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  1. I didn't think much about this until now, but I got survey a week after the exam and I passed.
  2. One thing I've learned on this website, there's room for trolling everywhere not just exam results.
  3. Whoa whoa whoa.. didn't know they were fiddling with our PE test results. Mine still shows passed as well. Phew! But people are now saying that they've seen strange the "green" turn "red" on their NCEES page. Strange times folks!
  4. What color pencil was provided for PE April 2018 exam? It's lost somewhere in my apartment and I already forgot what it looked like.
  5. Do not make the same mistake a few climbers make while attempting to summit Mt. Everest. In my opinion a few of them go in with an attitude "I'm here to conquer the effin' mountain, try and stop me, I'll rage until I finally mount you". This is in stark contrast with the Sherpas who, despite being born in the valleys of the Himalayan mountains, harbor a healthy respect for what lays ahead. In the context of PE exam, the mountain represents uncertainty (exam questions, difficulty, cut scores etc). And their humility represents your ability to be humble and more flexible in your preparation approach. In my opinion this strategy almost always bears fruit. Be like them and my best wishes to all!
  6. Some say @NY-Computer-Engineer still sees the green "Pass" mark every night in his sleep. Wait a not him..right.. that's me. The green mark titillates me
  7. I took my bagpack to the exam with no problem.
  8. Both 1 & 2 are correct. A problem may have data in US customary units and they may ask you to answer in SI.
  9. Appreciate the response. I'm amused but unfortunately no closer to finding a good answer.
  10. Can a thermal and fluids PE sign/stamp HVAC designs or vice versa?
  11. Hi, I went through the same situation a year ago. I have non-ABET undergrad and ABET grad degree in engineering. CA board requires both (undergrad and grad) transcripts as a part of the application process.
  12. Sweet. I haven't got the wall cert yet. Did it come together with the pocket id?
  13. Dear Drew I am a working father such as yourself. It was hard to find time to study but that's where my great wife came to my rescue. After reaching home from work she took care of our kid and let me study for 2-3 hours on weekdays. On weekends I studied about 6-7 hours. This went on for 4.5 months. Good news for me and more importantly for my wife was that I passed in my first try (April 2018) Know that it's definitely probable to pass PE while working and fathering. You've got to have your partner's support; so lean on your wife for a few months to buy study time. Don't feel too much guilty in asking for her help because she's also a stakeholder when you actually become a PE. Study material-wise I used school of PE for review. Was well versed with references I took to the exam. Solved a lot of problems from PPI, School of PE and NCEES practice exam. Took timed practice exams which was difficult as I couldn't find 8 straight hours of free time. So I separated AM and PM sections and completed each in 4 hours.
  14. Got my pocket ID card in mail yesterday. Not sure if I'll keep it on me though..
  15. Apparently California board started issuing plastic cards in 2016. See page 4 Haven't read/heard anything about cards for 2018 licensees.
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