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  1. Feel free to add to the survey from the last test round I created, we had 102 folks already surveyed at the time of this post: It is anonymous and if we keep adding every test round it would be a great repository for folks in coming years to see what they might be able to expect!
  2. Currently watching my co-workers squirm and wearing out their F5 buttons on the NCEES and TBPE websites. They thought I was crazy last testing period on results day for doing the same thing. Chins up everyone, hope everyone passes!
  3. We use Microstation SelectSeries4 and GEOPAK all day everyday, have been into the OPENROADs 3D modeling (for the past 2 years). Microstation is still single-threaded software for 99% of what the program does, only the rendering of a model is multi-threaded. Basically what it means is that you could have a 12 core CPU powerhouse and no matter what you do, it will only max a single core when performing operations except when you want to render a 3D model (which only applies to the actual textures you add, the shapes are still drawn single-threaded). At one time I was on a six core CPU machine and would run 5 separate file models in separate windows, each maxed out one of the cores individually. 1 model in one window running takes 15 minutes, 5 running in 5 windows takes 15 minutes... I'm back onto a quad core, specs shown below: Dell Percision 3620 Intel E3-1225 v5 @ 3.30 GHz 32.0 GB RAM Windows 7 64-bit SSD hard drive Windows Experience Rating 7.6 (the old 6-core was a 7.9 which is the max) Oh, also, Microstation is still a 32-bit program so even tough your operating system might be 64-bit, Microstation still encounters tons of system memory errors when dealing with large files... The best thing you can do is get the fastest clock speed available for a CPU, extra cores will allow you to do other things on the side while Microstation crunches numbers on a single core. Intel Chip magic doesn't really apply here except overclocking. It will dedicate to a single bank of memory as well so the largest single stick of memory you can get will help. You can also allocate more virtual memory if you have admin privileges and the know how. I've beat this horse to death with Bentley, it's just the way it is. Hope this helps! Reference material:
  4. This is exactly what I brought but I wish I would have bought something on wheels. Everything fit into the single milk crate but it really sucked to carry it around with the weight of all my material (which was only the testmasters binder broken out into subjects, goswami reference manual, and Lindberg reference manual). The plastic handles like to dig into your hands with the weight and the cheaper the crate the less they care about removing those pokey edges. Additionally there was no space to put it down due to how crowded the reception area was, and it was a really long walk from the car in a parking garage to the desk. Its so much easier to have your hands empty while giving your ID and test approval paperwork to the reception staff too. I passed so I don't have to worry about doing it again but if I had to I would definitely spend the $25 for one that rolls instead of $10 on one you have to carry. JM2C Good luck everyone!
  5. I almost spit out my coffee with these posts LOL Good luck to everyone on the April Train!
  6. The overall Texas Pass/Fail Rates by location and discipline have finally been added to the TBPE website! Discipline: Location: 2989 Texas Registrants, 1771 Passes; 59.2% Pass Rate overall!
  7. WRE, Passed 1st Attempt, 82% (Texas) Similar story here, I took Testmasters in Dallas with the WRE depth and spent some time working on the WRE sections during the "Non-Required" days for Testmasters where they focused on the other depth sections. (72 hrs required + 16 hours non-required time). Did most of my self study starting the Saturday before the exam and continued after work for 4-5 hours the week of the exam. Thursday night before the test I read through different practice exams from various resources w/ solutions. I didn't want to hand write anything so I would basically read the problem statements and work though the steps of "how would this be solved" but never used a calculator or wrote anything down. Then reference solution to see if I had the right plan of attack for the problem and moved to the next one. Drank two 24oz Miller Lites in the hobo brown bags from the gas station ice chest next door to the hotel that night while reading through the exams. My biggest enemy for test taking is being stressed the day of and not being able to sleep the night before. Just tried to keep myself in the right state of mind when I got there and get my eyes closed by 10pm the night before.
  8. Post them here!
  9. One of my Coworkers was also in the class with us and passed the Construction Management Depth. Testmasters is big in my office, almost everyone here has chosen them for their review course. There are at least 15 people I currently / previously worked with who took Testmasters and passed first attempt. At least 5 others who self studied by borrowing someones old Testmasters binder / notes. Apparently it works. The structural guys I heard commenting were all taking decoupled with maybe 1 year experience. They still thought they were in college apparently.
  10. This x 100!!! I ate my body weight in meat at Texas de Brazil last night, plenty of drinks to come over the weekend, then back to real life lol
  11. Great to hear the class worked out for you too! I have complaints about the class but now I don't really care to elaborate since it worked out in the end. I had the WRE depth and felt like that was the portion of the class with the weakest instructor / notes. In the end it the notes really had almost everything I needed besides maybe 2 theory questions. I thought the transportation instructor was good because he was engaging, not sure how the depth portion went there for you but for the AM session it was all i needed.
  12. 82% on TBPE, I'm very pleased. One of my coworkers got a 95% on TBPE, I almost fell over lmao another got exactly a 70 Congrats to all who made it!
  13. 82% on TBPE Testmasters Dallas CONGRATS! That classroom was so packed lol
  14. Upgraded to supporting member! Thanks to everyone for helping me pass the time between the exam and posted results
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