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  1. Fire!

    Guys I am a Mechanical PE and I am planning to take the FP PE exam on October, any advise for studying materials , courses, or references ??????????????
  2. PE Certificate

    No of course he isn't the same person, anyway you need to send your application with all the supported documents , because if you wont send your application you wont know the Board decision, and as you mentioned you started your career since 2010 so you have almost 6 years of experience , and you just need 4 years , so I feel there is no worries . Good Luck man!!
  3. PE Certificate

    I am not pretty sure, but as I understood from the Board rules that they consider any engineering design related experience and it doesn't mentioned if it should be in your discipline or not , but I believe if you will call the license department they will give you the right answer, I called them like two or three times before I mailed my SER and Reference Statements and they were really helpful with answering all my questions, specially because I have almost 9 years experience overseas (all of them were in Mechanical Engineering)but still I am really worry about the approval because its up to the Board decision to consider the number of overseas experience, but as I said if you will give them a call they will give you the right answer
  4. PE Certificate

    I don't really know maybe because my case is different I mean since I already passed the PE exam so they don't have a reason to be in hurry like if I am waiting for their approval to set for the exam , I really start to feel worry I know I don't have anything to be worry about it , but the waiting is killing me , cant focus on anything else because I am thinking about the license all the time and when I will receive the email states that I am a PE , it has been so long since I started to work on this target
  5. PE Certificate

    No not yet, they just Saied that they received all of my documents, I don't know why it takes a long time???, but maybe because of the holidays
  6. PE Certificate

    Yes I am confident . the CH check is the finger print because I don't live in Texas so I had to send it to Illinois
  7. PE Certificate

    just have one more question, you mentioned that you received the approval after three days, was it three days from when you maild the Ethic exam, SER, and the Reference Statements, or three days from the receiving confirmation email?, because I just received an email today at 5AM said that they received these items : * Ethics Exam - Online Passed Ethics Exam * Other Item - PE App (Paper Form) * SER - Eng. 1-4 * Reference #1 * Reference #2 * Reference #3 * CH Record Check * Additional Ref so I am just wondering how long it will take to get the approval email?
  8. yes, I nailed the two sessions and I got a really great score, and what took time from me that I solved almost all the problems in the PPI practice problems book they were maybe 500 to 600 and unfortunately I studied everything about Mechanical thermal and fluid , and Mechanical system and material, because I wasn't sure from the morning session questions because until last Mechanical PE exam the morning session was general on the three disciplines (NCEES changed this system after October2016 exam and now the both sessions are specific) , so I did not want to take the chance since I had the time , and I as I mentioned before I Preferred to not to sleep but not to loose that chance and fail the October exam. for me was the biggest step in my carrier, and I had to get it done . I don't know what your discipline is, but believe me studying for the PE improves your work and you technical background strongly, so good luck to you
  9. No, I studied 5 Hrs every weekday from 7PM to 12PM , come home from work at 5:30 , take care of my 6 years old daughter , have dinner, put my daughter in bed and lock myself in my office until 12PM , and I did 12 Hrs every weekend day. My wife was in charger during the weekends to take care of our daughter because she works from 2pm to 10pm Monday to Friday, so we sat our plan up at the beginning of July. During those four months I lived only to work and study , and I was really wheeling to do anything to pass that exam, for me was the only target in my life and anything else came after that target
  10. I took Mechanical HVAC & R, I did exactly the same like what you did , purchased the PPI study material and NCEES practice exam , but I studied for 4 months period (I actually did 810 hours studying), until 5:45AM on Friday Oct,28th , and I passed it . I should be honest and say it was a really great experience after 11 years out of the school, and I really miss that atmosphere, it was hard but it paid off. studying now for LEED AP BD+C but not the same pressure like it was with studying for the PE
  11. PE Certificate

    Thanks TWJ for your help!
  12. PE Certificate

    yes they have everything , I mailed all the required documents and I get an email from TBPE says that they received all the application fees and the application form , and this was last Friday 23th
  13. PE Certificate

    I just submitted my PE application yesterday to Texas Board , because I wanted to be sure I will pass the exam first before sending my application , and I received email today that they received my application , How long it will take to get my certificate or at least the approval and the license number (I am submitting based on new Decoupling rule/ I took and passed the exam first)?
  14. Review Course Pass/Fail

    PPI (Mechanical engineering Reference Manual & Practice Problems), Plus the NCEES Reference book and I studied at home for four months. I passed from the first try (Mechanical HVAC and REFRIGERATION), really the PPI Books are AMAZING!!!!!
  15. Texas PE Results