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  1. MechanicalApril17

    M.E. Thermal-Fluids. Did you pass?

    Passed! Having friends over for drinks this weekend!
  2. MechanicalApril17


    Gotcha! I didn't know about the de-coupling so applied, paid fees and got approval of the CA board prior to registering for the exam on NCEES.
  3. MechanicalApril17

    NCEES Credential Evaluation

    Unfortunately I'm qualified to answer this. A couple of years ago I was in the same situation as you are, except I'm a mechanical engineer. I had cleared the FE exam and had gathered 4 yrs of professional experience. I applied for the PE exam. My state board asked me to get my Indian undergrad degree evaluated by NCEES and it came back with deficiencies owing to random credit allocation by NCEES. State board said since the eval came back with deficiencies I had to have additional 1 yr work experience on top of required 4 yrs (so total of 5 yrs). Also, they refused to give me credit for my ABET master's degree. So two option here, in my opinion. 1. See what your state board requires you do in lieu of deficient credential evaluation. 2. Apply through a different state board that gives you credit for your master's degree (e.g. California in my case). I went with option 2 and passed PE exam this spring. I don't think going back to NCEES for re-evaluation is a viable option. If you paid additional fee and changed course descriptions it may help NCEES in credit allocation. But I wouldn't count on it. Their methodology appears too nebulous to go favorably for you. I've wasted a lot of time, money chasing this thread so I'd not recommend this.
  4. MechanicalApril17


    My understanding was that you just have to submit Board Notification Form. Did you receive CA board's authorization to take the exam or did you just register on NCEES, without filling peapp?
  5. MechanicalApril17


    No state specific exams for me. I wrote and passed mechanical engineering PE. Thanks for your help.
  6. MechanicalApril17


    I filled this application form before the exam to get approved to take the PE exam. Along with that I had sent transcripts, PE references etc. Per this thread, do I need to do all that (application form, PE references, transcripts) again after I passed?
  7. MechanicalApril17

    This Week...

    Nice work!
  8. MechanicalApril17

    Texas results are in!

    No; just reading this thread.
  9. MechanicalApril17

    Texas results are in!

    My pulse rate is 180. Is that normal?
  10. MechanicalApril17

    How Different is the 2016 NCEES Practice test from the 2011 one?

    The booklet contains exam spec before the exam. It's updated to reflect revised specification.
  11. MechanicalApril17

    New Mechanical PE specifications for the April 2017 exams

    Is mathematics gone too?