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  1. Congratulations, Mr. XXXXXXXX, PE..
  2. Yes, it seems to be a process that needs to be done. Well, your license is on its way Congrats brothaaaaaaa
  3. Hmmm....this kind of sucks now to get the paper work done again...Thanks for the information!
  4. I am just curious - I was asked to submit all the reference forms and work experience certificates for an approval to sit for the examination. So, do I need to submit all those documents again, to get the licence? I don't get it. Thanks,
  5. Wooo-who! Congratulations! Good luck for your CA surveying exams. You will get it
  6. @coolcool - Thank you! I did not take EET course. My feelings after each session : AM (Civil) - I was confident that i got about 22 questions right, and the rest were educated guesses. PM (Water Resources) - it was like a breeze to me. I was pretty sure that i might have got a minimum of 30-32 questions right. Overall, after the exam, I felt OK OK. My personal feeling after the results was - PM might have covered my butt. But who knows, AM might have been better than i thought. I hope this helps. And I wish you the best for your results. I know how stressful it is to keep waiting for the results when you know that many other states released theirs. Keeping fingers crossed for you. Please keep me posted. Best,
  7. JUST DO IT!


    @ngmakhlo - I just have this question. Now that I passed my Civil/WRE exam, would I be getting a P.E licence in Civil or P.E. licence in Civil/WRE.
  8. I would like to contribute my support to the board, as well.
  9. JUST DO IT!


    thanks my brother....I will for sure.
  10. JUST DO IT!


    Haha.....i was sitting under the desk
  11. JUST DO IT!


    wohoooooooooo....my wife called me and said "I PASSED"....thank god...thanks to you all for giving me a good time during this break
  12. JUST DO IT!


    congratulations.......I let my wife check the results for me ....
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