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  1. New FLORIDA PEs

    Mine shows 7/29/16
  2. When Are License Numbers Available?

    I ordered a self inking stamp from pestamps for $27.20 shipped. Also working on getting my digital signature.
  3. When Are License Numbers Available?

    License numbers are up in Florida finally! Now off to order my stamp.
  4. When Are License Numbers Available?

    If you click "Find Exam Information" it shows the Pass result. But yea, "Search for a Licensee" does still show Eligible for Exam.
  5. When Are License Numbers Available?

    Florida board has updated DBPR to show pass but license number isn't available yet.
  6. When Are License Numbers Available?

    Still waiting. Although this wait isn't nearly as bad as waiting for the results. This wait is just to make it official and get a little bump in pay.
  7. Took Testmasters (96 hr) and probably studied another 30-40 hr outside of class. Passed Transportation on the first try.
  8. We're a large global firm with almost 20k employees. I don't know how they retain people. I was getting out of the military and just needed a job in the area to get some experience so I could sit for the PE. But me coming from the military with some management experience and a masters degree I am severely underpaid. And now with a PE my salary is going to be comical. But I plan on moving on as soon as I get the license in hand unless they come up with something good, which I'm pretty sure won't be happening.
  9. Man my company sucks. They will pay 80% of the prep class but you have to sign to stay for 2 years. I recently got out of the military so my exam fee was waived but I think the company will pay that. And I got the day off to take the test but none for the prep class. And I think the raise is only $1500 and no other bonus. Yea....I'm looking for other places of employment. My goal was to pass the PE then look at some other companies in the area.
  10. New P.E.

    I wish we got grades back. I felt like I did pretty well but I wish I knew exactly what it was.
  11. Not much of a break for me. I'm halfway through with a masters in Construction Management class at lsu. I took one course off to study for the PE but started back up a week before the class. Also going to get Greenroads and LEED certified soon. Gotta always be learning something new.
  12. We're at The Phoenician so ya aren't too far away.
  13. In Phoenix for a mini vacation. My fiance has a medical conference here so I just came along to hang out. Figured we could make it a cheap semi vacation. Got the good news yesterday just after we arrived here.
  14. Passed in NY...But Now What?

    In the air force when you had been selection for promotion to the next rank but not yet promoted, some people would put their new rank with (s) behind it for "select". Just do that. Merp, PE (s)
  15. Arizona

    I'm currently in Arizona and I got my results......from taking it in Florida :o