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  1. For the Mechanical Systems and Materials test there were problems straight from the 6MS book. The NCEES exam just gave you more information which made it faster to solve. I would use it as a tool to practice more problems but know that the PE exam questions won't be as hard.
  2. I passed the PE test is October as well. My Current/Active status is until 2/28/19. I think the certificates just take awhile.
  3. 1/28/15. Which was when my initial application to take the exam was accepted.
  4. I don't not see anything that says I passed on the DBPR. My status is still Eligible for Exam.
  5. I felt that working the 6 Minute Solutions until I could get every problem correct really put me over the top on my 3rd attempt (I purchased that book prior to my third attempt). Or I could have just got lucky with the problems that were chosen to be put on October's test compared to the previous two. I just saw some of the prices of those other books and just couldn't purchase them for almost a one time use for this test. Passing this test was one of the hardest things I have had to do in my life.
  6. I only used the MERM but it did take me 3 tries to pass. I had the 6 minute solutions, MERM practice problems, MERM practice exam and the NCEES practice exam as my problems to work to get me prepared for the exam.
  7. To add on to what JHW 3D said I used the NCEES Practice exam and the Six-Minute Solutions for this last attempt. I worked those problems until I could get a 100% on every problem in both books. I could get the NCEES Practice Exam done in 4 hours with a 100%. The Six-Minute Solutions on the other hand took me months before I could get every answer right.
  8. I also passed in October after failing twice. I recommend the Six-Minute Solutions for Mechanical PE Exam Mechanical Systems and Materials Problems. I believe this put me over the top when it came to preparation and there were a few problems on the exam that were straight from this book. The questions on the exam actually gave more information which made obtaining the answer a little faster.
  9. I took it for the 3rd time last week and thought it was easier for me this time around compared to the other 2 times. I don't feel like I guessed at all on the PM session.
  10. I got 42 right on last October's Mechanical Systems & Materials exam and no where on my diagnostic does it give me an overall percentage. So I'm not sure where you came up with those percentages and if they are right or not.
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