, April 2017). The course had a guarantee to pass promise. So I took the course twice. The first time I took the course I was writing so fast to get the information I missed many concepts. The second time I took the course I did not need to write as much so I understood many of the missed concepts. Another item that REALLY helped me was to follow the NCEES outline DURING THE TEST. The questions on the test followed the exact order of the outline so I did not have to figure out what type of question they were asking. This helped with many of my answers. Thirdly, for those taking the Civil test, I used the solver function on my calculator for about 5 questions on the test. This helped reduce the amount of time working backwards to the answers. If I can pass this silly test after 24 years, with 3 children at home, and a different PE discipline than college major, you can do it. Please, please, please don't give up. It has already helped me get promoted with the possibility of another promotion within a month. YOU CAN DO IT. God bless you.
  10. In October 2016, the date changed in NCEES but in the April 2017, the date did not change right before the release.
  11. There is hope. I took the PE last April and passed 24 years after graduating. Hang onto hope. You can do it.
  12. Oh wait I just receive a EB message from NCESS, they inform me that they made a mistake on my notification. The font should have been Vader D2 OB1 Banana.
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