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  1. tua85366

    Results From October SE?

    So you got Acceptable on the two hardest questions in the afternoon... That's exactly how my afternoon score looked last cycle. Keep at it. How was your morning score?
  2. tua85366

    Results From October SE?

    That lateral exam was insanely hard. SEStress, how did you make out?
  3. tua85366

    Results From October SE?

    PA just released. Passed lateral on my third try. IT'S OVER!
  4. tua85366

    Results From October SE?

    Seriously? Nothing received over here in PA.
  5. tua85366

    Results From October SE?

    Hahaha. Every new notification on this thread has me inching closer and closer to the edge of my seat.
  6. tua85366

    Results From October SE?

    I'm back in....
  7. tua85366

    Results From October SE?

    Me neither!!
  8. tua85366

    Results From October SE?

    Third time taker of lateral too. Thought I failed the first time - failed. Thought I passed with flying colors last time - failed. This time I feel 50/50. Fingers crossed!!! Good luck to all of you.
  9. tua85366

    Results From October SE?

    I asked yesterday and got something to the effect of "I know nothing". It wasn't the generic "SE Exam results are released 8 -10 weeks..." blah blah blah.Maybe that's a good thing? Who knows...
  10. tua85366

    SE Exam Results?

    I have seen it vary as much as two weeks out. Typically SE results are released the Friday following the SE Scoring Workshop, which was this past weekend. I think they'll be out this Friday. If not, no later than next Friday, Dec 14. Here's a link to the newsletter showing the date of the SE scoring meeting: https://ncees.org/wp-content/uploads/5_Licensure-Exchange_October-2018.pdf Best of luck to ya. I'm on edge!
  11. tua85366

    April 2018 SE Exam Results

    Very nice! Congrats. So jealous.. hahaha
  12. tua85366

    April 2018 SE Exam Results

    Out of control. That should very damn well be a passing score. Come on...
  13. tua85366

    April 2018 SE Exam Results

    Finally, someone did it. Congrats! How did you feel about the exam in general?
  14. tua85366

    April 2018 SE Exam Results

    Sorry, EngUW. Very rough. I'm still at a loss for words. I truly thought I crushed that exam. I had little doubt about passing it. Did these guys make cut score significantly higher?! What's going on here? I am very curious to see these pass rates.
  15. tua85366

    SE Results Spring 2018 by State

    I posted this on the other thread. Good luck everyone. This exam is a monster. Wow, I am shocked at my results. Took Lateral Building for my second attempt and still UNACCEPTABLE. I took EET and never felt so confident leaving an NCEES exam. Morning: 28/40 Afternoon: Wood/Masonry - UA | Concrete - A | General Analysis - A | Steel - UA The ones I got unacceptable on were the easiest questions in my opinion so I have no idea what went wrong. Felt confident about everything and finished every question - morning and afternoon with time to spare. A little background - Passed PE Civil Structural first try October 2016. Passed SE Gravity (Buildings) first try April 2017. Failed SE Lateral (Buildings) October 2017. I studied hard for that, but I did not take a course. Didn't feel great leaving the exam site after that one. AND NOW I failed SE Lateral (Buildings) a second time. Was super confident going in and coming out. No idea what went wrong. Perhaps they set the bar even higher this Cut Score Meeting? Shit luck. Can't wait to see the pass rate for this cycle... Back to the books i guess? Who knows...