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  1. For autocad I would recommend you break it down by topic, alignments, pipe networks, feature lines, corridors, grading tools, surfaces etc, then you can find a good introductory videos on youtube or lots of discussions on each topic and how to's, the autocad help menu is also informative. I would highly recommend utilizing the drafters you have because they have studied the software, learn from them as much about drafting as you can. I currently work for a company with no drafters, not as efficient as if we had them in drawing.
  2. Are there websites or resources to getfree Lidar data for north Texas (Dallas and surrounding cities)?
  3. TME600

    Texas Results

    good luck yall 🤠
  4. anyone know if Texas is out?
  5. I took test masters failed. Took EET and passed. I agree breadth test was heavy on structural, other than that wouldn't have passed without Dr. Nazrul. I felt very prepared and familiar with everything in the depth. Good luck next time, know the material and the binder inside and out. I dedicated 3 months legit studying every night after work and all day Saturday all day Sunday. Wish you all the best. I know it's hard, been there. Chin up, you can do it. It will require sacrifice but it's within reach. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. so thankful for the grammar police.....
  7. Results are out just too many people trying to check at the same time the system can't keep up and will probably show results pending until they can get IT on it and IT has there Holiday party so looks like Jan 1st at the earliest and infinity at the latest...
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