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  1. TNSparky


    None yet. Wasn't there supposed to be some ceremony thing in K-Town? I'm not going but I want mine mailed. I've given the state enough money.....they can afford a first class envelope and a stamp.
  2. It would seem the generator is the source but the maximum amount of energy available for the fault is dictated by the weakest link: in this case, the 25 MVA transformer. You can't push 50 MVA through a 25 MVA transformer.
  3. Huh....weird. Glad they never asked a question like that on my exam. Confession: I didn't have the NFPA 70E and was fine...but I'm not saying don't take it. I didn't even know about it until after the exam.
  4. What was the dictionary for? Never heard of bringing one of them for this exam.
  5. Every single practice problem I've seen like this is all shown the same and whenever there is only 1 diode, it's a half wave circuit. If there are 2, it's a full wave. No, it's not what I'd expect to see with a rectifier circuit, but I had to get used to how they were representing it in their one-line format. I figured it's part of what we do every day as engineers. We see different drawing conventions across different companies and applications based on different drawing convention philosophies. We have to adapt and still be able to read them. It's part of the skills of a PE.
  6. Yes, it is. The entire bridge is a lot of times not shown in NCEES one-line style diagrams, but it is a full wave rectifier. If it were half wave, it would only have one diode and not 2.
  7. Dare I ask....but are you taking it this Friday (4/21)? Also, have you familiarized yourself with the material you're going to use to study/reference?
  8. -Complex/Imaginary Complete Set -Camara Power Reference Manual -NEC with the tabs they sell -NESC -School of PE and/or PPI notes, tabbed out and labeled by major topics/subjects -School of PE and/or PPI practice problems, tabbed out and labeled by major topics/subjects -Chapman Machines book (there will be questions on machines and there are formulae you will need out of this book) -Blackburn Protective Relaying book (probably the best presentation on symmetrical components I've seen; has all the sequence networks already drawn out) -NCEES practice exam All of the above should fit into a milk crate with room to spare. That's what I took into mine and was fine. If you want, you can get Spin Up or Graffeo. I haven't used either of them but hear they are both really good.
  9. They cracked down on some of that a few years ago. JetBlue was the worst about it.
  10. Yes, I have. You don't create a situation for a protest to begin with. If a plane is overbooked, not one single passenger should be let on until the overbooking situation is resolve....AT THE GATE.
  11. I just really can't wait until the lawyers get finished with this one. It's not going to go in United's favor. They will probably settle out of court and agree to admit no wrongdoing and the terms will never be discusses, but you can bet this is going to cost them and the airport police a lot of time and money. The PR damage is already done. I really hope none of you all that side with United on this one ever find yourself in the same situation the doctor was in on Sunday (regardless of whatever your background is). If you all can't see even remotely what was wrong about how the doc was treated in this particular situation, I feel sorry for you. Yeah, a lot of times engineers are supposed to removed and void of emotion and stick to fact-based thinking and analysis. And I'm not discounting that. 99 times out of 100, I usually give the offending party in question the benefit of the doubt. But in this one particular case (just this one case, not referencing any other headline-making case where justice has come into question), this was a clear and egregious violation of the doc's rights and dignity. For that reason, I think United and the responsible law enforcement party should be required to pay damages, and myself personally, I will refrain from using United Airlines for future flights. As for the lessons learned here, there are massive procedure changes that need to be made, more than likely across all airlines. And there needs to be more laws put in place that better outline the rights of passengers and the rights of airlines....something besides a line of small print in size 3.5 font on page 238 of 1000 of the "carriage agreement." Hell, Congress didn't even read the Affordable Care Act before they even signed it. Why is it reasonable to think the average passenger has the time and resources to sit down and read 1000 pages of some crap a sleezeball corporate lawyer for the airlines came up with? The obvious procedure change that needs to be mandated across all airlines: if you're overbooked, you don't board the plane with a single passenger, period. Me personally, I'd like to go further and have overbooking banned by law. The airlines have abused that system long enough and have proven many times over that they are not competent enough to do it and regulate it on their own. All of this would have been prevented if they maintained a 1 passenger = 1 seat ratio...AND DON'T GO OVER IT. I'm done with this one. If any of you all are flying United soon, pepper your angus. That's all I can say.
  12. Reasonable Alternative: Airline: "Sir, we need you to deboard." Passenger in Question: "I can't I have a pressing need in the destination city that is time sensitive and I CANNOT miss this flight." Airline on PA: "We'll offer $2000 in a certified check, hotel, transportation, membership in our super ultra level blah blah blah flight program, rebook you on a flight tomorrow, and give you a free round trip ticket...." *Certain time passes with no takers* Airline: "$2500....$3000..." etc. Repeat until you have a taker. You'll get one pretty quick. Problem solved.
  13. Believe it or not, if someone is not being compliant (for whatever reason), the default reasonable action is not to beat the sh*t out of them.
  14. He can make the argument that it was United that was not complying with the agreement they made to fly him to a specified location at a specified time. Point is: it was handled 110% the wrong way by the airlines and the cops. The lawyers are gonna have a field day with this one both civilly and criminally and it's not going to go in United's favor. The bulk majority of the populace (any of which can be chosen for a jury) will see that there were many reasonable alternatives the airline/police could have done besides excessive use of force.
  15. If the premise was "by invitation" the conclusion of that invitation would be based on a conclusion of an event organized by me.
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