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  1. NYS License Numbers

    Yep. They are currently updating them. You get 1 every little while. Looks like they are up to D right now.
  2. NYS License Numbers

    State website says that licenses will be updated first on website. Few weeks before you get it in the mail. No, NYC does not have its own license.
  3. NYS License Numbers

    I know a few people who passed the Oct 2015 test in NY. And their licenses weren't posted till the first week of January. Since we have almost the exact same results released date as last years batch. I don't think we will have our licenses until then. I was hoping to get it already, but what can you do? Maybe we will get lucky and get it next week. Siiiigh
  4. Civil Water Resources & Environmental Started studying the moment i was approved on June 20th. Studied almost everyday at least 3 hours. With a couple days off here and there. So give or take 300 hours. 160ish was School of PE. Both the previous semesters and the current ones On Demand. Passed first try Oct 2016
  5. Can't keep me down---need help

    I am also Civil-WRE. I took School of PE and i thought it was really good. EXCEPT for the Environmental teacher. He was just the worst and his notes were confusing as hell. I got a copy of the Lindenburg Water Resources/Environmental reference to supplement how awful he was. Also like the guy above me said. I really liked the Harry Friebel dictionary, def helped me answer verbal questions in afternoon portion of the exam. As for School of PE. I did on demand because i wanted to make my own schedule. They gave me access to the previous semesters videos so i started studying on June 20th, the moment i got my approval letter. Then 3 hours a day, almost everyday, def took time off for enjoying myself. But put most stuff on hold for this test. I passed on my first try this time around Oct 2016.
  6. Theory on "how to know if you pass prior to publication"

    I passed. Received nothing from NCEES or SchoolofPe. Crazy theory. lol
  7. Passed in NY...But Now What?

    Hey Greg, Congrats. I also just passed in NY. In the experience of friends and colleagues. NY just takes a couple weeks to issue your license after they get the pass result. I'm going to assume this is just laziness on their part. I will wait for my name to show up on the website before using PE in emails.
  8. Hawaii is still waiting!

    What time is it in Hawaii right now?
  9. Review Course Pass/Fail

    School of PE Civil- Water Resources & Environmental PASSSEED

    No. New York updates super late. Couple of weeks later.

  12. Format of Dashboard has changed

    NY here. 28th has vanished for me.
  13. Poor Keshia

    LMAO. Im dying. Shes gonna fail you for that.
  14. Zombie apocalypse

    Who wants to break into NCEES with me if the website goes down after the apocalypse?
  15. What type of soil is it as classified by OSHA?